Fallout 4: Level 4 Merchant Locations

Here's how to find all eight level 4 merchants in Fallout 4 and get them to visit your settlement to open new stores.

There is a total of 8 Special Merchants that you can convince to join your settlement in Fallout 4, after which you can assign them to appropriate stores. Doing this will allow you to gain access to some extremely rare and unique items.

This guide details the locations of all these Special Merchants that you can hire, including what they specialize in and what their requirements are.

Level 4 Merchants locations in Fallout 4

Level 4 Merchants (also known as Expert Merchants) in Fallout 4 possess unique inventory items in addition to level 1-3 merchant items; they also have a higher cap balance and must be recruited to join your settlement. Do note that not all of these will come easily and join you; some have a ‘Minimum Population’ requirement to be met to recruit them. They also require level 3 shops, but you can recruit them at any player level.

The Scribe (Armor Specialist)

Appropriate Store: Armor Emporium
Population Demand: 10

You meet The Scribe during the Random Encounter: Workshop Armor Vendor. The Scribe can spawn in a number of locations but the majority of the time he’ll be on the road next to Cambridge Police Station. If he does not show up here, look in the southern expanse of Tenpines Bluff, near the broken sign in Polymer Labs and on the main road toward Covenant.

Doc Anderson (Clinic Specialist)

Appropriate Store: Surgery Center
Population Demand: 20

You meet Doc Anderson the during Random Encounter: The Walking Wounded. The most common place she can spawn is inside the Mass Fusion Containment Shed or near the base of Relay Tower IDL-109. If she doesn’t show up here, you can look in the Camp sites near Sunshine Tidings and Thicket Excavations. Additionally, she can also spawn near Cambridge Park.

Ann Hargraves (Clothing Specialist)

Appropriate Store: Clothing Emporium
Population Demand: N/A

Unlike the two vendors above, Anne Hargraves only spawns in one location; WRVR Broadcast Station, which is found to the south of Diamond City. She’ll be either one of the two accessible rooms in the Station. To recruit her, you first need to finish the quest; Curtain Call.

Ron Staples (Food & Drink Specialist)

Appropriate Store: Restaurant
Population Demand: 20

You meet Ron Staples during Random Encounter: Time to Party. Like Doc Anderson, he is most commonly found toward the south of Mass Fusion Containment Shed. If he does not spawn there, try looking near the north of Westing Estate, and toward the northeast of the Old Gullet Sinkhole.

Vault-Tec Rep.

Appropriate Store: Trading Emporium
Population Demand: N/A

You need to head over to the town of Goodneighbor in order to recruit Vault-Tec Rep. He can be found inside Hotel Rexford. Make your way to the second floor and check each room until you find him.


Appropriate Store: Trading Emporium
Population Demand: N/A

You meet Rylee during the Random Encounter: Rylee the Trader. She spawns inside Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. She’ll be arguing with another character right as you enter. it is pivotal that you recruit here because if you let her go initially, she’ll spawn randomly throughout the map, making her very hard to track down.

Holt Combes

Appropriate Store: Trading Emporium
Population Demand: N/A

You need to head over to Vault 81 in order to recruit Holt Combes. Towards the end of Tina’s second quest; Dependency, you have to convince her to leave Vault 81, doing so will give you the option to recruit Holt.

Smiling Larry (Weapons Specialist)

Appropriate Store: Weapons Emporium
Population Demand: 30

You meet Smiling Larry during the Random Encounter: Smiling Larry. This vendor is most commonly found in the Med-Tek Research building right next to Vault 75 and on the road near Cambridge Police Station. He can also spawn toward the north of Parsons Creamery, inside Cambridge Polymer Labs or the bridge near Tenpines Bluff.

How to get level 4 merchants with console commands

If you can’t be bothered with recruiting each level 4 merchant in Fallout 4, you can make use of console commands to cheat your way into getting them with no effort. This method also completely negates the population requirement.

This method only works on PC. To do so, firstly, open up the console command box using the ‘~’ key. Next type in any of the following commands to recruit your vendor of choice:

The Scribe0010d56d.moveto player
Doc Anderson00190047.moveto player
Anne Hargraves00036d72.moveto player
Ron Staples00192357.moveto player
Vault-Tec Rep00031fb4.moveto player
Rylee0003eff3.moveto player
Smiling Larry002f2a7.moveto player
Holt CombsN/A

Fallout 4 Level 4 Merchant Mods

If you’re having trouble with getting the Level 4 merchants to spawn in Fallout 4, you can use mods to circumvent this issue. While there are several mods present, ‘Level 4 Merchants Improved’ spawns all of them in the same location (the Dugout Inn) which allows you to have a set area to recruit them. This mod can be found on NexusMods and can be installed directly into the games directory.

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