How To Get To Boilprawn Shack In Elden Ring

Boilprawn Shack is tied to Rya's questline in Elden Ring. If you choose not to speak with her, you will lose access to this location.

Boilprawn Shack is an important location if you are doing Rya’s questline in Elden Ring. This is where you find Blackguard Big Boggart, a minor NPC who initially has Rya’s necklace and later serves as a merchant to purchase some Boiled Prawn and Boiled Crab.

Keep in mind that since Blackguard Big Boggart is tied to Rya, you will lose access to both him and Boilprawn Shack in Elden Ring if you choose not to speak with Rya to start her quest.

Boilprawn Shack location

The Boilprawn Shack is located a little northwest of the Laskyar Ruins in the North Liurnia of the Lakes region that you will visit while trying to retrieve Rya’s necklace.

To get Rya’s questline, go to the Volcano Manor and converse with her. This conversation will lead to her telling you that a merchant stole her necklace and she needs your help getting it back from him.

While in Volcano Manor, make sure that you receive this quest from Rya as it is an optional quest and can be easily missed.

How to reach Boilprawn Shack in Elden Ring

After receiving the quest, you will need to head to the Boilprawn Shack by going to the Academy Gate Town which is a site of grace. From there, head southwest till you reach the shack.

Another way of visiting the Boilprawn Shack is to visit the Liurnia of the Lakes first and then continue heading south from there. This will lead you to the shack.

Once you have reached this location, you will encounter the Blackguard here, an important NPC merchant who stole Rya’s necklace and is willing to sell it back to you.

You can buy the necklace back from Boggart by paying him 1000 runes or by killing him. However, it is not recommended to kill Boggart because this will hinder your progress in the story later.

After retrieving Rya’s necklace, you can also buy Boggart’s Boiled Prawns for 600 Runes which will make him trust you and then it will lead to him befriending you. The Boiled Prawn is a consumable item that can boost your physical damage negation time for a whole minute.

After conducting your business with Boggart in the Boilprawn Shack, head back to Rya who will grant you the Volcano Manor Invitation as a reward.

The Boilprawn Shack does not contain any other NPC or enemy. There are also no upgrade materials or equipment at this location, however, you receive the “Spread Out” Gesture from the Blackguard Big Boggart here after buying his Boiled Prawn.

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