Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise Puzzle Guide

There are several locations in Elden Ring that are protected by magical barriers. Lenne’s Rise Tower is one of such locations and hence requires players to go through a few hoops before being able to gain access. The following guide will show players just how to get into the Lenne’s Rise Tower in Elden Ring.

Lenne’s Rise Location

Lenne’s Tower is a watchtower in Elden Ring. It’s located in the northeast area of the Dragonbarrow sub-region in Caelid. The way to the tower may be dangerous depending on whether you travel during night or day. Nighttime being the dangerous option.

Starting from the Farum Greatbridge Site of Grace, travel east and then cross the easternmost bridge. You’ll encounter a Night Cavalry Boss on the bridge.

The region in which the tower is located is very peaceful in terms of enemies. There are not much of enemies in the region. The only mini-boss you’ll encounter is inside the watchtower which can’t come outside. The only thing to be aware of in the region is the poison in that area.

Elden Ring Lenne’s Rise Puzzle Solution

Take note that players can easily reach the tower at any point in the game but to actually solve Lenne’s Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, there is a trick involved.

You’ll see a Spiritspring Jump whirlwind near the tower. You must mount your horse and jump at a proper angle to reach Lennes Rise Tower.

If you want to climb to the top of the tower, consider stepping into the upper area’s balcony, where you can leap on and stroll up the stairs.

On the Spiritspring Jump whirlwind, we advise using only one jump, waiting until you begin to lose speed, and then using Torrent’s second jump. Follow this method and you will easily complete the Lenne’s Rise puzzle in Elden Ring.

If you do it at the right moment, you should be able to reach the top of Lenne’s Rise Tower with ease. Fortunately, if you miss due of the leap, you shouldn’t take too much damage. You’ll get hurt if you stop at height and then by falling, you’ll take fall damage.

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