Elden Ring Mech Build

This guide will cover complete details about the Mech Build in Elden Ring by outlining key items and equipment.

The Mech build in Elden Ring uses Unendurable Frenzy, a Frenzied Flame incantation. With this incantation, yellow flames are fired from the character’s eye, which is highly effective and greatly damages the enemies. This guide will cover complete details about the Mech Builds in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Mech Builds

We have put together 2 of the best Mech Builds based on your experience with Elden Ring. These builds offer many variations and allow you to use powerful incantations like Unendurable Frenzy to destroy your enemies with yellow flame. So, let’s get into the details of these builds.

Mech Build #1

  • Flask Spread: Mostly FP
  • Talismans: Clarifying Horn Charm and Radagon’s Soreseal
  • Spell: Unendurable Frenzy
  • Weapon: Dragon Communion Seal
  • Armor: Greathood, Mushroom Arm, and Mushroom Legs
  • Stats: Mind (Primary), Faith (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Arcane (Secondary)
  • Items: Ironjar Aromatic
  • Crystal Tear: Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear and Cerulean Hidden Tear

Mech Build #2

  • Flask Spread: Mostly FP
  • Talismans:  Clarifying Horn Charm, Mottled Necklace, and Stalwart Horn Charm
  • Spell: Unendurable Frenzy
  • Weapon: Frenzied Flame Seal +10 and Dragon Communion Seal +10
  • Armor: Silver Tear Mask
  • Stats: Vigor (Primary), Faith (Primary), Faith (Secondary), Arcane (Secondary)
  • Items: Ironjar Aromatic
  • Crystal Tear: Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear and Cerulean Hidden Tear

Best Stats For Mech Builds

For the Mech Build #1, your primary stats will be Mind and Faith, while your secondary stats will be Vigor and Arcane.

Mind stat needs to be leveled up due to the high FP requirements of Unendurable Frenzy, and Faith has to be high as a pre-requisite for the spell.

As the idea of this build is to be a complete tank, you’ll need to level up Vigor to increase your defenses. And finally, Arcane will help increase damage from Unendurable Frenzy.

  • Vigor: 28
  • Mind: 35
  • Endurance: 18
  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Intelligence: 18
  • Faith: 52
  • Arcane: 25

With Mech Build #2, we’re taking your tank status to an even higher level by focusing more on Vigor instead of Faith.

  • Vigor: 50
  • Mind: 34
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Faith: 31
  • Arcane: 45

Best Weapons For Mech Builds in Elden Ring

For Mech Build #1, the weapon we will be using is Dragon Communion Seal, which primarily scales with Faith and Arcane.

While playing with this build, you can use the Unendurable Frenzy with the Dragon Communion Seal to violently emit yellow flames of frenzy from the caster’s eyes. It helps increase the buildup caused by spells in the game. You can also use Dragon Communion Seal for healing in this build due to a bug.

You can easily find Dragon Communion Seal at the beginning of the game. It is located in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

For Mech Build #2, we have chosen the Frenzied Flame Seal +10 and Dragon Communion Seal +10.

The Frenzied Flame Seal is perfect for this build as it gives a 20% damage boost to all Frenzied Flame incantations. And Dragon Communion Seal +10 scales with both Arcana and Faith, so it’ll cause Madness to build up faster in the opponent.

Best Armor For Mech Builds

For Mech Build #1, Focus is very important, so try to add as many things as you can to increase Focus. You can use the Greathood, Mushroom Arm, and Mushroom Legs for armor pieces because they all increase the Focus. The Mushroom Leg can be found in Seethewater Cave in a cavern filled with mushroom people and a Giant Poison Flower.

For Mech Build #2, the armor piece that you need is the Silver Tear Mask. This mask greatly increases Arcane, allowing you to deal more damage with your Sacred Seals. You can choose whichever one you prefer for the rest of your armor set.

Best Talismans For Mech Builds

For Mech Build #1, the talismans we have chosen are Clarifying Horn Charm and Radagon’s Soreseal.

Clarifying Horn Charm will help you increase your Focus and resist the effect of Madness that can occur because of using the Unendurable Frenzy. This can help you in a long-lasting fight. Clarifying Horn Charm can be located on a corpse sitting on the steps leading to the lift that takes you to the Deep Siofra Well.

The Radagon’s Soreseal is also important because it will increase all of your attributes, including endurance and dexterity, at the cost of HP. Radagon’s Soreseal can be found on a corpse by sliding down the roof entrance and investigating the wooden paths.

For Mech Build #2, the talismans we have chosen are Clarifying Horn Charm, Mottled Necklace, and Stalwart Horn Charm. These three talismans will synergize to increase your madness buildup bar, allowing you to use Unendurable Frenzy for longer.

Best Spell For Mech Builds

Of course, the best spell for both builds is the Unendurable Frenzy. This spell is the core of these builds. Without the Unendurable Frenzy spell, you cannot create a Mech Build in Elden Ring.

Best Items For Mech Builds

While the core of these builds utilizes Unendurable Frenzy, you need a way to keep enemies from dealing damage to you while you spam this incantation out. That’s where Ironjar Aromatic comes in. This item will literally turn your armor into iron and reduce the damage you take.

Once you have found the Perfumer’s Cookbook (3), you can craft it using three ingredients which are Altus Bloom (x2), Budding Cave Moss (x1), and Living Jar Shard (x3).

For the Flask of Wondrous Physick, we will be using Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear, which will convert the damage into HP, and Cerulean Hidden Tear, which will eliminate all FP consumption (for both builds).

You can drink from your Flask of Wondrous Physick, buff yourself up with the Ironjar Aromatic, and then use that incantation, and it will continue to deal damage for 15 seconds. It will continue to kill all the enemies coming near it during this time.

Once you are using all the things mentioned above, just continue to release the Unendurable Frenzy incantation and walk through the enemies. They will be killed by the yellow flames emitting from your eyes.

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