Elden Ring Grave Glovewort 4 Location, How to Farm

You can locate and farm Grave Glovewort 4 in Elden in different catacombs. You can also purchase it from Twin Maiden Husks.

As you might already know, Grave Glovewort 4 is an upgrade material used to strengthen normal/regular Spirit Ashes to +4 in Elden Ring. Being able to summon allies or Spirit Ashes is probably your best chance early on in taking down tough enemies. This guide will help you find the location of Grave Glovewort 4 in Elden Ring.

You can upgrade these Spirit Ashes up to +10 using Grave Gloveworts. There are 9 of these Groveworts to upgrade ashes and each of these is located at certain map locations.

Where Can I Farm Grave Glovewort 4 in Elden Ring?

Grave Glovewort 4 spawns in specific areas and is a one-time pickup. These materials are mostly located in underground sections of the map, such as Catacombs and River Well Depths. You can recognize them easily upon seeing them as they look like white flowers.

While all nine of the Grave Gloveworts look relatively similar, higher-level Glovewort will have more blooming flowers than lower-level Glovewort.

Below are all the locations where you can have your hands on this upgrade material in Elden Ring.

Grave Glovewort 4 in Black Knife Catacombs

There are two Grave Glovewort 4 found in Black Knife Catacombs.

  • For the first one, you have to reach the cleaver’s trap room and utilize the trap in your favor. Wait for the second last cleaver to come on the ground, and stand on it until it takes you to the upper balcony. You can pick up the Grave Glovewort 4 placed in the outer corner.
  • The second one can be located by continuing your journey from the balcony. Keep heading forward while slaying or avoiding skeletons until you reach the end of the tunnel. Here is an illusionary wall that vanishes upon hitting your weapon and hides a mist door ahead. The Grave Glovewort 4 will be right beside this glowing mist.

Grave Glovewort 4 in Caelid Catacombs

Three of these upgrade materials dwell in the Caelid Catacombs.

  • The first Glovewort 4 is placed on the left side of the rotten corridor, beside the grace.
  • The second one happens to be in the middle of the room just before the boss room door.
  • Look for the 3rd Glovewort in the same room, in the corner to your right.

Grave Glovewort 4 in Unsightly Catacombs

Unsightly Catacombs also inhibit three of these upgrade materials.

  • One of these is located in the initial room with staircases
  • From the previous room, keep heading northwards in the catacombs through the pit area.
  • Look for the one just before the boss’s door.

Grave Glovewort 4 in Wyndham Catacombs

You can find two Grave Glovewort 4 in Wyndham Catacombs.

  • Go into the cleaver’s trap room, cross to the other end, and you’ll find the first one there.
  • Another one is located in the long sewer area of the Wyndham Catacombs.

How to Purchase Grave Glovewort 4 in Elden Ring

If farming these Gloveworts isn’t your cup of tea, you can buy as many Grave Glovewort 4 as you like from Twin Maiden Husks. You just have to gather Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing 2 and offer it to the twins at their shop in Roundtable Hold, in the bottom-left corner of your Elden Ring map.

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