How to Find And Use Vyke’s Dragonbolt in Elden Ring

Vyke's Dragonbolt can be obtained as a reward by defeating the boss Lord Contender's Evergaol in Mountaintops of the Giants.

Vyke’s Dragonbolt is one of Dragon Cult Incantations and is obtained after winning an intense fight against Vyke, the Roundtable Knight. It offers 0.75 Incantation Scaling as extra lightning damage and grants a 50% increased equipment load. In this guide, we will be going through the location, effects, and method to use Vyke’s Dragonbolt in Elden Ring.

Vyke’s Dragonbolt Location in Elden Ring

You can get your hands on Vyke’s Dragonbolt by receiving it as a boss drop. The boss that holds this Incantation is none other than the mighty Roundtable Knight Vyke. You can encounter this fearsome boss at Lord Contender’s Evergaol, west of the First Church of Marika.

Vyke was once a Tarnished himself and was the strongest contender for becoming the Elden Lord. However, he somehow got trapped in the Evergaol, and ever since he takes the lives of those who dare to visit his place.

Lord Contender's Evergaol location

Make sure not to confuse this version of the boss with an invader near the Church of Inhibition in Liurnia of the Lakes, known as Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

How to Use Vyke’s Dragonbolt in Elden Ring

Using this useful spell in combat is not much of a task. You just have to fulfill a few conditions to be able to do so.

  • First, you have to be wielding a right-hand armament, on which there’s no native affinity. In other words, if a weapon already has an ash of war on it, you can’t use this Incantation on that particular weapon. If this condition is not fulfilled, it will be impossible to cast Vyke’s Dragonbolt.
  • The second condition happens to be the Faith stat requirement (23 Faith).

The only thing left now is to arm a staff or Sacred Seal in your other hand and have enough Focus Points.

When encountering a boss with no Lightning abilities or having heavy armor, using Vyke’s Dragonbolt spell can turn the tides of battle in your favor, as your enemy will be vulnerable to Lightning attacks,

Vyke’s Dragonbolt Effects

Vyke’s Dragonbolt is a spell that electrifies your right-handed weapons by providing lightning damage.

Although Electrify Armament (another spell) gives you the same effect in a fight, Vyke’s Dragonbolt is better in that it slightly increases your equip load stat.

Equip Load stat is a powerful mechanism that determines how much movement your character can do while carrying equipment. This affects your overall dodging and the amount of damage you can avoid from enemy attacks.

In short, you should use Vyke’s Dragonbolt only if it is aiding you in your equip load enhancement in combat. Otherwise, its counterpart, Electrify Armament will be sufficient for you in battles.

Best Builds for Vyke’s Dragonbolt

This Incantation works well with the following builds:

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