How To Get To Church Of Inhibition By Avoiding Madness In Elden Ring

In this guide and tell you how to get to the Church Of Inhibition in Elden Ring and avoid the Madness that afflicts you near it.

When exploring the Elden Ring map, you will come across several new locations to travel to. Each location consists of its own set of rewards to collect and characters to interact with. The ruined church is no exception as it is one of the many challenging locations to reach. 

Although it is a simple location to discover, still the path toward it is filled with the most difficult obstacles. This is where we come to your aid as today, we will be discussing how to reach the Elden Ring church of inhibition location.

Church of Inhibition location in Elden Ring

The church of inhibition comes as a part of the Hyetta side quest in Elden Ring. You can either choose to continue with the side quest or ignore it.

Regardless of your choice, it is still worth your time to investigate the depths of the church to encounter some of the most vicious enemies and the most useful loot you will find throughout your journey.

Church of Inhibition map location in Elden Ring

The church is found on the northern side of Liurnia’s eastern landmass. Start your journey near the Grand Lift of Dectus as marked in the Elden Ring Map above. Call your mount and head down the set of stairs at the back and make your way up the hill on the left side of the area.

As you head up the hill, you will come across several large rats which you must avoid reaching the area near the Frenzied Flame Village.

This is where the madness of the tower will take over and will deal a decent amount of damage if you do not take cover. The Madness effect is inflicted when you are out in the open and in view of the tower.

The best way to avoid madness is by taking cover behind large rocks near the tower and letting the tower’s status effect deplete. As an alternate method to remove the status effect, you can use the Mushroom Armor Set which provides additional focus to prevent the spread of the status effect. 

Once the effect is depleted, you can head over to the central part of the Frenzied Flame Village. Head up the hill to the right till you finally reach a point where you will encounter the Invader called the Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

However, do keep in mind that the Invader does use Madness build-ups with Area of Effect, ranged spear attacks. Therefore, you must use the likes of Swarm of Files which is one of the best incantations along with a magic sword to defeat him.

After defeating the invader, he drops 1x Fingerprint Grape and 1x Vyke War Spear. Collect the dropped items and head inside the church next to where you killed the invader.

As you enter the church of Inhibition, you will come across a dead Finger Maiden near the grace. You can use her blood for the blood token given by White Mask Varre during his quest.

Apart from these items, you can also collect 1x Sacred Tear, Eye of Yelough, Gold-Tinged Excrement, Rowa Fruit, Erdleaf Flower, and an entire Finger Maiden set consisting of the Fillet, Rob, and Shoes.

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