Fallout 4 Random Encounters Guide – Treasures, Campsites, Companions, Chokepoints

Fallout 4 Random Encounters guide to help you explore the dangers of Wasteland cautiously.

Fallout 4 has such a vast world that there are bound to a bunch of random encounters that cannot be exactly mapped when it comes to time of occurrence.

Nonetheless, these random encounters are important for someone who wishes to experience everything that the game has to offer as well as for every completionist.

Sometimes, these encounters would give you something in return and at other times, they would bring you harm, but they are everywhere in the game.

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Fallout 4 Random Encounters

In order to make it easy for you to keep a track of every random encounter you have met and will meet in the future, we have listed down almost ALL the random encounters that Fallout 4 has to offer.

We have grouped the encounters according to type; given you the name of the encounter and also provided an explanation as to what it is about.

In some of the cases there are certain conditions that need to be met in order for something to occur, we have also listed those conditions wherever they apply.

Static Encounters

Deceased Fellow
You might stumble across this dead guy in the region, his pockets have a page that refers to a treasure.

Raiders versus Farmers
You will stumble across a quarrel where a farmer comes to you for help.

Wounded Dog
you can help this dog now and create another helping hand for yourself.

Mole Rat Ambush
This is about quashing as many of those mutants as they come out.

Dead Meat
This is a dead Brahmin, you can loot the carcass.

Wild Pack of Dogs
You will stumble across a group of wild dogs while exploring.

Gene the Reluctant Dog Vendor
This trader will come to you if you have a settlement, with good charisma you can get a dog from him.

Super Mutants and Prisoner
This group of greenskins has come after successful a raid alongside a victim that you can free.

Deathclaws Duel
Two beasts fight each other.

Vicious Dogs and Farmer
You can help the poor farmer being attacked by three dangerous dogs.

Traveling Vault Merchant
While going to a vault you might come across a guard and a merchant. Talk to them to get the location of the vault.

Raiders and the Pink Paste
You come across raider with a pink paste on them from Suffolk County Charter School suggesting you should pay it a visit.

You’ve Got Crabs
Watch out for those Mirelurks that can ambush you.

The Postman
A dead postman lays beside a number of letters that could reveal a number of locations to you.

Stingwing versus Radscorpion
Two wild beasts taking on each other.

Pickman’s Prey
This is a pile of dead raiders with the location of Pickman Gallery tied to them.

Vertibird versus Raiders
Given that Brotherhood of Steel is all pumped up and Prydwen is here, you will see the raiders being bombed by an aircraft.

Vertibird Patrol Drop
Given that Brotherhood of Steel is all pumped up and Prydwen is here, a couple of Brotherhood of Steel men will be sent down.

Super Mutant Raiding Party
You will see a group of greenskins with their slain leader returning too Super Mutant stronghold; the dead body has a note in it.

Roving Eyebot
You come across an Eyebot that has an advertisement for jobs at Cambridge Polymer Labs.

Unfriendly Deathclaws
You can sometimes come face to face with a wild Deathclaw as you roam around.

The Return of Manta Man!
After Side Quest The Silver Shroud, you will come across a novice hero taking on Mole Rats in a hardly successful battle.

Jack Is Back
Allying with Jack Cabot in Side Quest The Secret of Cabot House will let you sell him items after you see him with Edward Deegan.

Lorenzo Is Undying
Allying with Lorenzo Cabot in Side Quest The Secret of Cabot House will lead you to meeting him as he investigates ghouls.

Vault 81 Dead Dweller
You come across a dead dweller who died with a note for Dr. Penske and Vault 81.

Mutant Hound versus Yao Guai
You witness the two beasts taking on each other.

Bloated Animal Corpse
A number of Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, or Radroaches feed off of dead Radstag Doe, Yao Guai, or Brahmin.

Super Mutant versus Stingwings
You come across a greenskin and his hound getting attacked by Stingwings.

Feral Ghoul Ambush
A Feral Ghoul hides using a Brahmin and a farmer’s corpse, waiting to attack.

Resting Radstags
You stumble upon two sleeping Radstags, but they wake up because of you.

Eyebot Advertisement
An Eyebot with a prewar ad.

Two Faces. One Synth
Two people both claiming that the other is a Synth. You can believe them both.

Fluid Encounters

Smiling Larry
Having a Level 3 Weapons store you will able to bring this trader to live at your workshop locations.

