How To Get The Twinned Armor Set In Elden Ring

There are two ways to get the Twinned armor set in Elden Ring. Both ways are connected to D, Hunter of the Dead.

The Twinned Set is a beautifully designed armor in Elden Ring that mixes gold and silver metal platings and provides excellent protection against Physical attacks and decent protection against elemental attacks. Its aesthetical values, as well as defense stats, is why this armor set is a bit challenging to get.

We will now look into which quests you have to complete to obtain this armor set and how to complete them as well as the stats this armor provides in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Twinned Armor in Elden Ring

There are two ways to get the Twinned armor set in Elden Ring. Both ways are connected to D, Hunter of the Dead, an NPC you first encounter in Stormhill (near the Tibia Mariner boss fight) and later in the Roundtable Hold.

You can either kill D to get his Twinned Set early in the game or complete his questline to get the armor set in the end. If you go with the former, you will not be able to do his quests (and purchase incantations from him) in your playthrough.

Method#1: Kill D for the Twinned Set

Twinned Set map location in Elden Ring

D, Hunter of the Dead, can be originally found on the main road leading from Saintsbridge to Summonwater Village. He will be on the side of the road, mourning over a corpse in the location marked with a circle above.

Speak with him to start his questline. D will tell you about Tibia Mariner and how he has taken over Summonwater Village.

If you kill him here, you will get all of the Twinned Armoir pieces in Elden Ring. You’ll also get D’s Bell Bearing that can be given to the Two Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold for new items.

Method#2: Complete D’s quests for the Twinned Set

If you don’t want to kill D or you have missed the chance to kill him after the first confrontation, you can talk to him and he will request you to get a Deathroot from the village.

Leave him and go to the Summonwater Village, shown on the map in the yellow circle. Here, you will find a ghost on a boat named Tibia Mariner. This is the mini-boss that you have to defeat to get the Deathroot.

Now, you will need to meet D. He can be found near the tree stump, southwest of Summonwater village, or the Roundtable Hold. After speaking to him, he will ask you to give the Deathroot to Gurrang, the Beast Clergyman. He is located in the Bestial Sanctum.

D will mark the location of a portal on the map. This portal will move you directly outside the Bestial Sanctum’s door. The portal is near the Third Church of Marika, where you can fast-travel if you have already found the Site of Grace.

When you have reached the Bestial Sanctum using the portal, enter through the big doors. There will be a Site of Grace to rest on, and at the end of the hall, there will be the beast named Gurrang.

Talk to the beast and give him the Deathroot. D’s questline will be completed here. Now, you will have to complete part of Rogier’s Questline to initiate dialog with Fia.

The Rogier’s dialog requires you to collect two halves of the Dectus Medallion. After you have both the medallions, head to the north of Liurnia of the Lakes and the Grand Lift of Dectus. Using the lift, you can enter the Altus Plateau.

When entering the Altus Plateau, turn left and move straight toward some stones. On top of these stones is a Site of Grace, which you have to use to go to the Roundtable Hold.

You will find D in the Roundtable Hold, and you can talk and trade with him. Here, you will need to find Fia. She is in the room in front of you when you reach the Blacksmith’s lounge.

You will have to start a dialog with her. If you start the dialog for the first time, she will not do anything but ask you to sit on her lap.

After the dialog, reset the Roundtable Hold by fast traveling to another location and back here. When you get back here, talk to Fia again, just like before. This time, she will ask for a favor, which you should accept.

Fia will hand you the Weathered Dagger and ask you to find its owner and give it to him. Now, with the dagger, talk to D, and he will take it from you. Now, reset the Roundtable Hold by using the same method as before.

D will not be in his chair when you return to the Roundtable Hold. Move to the Blacksmith lounge and the room in the far north of the room. In the room, you will find D lying on the floor, dead, and Fia standing close to him. You can loot him here and collect the Twinned Armor Set and Bell Bearing.

Twinned Armor Set stats

The Twinned armor set provides excellent protection against physical attacks and decent protection against elemental attacks. It also has an appealing look, with its shiny Helmet and the armor piece that has the head and hands of another knight on it.

Following are the stats of Damage Reduction of the Twinned armor set.

Physical Damage Reduction14.6
Magic damage reduction12.4
Fire damage reduction12.4
Lightning damage reduction10.2
Holy damage reduction11.4
VS Strike13.3
VS Slash16
VS Pierce13.5

Following are the stats of resistance of the Twinned armor set.

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