Where to Find Flame Cleanse Me in Elden Ring

Scarlet Rot and Poison are some of the most annoying and deadly status effects in Elden Ring. When they build up, they take ages to go away unless you consume specific items to get rid of them. With the Flame Cleanse Me Spell, you can get rid of both status effects instantly. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Flame Cleanse Me Incantation in Elden Ring and show you how to best use it.

Where to Find Flame Cleanse Me in Elden Ring

The Flame Cleanse Me Incantation can be found by going to the Fire Monk Camp in the Liurnia region. This camp is situated northwest of Artist’s Shack and southwest of Eastern Tableland. Here is an image of a map marking the exact location:

Where to Find Flame Cleanse Me in Elden Ring

How to Get and Use Flame Cleanse Me

Players will find some red tents on reaching the marked location. Enemies will be wandering around here, so you need to be careful. There are plenty of enemies here but try taking them on one at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed

Once you’ve dealt with the enemies, explore the camp and to the right of fire, you’ll find the Flame Cleanse Me Incantation on a body. To equip this Incarnation, you need to reach the Memorize Spells site of grace.

Players must have 12 Faith and an incantation catalyst like the Finger Seal to be able to use the Flame Cleanse Me Incantation. This incantation is best used when you have a large buildup of scarlet rot or poison. Besides getting rid of the buildup, it outright cures Scarlet Rot and Poison. It’s a must have when crossing areas such as the Lake of Rot.

Players can also find Flame Protect Me here to avoid fire damage, but it’s primary usefulness lies in curing that nasty poison and Scarlet Rot.

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