Mister Gutsy
You come across Mister Gutsy out after Chinese who are infiltrating the region

Workshop Armor Vendor
you can hire this man for your workshops or trade with him. Having a Level 3 Weapons store you will able to bring this trader to live at your workshop locations.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Raiders
After Prydwen is here you see the two factions taking on each other.

Brotherhood of Steel versus Deathclaw
After Prydwen is here you come across three men from Brotherhood of Steel faced with Deathclaw.

The Gossiping Trader
This trader might have some information about Commonwealth’s primary locations.

Super Mutants versus Raiders
Both factions taking on each other for numerous strongholds.

Deathclaw Hunting
You come across a big Deathclaw by chance.

The Brahmin Vendor
This vendor could work at you workshop settlement.

The Brahmin Farmer
You stumble across a livestock farmer exploring the wastelands.

Ness Encounter
You come across a woman called Ness.

Radstag Herd
You see four Radstags together.

“Preston Garvey”
After Minutemen Quest When Freedom Calls you might be asked for a donation to Minutemen; the choice is yours!

Feral Ghoul Pack
You might chance upon a pack of Feral Ghouls when it is nearly night – stay away!

Sated Radscorpion
A random encounter with the stingers in the wild.

Dogs versus Mole Rats
You come across a Mole Rat being chased by a group of dogs.

Revenge of the Forged
After Location Quest: Out of the Fire you could get attacked by Forged.

Bobbi’s Recruiter
In Goodneighbor, Bobbi the ghoul needs help to start Side Quest The Big Dig.

One Man and His Robot
You meet Mel after Side Quest The Big Dig.

Swanson’s Revenge
After Side Quest Human Error you might get attacked by Swanson.

Vault 81 Prisoner
Free the hostage vault dweller from raiders and get the directions to the vault!

Darla Goes Home
After Main Quest Unlikely Valentine, if Darla is alive you will come across her again.

Heading to Trinity Tower
Side Quest Curtain Call begins after you encounter super mutants going to their stronghold with prisoners.

The Exile
After Brotherhood of Steel Quest Duty or Dishonor you will see Clark trying to get away from Ferals.

Gruel’s Recipes
Kill a raider with a chef hat and pick up recipes from his body.

Escaped Synth
Before Railroad Quest Boston After Dark, a synth wearing Institute janitor clothes asks you where Bunker Hill is you can tell him and / or ask for caps.

Radstags versus Dogs
You stumble across the two types of animals taking on each other.

Super Mutants versus Mister Gutsy
greenskins vs. RobCo Industries’ Mister Gutsy, it is going to be interesting.

Kat and Gus
You stumble upon child merchant Kat and his Sentry Bot Gus; you can trade if you want.

Predator’s Lunch
A Yao Guai or Deathclaw goes after a dog.

Radscorpion’s Lunch
A Radscorpion goes after a Raider.

Stash, Lexa, and Simon
If you did not steal or attack Stash and her bodyguards before, this time you can discuss Simon’s addiction with them.

Simon’s Side
Simon joins the Raiders after he couldn’t stop his addiction.

Paranoid Scavengers
You come across Scavengers who do not really like you but their is a note in their leader’s corpse.

Wattz Electronics Protectron Barker
A Protectron enlightens you about Wattz Electronics’ bargains.

Gunner Patrol
An Assaultron and two gunners patrol the Commonwealth.

Brotherhood of Steel Patrol
Given that Brotherhood of Steel is all pumped up and Prydwen is here, there will be two soldiers and a scribe, attack them and you get attacked by their backup i.e. Power Armor wearing soldiers.

Campsite Encounters

Deserted Campsite
Between 20:00 to 06:00, you can loot this small camp given that the raiders don’t return.

Dead Scavengers
Between 20:00 to 06:00, you can loot this camp after you manage to get rid of the insects.

Merchant of Dreth
You come across Dreth and her bodyguards at a camp who offer armaments.

The Walking Wounded
You come across a doctor who just got done with a patient.

Time to Party
Between 20:00 to 06:00, you can come across a bartender and his friends invite you over to a party.

Chems Vendor
You might come across a chem vendor with pick-me-up wares you need.

Dirty Laundry
Between 20:00 to 06:00, you can attack this raider who is prepping new clothes.

Drug Overdose
Between 20:00 to 06:00, you can come across a number of dead corpses of scavengers that were killed by chems.

Daddy and Daughter
You come across a father and a daughter at a campsite.

That’s Not a Sandwich
you come across two settlers who are quarreling over food.

Synth Attack Aftermath
You come across a scavenger camp after it has been attacked by synth.

