How To Get Marika’s Hammer In Elden Ring

Marika's Hammer in Elden Ring belongs to the normal hammers category, and you can get it by defeating a particular boss.

Marika’s Hammer in Elden Ring belongs to the normal hammers category, and you can get it by defeating a particular boss and exchanging their remembrance at the Roundtable Hold. Numen people created this shattered hammer and gifted it to Marika as a wedding gift.

Marika’s Hammer was used to destroy the Elden Ring resulting in the shattering of the world and was subsequently used again by Radagon to repair it.

As Radagon’s weapon of choice, Marika’s Hammer has a unique Gold Breaker ability. This golden hammer requires 20 strength, 12 dexterity, and 19 faith to equip it successfully. As a faith-based weapon, the weapon deals 101 base physical damage and 65 base holy damage.

It scales with the same attributes (D-dex, D-str, D-fai). You can upgrade Marika’s Hammer with the help of Somber Smithing stones at the blacksmith in Roundtable Hold.

Marika’s Hammer location in Elden Ring

To get Marika’s Hammer, you need to defeat two bosses in a row, Radagon and Elden Beast. Both bosses are a part of the boss gauntlet towards the very end of the game and mark the end of the journey for the tarnished.

This final boss is inside the Erdtree, in the Elden Throne region of Lyndell, The Royal Capital. The nearest site of grace is “Elden Throne.”

Divine Beast drops “Elden Remembrance” when defeated, a unique consumable. Take this item back to Roundtable Hold and offer it to Fingereader Enia. She will offer Marika’s Hammer in exchange for Elden’s Remembrance. However, players must match the mentioned stats to equip this weapon successfully.

Is Marika’s Hammer Any Good in Elden Ring?

Marika’s Hammer is a normal hammer that can be dual-handed or used in one hand, depending on the players’ playstyle. It has a unique skill called Gold Breaker. It allows players to leap in the air and travel horizontally forward while swinging the hammer overhead and slamming it into the ground.

The contact creates a massive AoE explosion at the point of impact, creating a pattern of Elden Ring fragments on the floor. You can upgrade Marika’s Hammer properly and carry it in New Game+ as an endgame weapon.

This weapon holds well during the second journey of tougher enemies and bosses. You can even pair Marika’s Hammer with faith-based armors and accessories to create unique builds for PvP and PvE in Elden Ring. Keep in mind that with different patches, FromSoftware has changed the scaling of weapons with stats and Marika’s Hammer is one of them. So if you are planning a build around this weapon, make sure to check the latest stats.

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