How To Get The Omenkiller Set In Elden Ring

The Omenkiller Set is split between two locations in Elden Ring. You will find the helmet in one and the remaining pieces in another area.

The Omenkiller armor in Elden Ring is a 4 piece, light armor set that will give moderate level damage negation against Physical and Magic attacks. This armor set won’t offer much in terms of damage protection but can provide excellent resistance in the form of Immunity, Focus, and Vitality.  

This is without mentioning the increased +2 strength that the Omensmirk Mask provides which is the major appeal of this armor set. Considering the Omnikiller set can be acquired relatively early-game, this strength boost is much appreciated for those looking to meet the stat requirement of a certain weapon.

Unlike many armor sets, in Elden Ring, you can’t obtain the complete Omnikiller set at one location. You’ll need to head to Altus Plateau Capital to complete three-fourths of the set before traveling to the Leyndall, Royal Capital to obtain the last piece.

Where to find the Omenkiller Set in Elden Ring

The Omnikiller set consists of four items the Omenserk Mask, Omenkiller Robe, Omenkiller Long Gloves, and Omenkiller Boots. All of the armor pieces apart from the helmet can be found in the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring.

Omenkiller Robe, Long Gloves, and Boots

Omenkiller Robe, Golves, and Boots map location in Elden Ring

To get the robe, gloves, and boots for your Omenkiller Set in Elden Ring, you need to make your way to the Perfumer’s Ruins through either Stormveil Castle or Liurnia of the Lakes.

Both routes will lead you to the Eastern Raya Gate from where you need to keep going east to reach the Grand Lift of Dectus. Here, you need to find both halves of the Dectus Medallion to activate the lift and open the way forward.

Once that is done, head left past the Dectus’ gates to reach the Erdtree Grazing Hill Site of Grace. From there you’ll need to travel to the Abandoned Coffined Site of Grace and head straight to reach the Perfurmer’s Ruins.

You can now simply kill an Omenkiller here to obtain the Omenkiller Set. There will be no need to farm multiple of them since the armor set is a guaranteed drop.

Omensmirk Mask

Omensmirk Mask map location in Elden Ring

The Omensmirk Mask is found inside the heart of the Leyndall, Royal Capital in Elden Ring. To start off you’ll need to make your way toward the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. You’ll need to take the staircase to descend to the lower levels and head right.

You will spot a pathway here which you must take to continue on to reach a footbridge. As you traverse the bridge and get to the other side, you’ll spot a cellar.

Enter inside and take the pathway to your left. You’ll need to head straight along this path until you reach a ladder that leads you to the Lower Capital Church.

The Capital Church area will be protected by a stronger Omenkiller than the ones you’ve faced before in the Perfurmer’s Ruins. You’ll need to defeat it to obtain the Omensmirk Mask.

Like the rest of the Omenkiller Set items, there will be no need to farm as the Omensmirk Mask is a guaranteed drop from the mob.

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