Elden Ring White-Faced Varre Questline Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with the complete details on White-Faced Varre’s Questline in Elden Ring.

White-faced Varre is one of the many NPCs you are going to find in Elden Ring that has a questline for you to complete. In this guide, we will provide you with the complete details on White-Faced Varre’s Questline in Elden Ring.

Where to Find White-Faced Varre in Elden Ring

Varre is a friendly NPC in Elden Ring that you’ll encounter at your very first site of grace outside the tutorial area. To start the Varre questline, you have to return to this location once you have defeated Godrick the Grafted.

Varre’s questline needs an online connection as you’ll be performing invasions, so make sure you have that setup.

Once you’ve defeated Godrick the Grafted, you will need to speak to Varre at The First Step Site of Grace location. Here he will congratulate you and asked you that you should seek an audience in the Roundtable Hold with Two Fingers.

How to Complete White-faced Varre’s Questline in Elden Ring

Speak With Finger Reader Enia

After Varre tells you to meet with Two Fingers, you will need to go to the main chamber in the Roundtable Hold that is to the right from where you spawn in.

Here you will find Finger Reader Enia who is sitting next to the giant fingers. Start a conversation with her and you will be shown the Power of Remembrance menu during the conversation.

Finish her dialogue options and you are good to move to the third step.

Speak with Varre at Rose Church

Now you have to speak to Varre again, but if you returned to The First Step, you will see that Varre is not there and you will get his message that asked you to come to the Rose Church in Liurnia.

The Church of Rose is in the west of the Sunken Academy Gate Town.  In order to go to the Rose Church, you can first fast travel to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace and from there head west on the Torrent.

Moving forward you will see a small island with a ruined Church in the middle of wetlands. Go to the Church and you will find Varre there.

The Rose Church location can be seen in the map given below as well.

Varre Dialogue Options

Once you find Varre start the conversation with him and when he gives you the option you have to tell him that the two fingers didn’t seem right to you for progressing the quest further.

If you pick the other option the quest will stop here. After that Varre will share his opinion about the two fingers and tell you that they are corrupt and you can’t trust them.

Continue the conversation with him and he will handover you the five Festering Bloody Fingers. These fingers are a consumable item that you can use to invade and kill other players by going to their world.

Invading Other Players

So, in step five, you have to use these Festering Bloody Fingers three times to progress further in the questline. You don’t have to kill anyone simply invading the other worlds will work for you.

Go to the inventory and select the Festering Bloody Fingers from there and hit the use button. After a while, you will be transported to the world of other players.

Varre Anointment

In this sixth step you have to return to the Varre at the Rose Church and during the conversation select the anoint me option.

Now Varre will give you the Lord of Blood’s Favor which is a white fabric that you have to soak in the blood of a maiden for the final test.

Church of Inhibition

In this step, you will need to go to the Church of Inhibition in northern Liurnia. Here you will find a dead maiden sitting on a chair. Get close to it and you will get the option of dying the cloth.

You are going to encounter a lot of enemies on the way and at the Church of Inhibition as well, so you will need to be ready for them, as well.

Return to Rose Church

Now it’s time for you to return to the Rose Church to meet Varre. This time he will name you the Knight of Mohg. Here a prompt will appear once you move a little forward in the conversation with him to offer him your fingers.

Offer him your fingers so he can cut them and keep talking to him after that as well so you can get all rewards.

Varre Questline Rewards

You will be rewarded with the Bloody Finger and a Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Both these items are going to help you a lot in your journey forward in Elden Ring.

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