Elden Ring Rya Questline Guide

Rya is one of the few non-hostile non-playable characters in the game. Rya questline in Elden Ring, while being a...

Rya is one of the few non-hostile non-playable characters in the game. Rya questline in Elden Ring, while being a little confusing to complete, will reward players with an important item for use.

Where to Find Rya in Elden Ring

You need to first find Rya in the large, open-world of Elden Ring. She can be found at the Laskyar Ruins site of Grace. When you get there, go to the north of Laskyar Ruins site of Grace.

To find Rya quickly, pick a region from the map and you will be easily able to spot her with the Birdseye telescope, right above the Laskyar Ruins.

Once you’ve spotted Rya, go talk to her to begin her questline.

Elden Ring Rya Questline

The first part of Rya’s questline in Elden Ring will be to find her necklace which was stolen. This is not difficult as the person who stole her necklace will be hiding nearby Rya’s location.

To retrieve this necklace, head northwest you’ll see the person at a Site a Grace. He will be cooking some food so it will be easy for you to spot him. You’ll have to offer some stuff to this man in exchange for Rya’s necklace.

You can also buy this necklace from this man for 1000 runes. Collect this necklace from him and give it to Rya. When you do this, Rya will reappear at the Altus Plateau.

You can only access the Altus Plateau by completing the Dectus Medallion and riding the Grand Lift of Dectus. Rya can be found standing on the left-hand side by a stairway as soon as you arrive at Altus Plateau.

If you can’t see her, approach the big axe-wielding Golem on the left for a better view. The Golem will be watching the Altus Plateau and could attack you as well.

Travel to Volcano Manor

When you meet Rya and speak with her, she will explain that she has been waiting for you and that you must seek advice from her lady, Tanith, who is in Volcano Manor. This will allow you to take Rya’s hand and warp to Volcano Manor right away, gaining access to a Site of Grace in the process.

You can speak with Tanith after arriving and get the Drawing Room Key, which will allow them to continue with Rya’s questline in Elden Ring.

Travel down the next hall and take the second door on the left to enter a chamber where Rya is waiting along the wall once you obtain the Drawing Room Key. You will learn more about her work at Volcano Manor if you speak with her again.

The Tarnished can then grab a letter from a nearby table and read it by accessing it in the inventory. The letter will reveal the name of a Mark that you must eliminate.

Hunting Down Marks

The first marker will be near the Colosseum, north of the Warmaster’s Shack in Limgrave. You must travel to the Red marker on the map, then invade and defeat the NPC Mark’s world. Now you can go back to Volcano Manor and chat with Rya once more.

Rya will inform the Tarnished that she has been hearing unusual noises outside the walls late at night. You must finish her dialogue before returning to Tanith.

During this interaction, you can ask Tanith questions about Rya and learn more about her. After that, you can sit at the site of grace and watch time pass.

You should next return along the hall and this time to the door across from the Drawing Room. You will find Rya in her real form within. For a better understanding of Rya, talk to her some more.

Returning to the Drawing Room will grant you access to another Volcano Manor Letter, this time with a new Mark to deal with. This one can be located north of Erdtree Gazing Hill on the road.

Players should return to Volcano Manor after conquering and destroying the Mark a second time, this time exhausting Rya’s speech. You can speak with Tanith again, receive a reward, and then learn more about Rya’s real form.

After that,  return to the hallway and enter the room directly to the right of the one in which Rya is currently located. A secret pathway will open if you stroll over to a nearby painting and walk through it.

Continue down this path until you reach a Prison Town Site of Grace. It’s also worth noting that you have the option of fighting or running past a Bloodhound Knight on their journey to the Site of Grace.

You must travel through the zone from the Prison Town Site of Grace until you reach a balcony with two small hanging cages. Elevator switches are hidden inside these cages.

Taking the one that goes down will result in a fight with an enraged Magma Wyrm while taking the one that goes up will lead you through Prison Town.

A building and the Guest Hall Site of Grace can be found along the road. You’ll have to keep going until you come across a massive gap and a large lever that will trigger a drawbridge. You will now gain access to the original Prison Town Site of Grace.

Godskin Noble Boss Fight

The Godskin Noble will greet you as soon as they enter the big church next to the drawbridge. If you find yourself unable to dodge Noble’s fast attacks, it’s recommended that you use Mimic Tear Ashes to divide the boss’s attention.

When the Godskin Noble reaches 50% health, he will buff up, causing him to use a painful rolling attack that will hit for additional damage.

After defeating the boss, you can take the Serpent’s Amnion off the church’s altar. You’ll then return to Rya and tell her the truth about Volcano Manor, as well as hand over the item.

You’ll have a choice to depart Volcano Manor and return after delivering Rya the Serpent’s Amnion, or simply visit the Site of Grace to pass the time.

When you return to Rya’s room, you’ll see she’s gone, and speaking with Tanith will confirm that she’s gone. Speaking with Tanith again will reveal that she is concerned about Rya’s mental health, and she will give you a Tonic of Forgetfulness.

You should then return to the Temple of Eiglay and take the elevator to the right of the altar, where you fought the Godskin Noble. Sprint to the balcony’s middle and gaze over the edge, where you will see a route leading up a lava-filled hillside.

You will come upon an Abductor after you reach the top of the trail. An arch with a gateway can be found just past the enemy.

It’s over a vast pool of lava, and you must roll as rapidly as they can to make it across. You’ll be allowed to enter the room and chat with Rya.

Rya shows her distress at this time and asks the Tarnished if they will kill her to put an end to her suffering. In addition, you will have the option of giving Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness.

A third option, which is not specified, is to simply walk away from Rya and disregard her request while also refusing to give her the potion.

After that, they can go back to Volcano Manor, finish the quest by dealing with Rykard, and then return to Rya. Rya will be grateful to you for sparing her life as a result of this.

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