How To Get Marika’s Scarseal In Elden Ring

Having trouble finding Marika's Scarseal in Elden Ring? Don’t worry. The following guide will help you find Marika's Scarseal talisman...

Having trouble finding Marika’s Scarseal in Elden Ring? Don’t worry. The following guide will help you find Marika’s Scarseal talisman with ease.

How To Get Marika’s Scarseal In Elden Ring

Marika’s Scarseal is a talisman in the game that boosts your Arcane, Intelligence, Mind, and Faith attributes by 3 points. That boost, however, comes at a cost. You’ll also be susceptible to more damage taken.

Marika’s Scarseal can be found on a corpse at the base of a waterfall at the top level of the Siofra river. There is only one way to access that location which we will describe in the guide below.

First off, go to the Siofra River Well east of Limgrave and enter the structure near the minor Eardtree. At the center of the structure should be an elevator. Take the elevator down to reach a new area.

Once you reach the bottom of the well, hop on your horse. Stick to your left and move forward along the path. You might encounter some enemies on this path that you can choose to ignore. Once you reach the end of this path, there should be another entrance that will lead you to a second elevator.

This elevator will take you to another area. When you exit the structure, there should be a stream of water right in front of you. You need to follow this stream up the slope into an open area.

It is better to stick to the edge of the cliff, on the right side in order to avoid any enemies in this area. Not far ahead you will find a broken pillar, with an enemy on top. It is not necessary to defeat this enemy but is preferred as it will keep shooting arrows at you if you don’t.

The broken pillar will lead you to a teleporter at the top. You need to interact with this teleporter and it should lead you to another area.

After you get teleported to another area, again stick to the edge of the cliff at the right side and move forward. Not far off is an open area, with a huge structure and a waterfall in between.

Alongside this waterfall is a boss which can be ignored if you keep your distance. Head to the waterfall and underneath it should be a dead body, which has Marika’s Scarseal on it.

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