Elden Ring Dragonscale Blade Location Guide

This guide will look into the Dragonscale Blade Location in Elden Ring. It is a mid-range combat Katana and if you want to elevate your battling experience by obtaining this kick-ass sword, keep on reading.

Where to Find the Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring

Dragonscale Blade is primarily a balance between Strength and Dexterity and is an excellent option for players who depend mainly on weapons while combatting. This sword is made by sharpening a Gravel Stone scale, indicating the ancient dragon’s immortality.

So to find this Sword, you need to head towards the Lake of Rot. However, before you can do that, you need to complete Ranni’s Questline, including Black Knife Quest, Curse Mark Quest, and Baleful Shadow Quest.

Once you’ve done that, you can now make your way to the Lake of Rot. When you reach the location, you’ll notice that the lake pretty much looks like you’ve entered hell. Yes, we know, it seems scary.

You’ll notice that within the lake, there are little platforms. Well, you’ll use these platforms to wear off the rot you get on you once you dip in the lake and approach these platforms.

You need to get it off since it’ll eat away your HP if you don’t. However, if you don’t want to wait and have some Preserving Boluses on you, use that to minimize the process.

Also, there will be slug-looking creatures around you that will try to debuff you. Get rid of them instantly, or they can kill you.

How to Defeat the Dragonkin Soldier Boss

Jump some more platforms and kill the googly eyes slugs till you spot the Dragonkin Soldier laying in the middle of the lake.

It’ll be a pretty enormous-looking monster with a big body that’ll he’ll use as a weapon to squeeze you beneath it. So do what you are best at and pull out the moves to get rid of him.

You can also jump between the platforms but make sure that Dragonkin Soldier can’t reach it faster as you’ll need some time to get rid of the rot and balance your HP.

Just run around and attack him till he finally collapses. Once he’s dead and gone, you’ll acquire the Dragonscale Blade!

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