Elden Ring: How To Increase Memory Slots, Memory Stones Locations

You start Elden Ring with only two memory slots, meaning only two spells. You can then increase your slots to equip more spells.

For players looking to build up a powerful spellcaster in Elden Ring, understanding memory slots and their importance becomes a necessity. So getting a grasp of both ways of increasing the Memory Slots to their maximum in Elden Ring is vital.

These slots are essential as, with the game’s progression, you will face several horrible and powerful enemies. For those enemies, you need the maximum number of powerful spells to easily win the battles in Elden Ring.

 The following guide will hence make sure that would-be sorcerers know all there is to know about memory slots and how to increase them in Elden Ring.

How to increase Memory Slots in Elden Ring

Elden Ring only offers two memory slots at the start, meaning that players are limited to using only two spells at once.

That may be enough at the start of the game, but players will not be able to survive for long if they keep venturing further and deeper with just two spells on hand.

Increasing those memory slots will hence allow players to have more spells to use in combination for powerful attacks. However, increasing memory slots will require players to do a little work.

The players will have two methods in Elden Ring to increase their memory slots. The methods require the players to get the following items in Elden Ring.

You can get memory stones by killing major enemy bosses in the open world. Some of the mini-bosses will drop them as well. These bosses can be found after completing Legacy dungeons in Elden Ring, which are complete labyrinths full of all kinds of creatures.

You can also obtain a memory stone by simply purchasing it from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold area. If you are starting a new journey as a spellcaster, we highly recommend you consider purchasing her wares as soon as possible.

She sells the stone for 30,000 Runes which is a fair price considering their rarity and importance. Take note that this is the only stone you can purchase in the game. 

In Elden Ring, you can get up to a total of 8 Memory Stones, so with this process, you can increase your Memory Slots by 8 in the game.

As already stated, memory stones will allow players to increase the total number of their memory slots. As soon as the player has collected the stone, the memory slot will increase on its own without the need to do anything.

While there are other ways in the game to unlock more slots, finding and using memory stones should still be a priority for upcoming spellcasters. They are simply the most efficient way of doing so.

Another method to increase your memory slots is by using the Moon of Nokstella Talisman. Equipping this Talisman will extend the memory slots by two.

This means if you have got all the memory stones and have been using the maximum number of slots and yet are not satisfied by the count of Incantations and spells that you carry, you can still extend the number by two.

This method only works as long as you carry the Talisman. Once unequipped, the two extra slots will vanish, and you will lose two spells.

Elden Ring Memory Stones Locations

After knowing the importance and usage of the memory stones in Elden Ring, it’s time to discuss the locations where you can find all these memory stones.

  • Enia the Finger Reader: Visit Enia at the Roundtable Hold
  • Red Wolf of Radagon: Defeat Red Wolf of Radagon at Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Demi-Human Maggie: Defeat Demi-Human Maggie at the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir.
  • Converted Fringe Tower: This one is located at the top of the Converted Fringe Tower.
  • Tetsu’s Rise: Top of Tetsu’s Rise Tower, North of Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Lenne’s Rise: Inside Dragonbarrow Tower, Caelid
  • Seluvis’s Rise: Three Sisters Region, Liurnia
  • Oridys’s Rise: Top of the Oridys’s Rise Tower, Weeping Peninsula

Moon of Nokstella Location

The Moon of Nokstella is a talisman hidden in the eternal city, Nokstella. This region is very similar to the Siofra River or Nokron. The Talisman can be found inside the Throne Room, Northwest of Nokstella Basin Site of Grace.

But to get into Nokstella City, players need to complete Ranni’s Questline or at least a portion of it. After doing so, players will be able to open the gates of Nokstella City.

How many Memory Slots can you have in Elden Ring?

The maximum number of Memory Slots you can use in Elden Ring is 12. Two are those that you get by default. Further, eight memory stones will open eight more memory slots for you, and this will take the count to ten.

Using the Moon of Nokstella Talisman will extend this number by two and will make the total number of memory slots 12.

How to use Memory Slots in Elden Ring

To utilize the memory slots acquired through the Memory Stones or Moon of Nokstella Talisman, you must rest at any Site of Grace in Elden Ring. While resting at the site, select the “Memorize Spell” to open all the Sorceries and Incantations through a menu.

This will pop up all the available Memory Slots for your character in Elden Ring, indicating the Empty Slots, if any. You can select any of the slots and equip it with your desired spell in Elden Ring. It is crucial to fulfilling the conditions and requirements of the spells you want to learn on your memory slots.

These learned spells become part of your quick access menu, and you can select the spells according to your playing platforms to unleash your spell attack, which will drain some of your FP in Elden Ring.

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