How to Get to Church Of Inhibition and Avoid Madness in Elden Ring

Some of the locations in Elden Ring can be hard to access, as they are covered with poisons or guarded by hard-to-defeat enemies. One of such locations is the Church of Inhibition in the Luirnia region, which we will cover in this guide and tell you how to get to the Church Of Inhibition in Elden Ring and what awaits you there.

Where is the Church of Inhibition Located in Elden Ring?

The Church of Inhibition has some sweet loot for you to get that is important for your adventure through The Lands Between.

The church offers you Finger Maiden items but only if you can safely reach the church, which is the real challenge here.

The church is located in the Lirunia of the Lakes, just past the Frenzied Flame Village. The location of the Church of Inhibition can be seen marked on the map below.

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But the real issue with entering the church is that you will come across a tower where a total of SIX enemies are looking at you on your way there. These enemies will be using a spell to inflict a Madness status effect on your character.

The Madness status effect takes away your HP overtime when the meter is filled up. Here is how you can avoid Madness and make it past the Tower.

How to Avoid Madness near the Church of Inhibition

The Madness effect is inflicted when you are out in the open and in view of the tower. But when you are behind a rock or not in sight of the tower, the status effect keeps depleting.

Near the Tower will be a bunch of rocks that you can get behind and wait there for the Madness status effect to wear off.

You can also use the Clarifying Boluses to remove the effect and use armor like Mushroom Armor Set that increases your FOCUS stat to stop the sudden spread of the effect.

Once you are near the tower, climb to its top and eliminate the six enemies there. It will stop the Madness effect from spreading, and now you can easily go towards the Church of Inhibition.