How To Get Bond Rings In Fire Emblem Engage

Bond Rings are an equipable item in the Fire Emblem Engage that will boost different stats. The higher the tier of the Bond Ring, the more stat bonus you will get. These rings are different from the Emblem Rings; you can’t even equip them if you already have an Emblem Ring equipped in FE Engage.

This comprehensive Bond Rings guide will give you all the details about the Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage. 

How bond rings work

Like all other upgrade items, Bond Rings follow the basic tier system ranging from C tier to S tier, with C being the lowest and providing the smallest stat boosts, to S tier, which offers excellent stat boosts.

These rings don’t merge with the party member who equips them like the Emblem Rings. They can be changed anytime, and you do not have to recharge them by defeating enemies. 

As a tradeoff, Bond Rings always offer minor boosts compared to Emblem Rings in FE Engage. However, this allows you to swap the ring anytime and tweak your setup as the situation demands.

How to get bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Bond rings are a craftable item. To get bond rings, you need to make them in the Ring Chamber on Somniel. However, in order to craft bond rings, you first need to have plenty of Bond Fragments available.

As mentioned before, bond rings are random so in case you get a C tier one, you need to have more bond fragments to craft a new bond ring and hope for a better tier.

Each Bond Ring requires a specific amount of bond fragments to craft. Each Bond Ring costs 100 Bond Fragments to craft. Since you can select to craft between 1 to 10 rings at once, the maximum number of Bond Fragments you can bring to craft is 1000.

How to farm bond fragments

The easiest way for players to farm Bond Fragments in FE Engage is to talk to companions during the post-battle exploration. Players will get 50 Bond Fragments for each companion they talk to.

Once players are at chapter 3 and beyond, they can farm bond fragments by donating gold to the various nations of Elyos. All these kingdoms have a donation target; once you meet it, you will get bond fragments as a reward in FE Engage.

The most efficient way to farm bond fragments is to complete the achievements listed on the Bulletin board. For each achievement players will complete, they will get approximately 10 to 20,0000 bond fragments which is a huge amount compared to the other methods.

As you progress, you will unlock Skirmish Matches. These are excellent for farming Bond Fragments in FE Engage. You can repeatedly go through these Skirmish matches and get as many Bond Fragments as you need.

Besides these methods, players can farm Bond fragments by strength training in chapter 4, fishing after chapter 8, and riding a wyvern after chapter 11.

How to upgrade and meld bond rings

There is no way to control the tier of Bond Ring you craft in FE Engage. Bond Rings may be crafted randomly from tier C to tier S. Lower-tier rings provide a minor boost, and you have a higher chance of crafting them, whereas high-tier rings that offer better boosts have a lower chance of being crafted. 

If you get multiple Bond Rings of the same tier, you can merge or meld them together to get a higher-tier ring. If you have a lot of C-tier rings, meld them together to get a B-tier ring of the same type. This, again, costs bond fragments, but it’s much cheaper than crafting a new bond ring and hoping for it to be of a higher rank.

As you progress through the game, you will over time craft a lot of bond rings and many of them will be duplicates. It is advisable to combine those duplicate bond rings and create upgraded versions for your characters.

How to equip bond rings

To equip a bond ring, all you have to do is enter the FE Engage menu and select the Emblem Ring option. From here, you can choose the Bond Ring you want and then select the character you want to equip the Bond Ring on in your party.

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