Synth Ambush I
After Main Quest Hunter/Hunted, and if Institute is still working, you might come across an empty camp which could end up being a trap.

Synth Ambush II
After Main Quest Hunter/Hunted, and if Institute is still working, you can come across a camp with three settlers where synths arrive all of a sudden and start killing everyone.

Super Mutant Camp
You come across greenkins between 20:00 to 06:00.

Mirelurk Bake
You come across a Mirelurk bake party with some raiders, join in if you want!

Exiled Scientists
If in Institute Quest A House Divided, you had kicked out Lawrence Higgs and Max Loken, you will be able to spot them at a campfire between 20:00 to 06:00.

Skinny Malone, All Alone
If you kept Malone arrive in Main Quest Unlikely Valentine, then between 20:00 to 06:00, you might come across him at a campsite.

Sick Scavenger. Mystery Meat
You are met with a sick scavenger who says something is up with the food he got from Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery; go check it out

Rylee the Trader
After meeting Rylee at Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, you can barter with her between 20:00 to 06:00.

Deserted Feral Camp
You come across an empty camp which is actually a Feral ambush.

Occupied Feral Camp
You stumble upon four Ferals enjoying the two scavengers they killed.

Vicious Dog Camp
You see a dog alongside a dead Raider that it probably killed.

Deserted Camp with Mines
You come across an empty camp but actually it is filled with mines!

Yao Guai Camp
A Yao Guai rushes to a Scavenger camp and you know what it would have done to them, right?

Raider Camp and Dogs
You witness some dogs feasting on dead Raiders’ corpses.

Stash and Lexa’s Camp
You meet Stash and Lexa once more, and for the final time at their camp.

Runaway Synth Camp
Before Quest The Nuclear Option is complete, you stumble upon some settlers with a synth.

Watch Dem Fight’ Encounters

Super Mutants versus Ghouls
An interesting fight between ghouls and super mutant greenskins.

Super Mutants versus Scavengers
You come across a number of greeenskins going back after winning a fight with Scavengers.

Raiders versus Scavengers
You can join the fight if you want, but make sure you take the loot from one of the Scavengers.

Dogs versus Farmers
You see a few dogs attacking farmers.

Scavengers versus Robots
Okay so it is better if you watch this fight from a little distance because they could turn on you.

Minutemen versus [Other Faction]
You will need to be allied with Minutemen after which you will see some of them defending a settlement against a number of enemies. However, it happens if you have been kicked from the attacking faction, not otherwise.

Brotherhood of Steel versus [Other Faction]
You will need to be allied with Brothers of Steel after which you will see some of them defending a settlement against a number of enemies. However, it happens if you have been kicked from the attacking faction, not otherwise.

Minutemen versus [enemy]
You will need to be allied with Minutemen after which you will see some of them defending a number of small outposts in Commonwealth. You can help them against the Raiders.

Brotherhood of Steel versus [Enemy]
You will need to be allied with Brothers of Steel after which you will see some of them at random places being attacked by greenskins or Ferals.

Institute Relay Ambush
Only if you have been ditched by the Institute and it is still working, synths may attack you while you try to reach a location.

Vicious Dogs versus Bloodbugs
You come across dogs and bugs tearing apart a body.

Feral Ghouls versus Raiders
Raider and Ferals take on each other out in the wild.

Active Sniper
As soon as you are about to enter a place some random sniper starts shooting you.

Ricky Dalton and the Raiders
After Railroad Quest Tradecraft, you might come across Ricky Dalton as he fights against Raiders.

Gunners versus Children of the Atom
A violent fight between the Children of Atom and the Gunners that you can simply spectate if you want.

Gunners versus Behemoth or Mirelurk Queen
Three Gunners take on either Mirelurk Queen or Behemoth; actually a very impressive feat!

Treasure Hunt Encounters

A Dead Raider’s Note
Gets you Caps.

A Dead junkie’s Note
Gets you Chems.

A Dead Gunner’s Note
Gets you a gun and a mod.

Three Dead Scavengers
Gets you some scrap and some junk.

A Dead farmer’s Note
gets you a synth with a modded gun, junk and some scrap.

Hadrian’s Note
Kickstarts Miscellaneous Quest Treasure of Jamaica Plain.

Chokepoint Encounters

None Shall Pass!
You come across Raider or Gunner (mostly three in number) who have laid a checkpoint at a choke point; you will have to pay with caps to pass, although you can use your communication skills to reduce the price.

Leaving or attacking gets you attacked.

