How To Get Stars Of Ruin In Elden Ring

The following guide will explain just how players can obtain the Stars of Ruin spell in Elden Ring and master it.

Stars of Ruin is one of the many spells that sorcerers and spellcasters can use against enemies in Elden Ring.

This spell is capable of dealing a ton of magical damage. With its ability to fire consecutive twelve dark shooting stars to deal damage to the locked target, it is regarded as a lethal spell to cast in Elden Ring. 

However, obtaining this spell is far from an easy task since it requires you to complete additional objectives. If you are building a mage, here is how you get the spell in Elden Ring.

Stars of Ruin location in Elden Ring

You get Stars of Ruin by interacting with Master Lusat inside Sellia Hideway in Elden Ring. This cave is a hidden location that you can explore at any point in the game.

However, you will not be able to get the Stars of Ruin sorcery until you have the Sellian Spellbreaker, a quest item that you only get by completing the lengthy Sorceress Sellen Questline.

Keep completing all objectives of Sellen’s questline until you get the Sellian Spellbreaker. You will then need to make your way to the Sellia Hideway cave location marked on the map above.

There is an illusory wall behind the tombstone with the sorcerer that you can destroy to enter the cave hideaway. Inside, keep following the straight path until you can jump over the gaps to cross the crystal. Do not drop yourself into the pit at this point.

After crossing the crystal, you just need to follow more crystals until you reach a barrier that can only be opened by the Sellian Spellbreaker. Head inside and speak with Master Lusat to get the Stars of Ruin in Elden Ring.

Stars of Ruin Use, Stats, and Requirements

Each cast of this spell produces 12 projectiles that will hit the targeted enemy dealing damage. If you want to use this spell effectively, you are going to need 42 Intelligence. Each cast will cost you 33 Stamina and 33 FP so the spell doesn’t go easy on resources. However, it can be a useful spell to have against enemies that like to move a lot.

Since it will track targets, the spell can be very effective in PvP against enemies who will have to dodge a lot to get rid of one cast from this spell.

You can buff Stars of Ruin using gear like Godfrey Icon to increase the charged attacks. You can also use any sorcery damage-enhancing gear to improve its effectiveness.

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