How To Get To Fortified Manor In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Fortified Manor is the location of the previous Roundtable Hold. Here's how to make your way to it.

Fortified Manor is a castle located in Leyndell, Royal Capital region of Elden Ring. This manor is the former location of the Roundtable Hold. It is now abandoned and devoid of any NPCs

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can access the Fortified Manor in Elden Ring. Additionally, we’ll also be going over all the items you can find and pick up in this area.

Elden Ring Fortified Manor location

Fortified Manor map location in Elden Ring

You can access the Fortified Manor via two routes. Use the map above to understand where exactly you need to be. For the first one, make your way to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital. 

From the Site of Grace, head straight and make your way down the stairs Next, jump onto the big tree trunk which will allow you to go down further. Once you’re down, travel North until you arrive at the castle’s main entrance. 

The second way involves starting at the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. From there, take the stairs down Northwest. Head right and make your way to the hallway by climbing the big dragon. 

Continue forward until you reach the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace towards your left. From the Site of Grace, you need to jump down onto the balcony. Here, it would help if you flipped a lever operating the castle’s main gate. Soon after flipping the lever, you can head to the main entrance to enter the Fortified Manor.

Fortified Manor can not be accessed once you’ve defeated the main boss of the area, Maliketh. Following his defeat, the Royal Capital changes into the Capital of Ashes, barring you from entering many places including the Fortified Manor.

Elden Ring Fortified Manor Walkthrough

There are several loot items present in the Fortified Manor that are yours for the taking. Inside the first room on the ground floor, you’ll be able to pick a Hammer weapon along with a sanctified Whetblade. Continuing straight and taking a left at the end of the hall will bring you to another room where you can pick up a Gesture; ‘Be My Sword’.

Exiting the room will bring you to the main hall with the round table. On top of it, you’ll find a Rune Arc. Open the door towards the southwest of the room and you’ll enter a chamber with a throne. On top of it, you’ll find a Coded Sword. The library contains a seedbed curse.

In the main hall of the basement, you’ll find the complete Alberich armor set along with the flightless bird painting and the Stormhawke Axe.

To access the second floor of the manor, you need to go outside from the main entrance. Taking a left will bring you to a couple of stables which you can jump on top of which grants you access to the upstairs portion of the Manor. When you go outside, you’ll also discover a courtyard attached to the Manor which can be accessed using the roof of the structure next to it.

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