How to Level Up in Elden Ring, Best Stats To Level Up First, Quick Leveling Tips

Elden Ring might prove to be a little complicated for newcomers, especially when it comes to leveling up characters. The...

Elden Ring might prove to be a little complicated for newcomers, especially when it comes to leveling up characters. The following guide does its best to help players come to terms with each step involved in the leveling process.

How to Level Up in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players can level up each stat with the help of Runes where each stat requires a different amount of Runes based on the level itself.

The first step towards leveling up hence is the collection of Runes. They can be earned by killing enemies and by finding different consumable items in the game.

Once you have enough Runes, it’s time to unlock the ability to level up your character. You’ll need to venture through different locations on the map to see a specific Grace that will be visited by Melina. Melina will offer her services to help you level up your character at any site of Grace in the game.

Once done, open the menu bar and the second option is “Level Up”. Select the option and you can exchange the Runes for each stat of the character.

After raising an attribute, its effects are shown as blue and red values which represent an increase or decrease respectively in the base stats.

Best Stats to Level Up First in Elden Ring

The stats to focus on in the game depend on the goals of the player. So, you must be sure of what you are doing and how it will impact your character.

Following are the stats that we suggest focusing first and most.

  • Vigor
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence

Vigor and Endurance

Vigor primarily influences your HP which is very essential in and out of combat. It buys you more time while fighting enemies.

Levelling Vigor also grants you the following:

  • Fire Defence
  • Immunity Body Stat

Leveling up endurance means that you can perform a greater number of actions without having to wait for them to finish charging. It also influences Equip Load to allow you to carry more without reducing mobility.

Another main influence of endurance is on Robustness Body Stat which in turn improves player resistance towards Haemorrhage and Frostbite effects.

Strength and Dexterity

Strength stat allows you to wield more advanced weapons in the latter stages of the game. It also allows you to deal more damage.

Every weapon has a minimum stat requirement that needs to be fulfilled before the weapon can be wielded. Having high Strength will ensure that you’re able to wield some of the best hard-hitting weapons in the game.

Points placed in Dexterity stat result in an increase in the weapon damage, reducing the cast time of the spell and making it harder to knock you off your horse. It influences the wielding of advanced armaments.


In Elden Ring, magic is as essential as any other thing. Intelligence increases the usefulness of the spells.

For quite a large number of the starting classes, you need not bother yourself with this in the starting. But to gain further access to spells in the Astrologer class, intelligence is essential.

How To Level Up Fast

Leveling up in Elden Ring requires lots and lots of runes. You do get runes for playing through the main storyline but these will not be enough for you to become as strong as you’d like.

Hence, you’re required to farm as many runes as possible. The first place for players to farm runes is by repeatedly killing the Troll at the Stormgate. The Stromgate grace provides you a quick respawn point in case you get killed or need to revive enemies. The troll’s wide attacks will kill the archers posted around the gate, making it easier for you to get runes without doing anything.

For late game, you can farm thousands of runes every second in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. Complete Varre’s Questline and you will be granted access to the blood area of Elden Ring. Here, make your way to the slope where multiple Albinauriucs are sleeping.

Kill them and clearing out the area will get you around 40,000 Runes. Just next to them is the site of grace, so you can easily reset the area and continue farming.

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