Mister Gutsy’s Curfew
You come across a Mister Gutsy who wants you to turn back and go home, a speech challenge will let you get your way. Passing without that will get you attacked.

Raiders Accosting Farmers
You chance upon a couple of Raiders forcing some farmers to pay up a toll; you can help them if you want.

Synth Relay Choke Point
In the circumstance that Institute is still active but you have been thrown out, some synths might come at you near a choke point. You could also get attacked by a Courser.

Minutemen Defenses
If you are allied with Minutemen you might stumble upon some of them trying to defend a choke point. Help if you want.

Brotherhood of Steel Defenses
After Prydwen comes, you come across a group of Brotherhood of Steel members defending a choke point. They might attack you if you are not an ally, or they might need your help if you belong to the same faction.

Synth Defenses
After Institute Quest Airship Down, you chance upon some synths defending a choke point. They might attack you if you are not an ally, or they might need your help if you belong to the same faction.

Nervous Farmers
You come across a choke point being defended by farmers who order you to put the gun down; do it and they let you pass, refuse and they attack.

Super Mutant Blockage
You come across some greenskins at a chokepoint, attack and get your way.

Stash, Lexa, and Simon
At another choke point you might come across Stash and her two bodyguards Lexa, and Simon. Want to trade?

Choke Point Mines
A choke point is sprawling with mines, you better disarm them before proceeding.

After Side Quest: Last Voyage from U.S.S. Constitution, you come across some scavengers who aren’t happy with you for taking on their ship.

Bullet’s Ambush
If Bullet lives after Side Quest Kid in a Fridge you might come across him all of a sudden at a choke point.

Companion Encounters

After Side Quest Curtain Call, you come across a bunch of super mutants who are in search of Strong. Get rid of them!

After in Side Quest Long Road Ahead you have killed the Gunners’ leader, some of them come looking for revenge.

Nick Valentine
When you are with Nick Valentine, you might get ambushed by some Raiders who will end the hostility after they find out about Nick. You get some items too.

On your way at a random place you might get attacked by a group of people who want revenge on Piper for writing something negative about one of their friends. Get back at them.

Preston Garvey
Given that you have four settlements to your name and are taking Preston Gravey as your companion, one of his old pals might come to you asking for help against some Raiders that are after him, the choice is yours.

When you are with Cait, some Raiders come up demanding Caps for a jet that Cait bought. Take on them?

When you are with Hancock, visiting a bar inside a settlement might bring him to meet an old pal.

Misc. Encounters

The Locked Fridge
A locked fridge that someone is trying to open though we are not sure if it will open or not.

The Hatch
You come across a scavenger who blasts the door of a shelter; you can kill him and go inside to see what’s there to loot.

Feral Ghoul Ambush
You see a worn out car, it has a Feral Ghoul inside it waiting to pounce on you.

Glowing Anomaly
You stumble upon a glowing creature next to some radioactive barrels.

Thirsty Guy
A thirty guy wants some water from you, the choice is yours of course.

Poisoned Gal
Help an irradiated girl looking for some RadAway?

Vertibird Pick-up
Given that Brotherhood of Steel is all pumped up and Prydwen is here, you encounter one of their patrols being airlifted as a fight continues with the Gunners.

The Minefield
You stumble upon a number of mines that you can gather.

Atomcats Scavenger
An Atomcats Greaser is looking for parts, you can talk to him and visit the garage.

Tire Fire
Someone burns up a tire; getting too close will burn you too!

Safe Landing
You come across a locked safe in a crater that you can unlock.

Radioactive Barrels
You see some radioacctive barrels leaking even more radiation.

Giddyup Buttercup
After you are done with the Arlen Glass quest you find a toy and a note from Arlen Glass.

Radio and Refuse Pile
On top of a pile of junk you see a radio broadcasting out loud; there also is a toolbox there.

Vault-Tec Van
This is a message about Larry who the Documentation Department of Commonwealth Vault is looking for because he has a note on him about the Vault.

Scavenger Guard
Main Quest The Molecular Level related items are found under guard by a scavenger.

Deathclaw Mother
A load of eggs are being guarded by Deathclaw.

Brahmin Corpse and Mines
You come across a Brahmin’s corpse with some items, but there also are mines around it.

Gunners and Tank
You come across some unhappy Gunners as they take out scrap from a Tank.

Commonwealth Funeral
You stumble upon a burial where a number of settlers are gathered.

Mac’s Bar
Interestingly, Mac is building a bar!

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