Fallout 4 Radios Locations Guide – Know More About Wasteland

Fallout 4 Radios locations to help you tune-in to all radios to know more about the wasteland and its mysteries.

There are a number of radio stations that you can tune in while journeying around Wasteland. Doing so is pretty simple!

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Fallout 4 Radios Locations

All you need to do is to reach a specific area having the relay towers and use them to amplify the available radio stations. This guide details the location of every relay tower which you can use to amplify all available radio stations:

Radio Freedom
Location: Neighborhood; the Fens, Diamond City Radio — Diamond City
Interested in the radio station about social issues by Travis Miles? This is the place to be!

Radio Freedom
Location: Neighborhood; South Boston, the Castle
Interested in some more radio? Head over to the Castle in the South Boston.

Military Frequency AF-95
Location: Neighborhood; Cambridge, Cambridge Police Station
This frequency is located near the Cambridge Police Station in Neighborhood: Cambridge.

Automated Radio Alarm, Greenbrier Radio Signal, Nautical Radio Signal
Location: North Central Commonwealth, Radio Tower 3SM-U81
This area is actually directly linked to Commonwealth relay tower network and can be used to tune it aforementioned stations.

Distress Signal, Raider Radio Signal, Civil Alert System Broadcast
Location: Western Commonwealth, Relay Tower 0BB-915
You can use the radio relay tower located in the area to amplify the aforementioned three radio signals.

Skylanes 1665 Mayday and Distress Signal
Location: Natick and the Glowing Sea, Relay Tower 0DB-521
This area is also linked to Commonwealth relay tower network and can be used to amplify the aforementioned radio signals.

Supermutant Radio Broadcast, Distress Signal, Miller Family Radio Signal
Location: Quincy and the Southern Commonwealth, Relay Tower 0SC-527
You can head over to the area in order to amplify the three radio signals in here.

Distress Signal and Boston City Works Beacon
Location: Coastal Commonwealth, Relay Tower 1DL-109
You need to head over to Relay Tower 1DL-109 in Coastal Commonwealth in order to amplify the said radio stations.

Default Radio Signal and Separated Family Radio Signal
Location: North Central Commonwealth, Relay Tower OMC-810
You simply need to head over to the said area in order to amplify the two available radio stations in the area.

Natick and the glowing Sea, WRVR Broadcast Station
Location: Trinity Tower Radio
This is the home to the Charles River Trio and is extremely popular for its plays.

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