Dragonscale Blade Location, Stats, and Builds in Elden Ring

Dragonscale Blade can be obtained by defeating Dragonkin Soldier Boss found in Lake of Rot region in Ainsel River.

Dragonscale Blade is a unique Katana in Elden Ring that can only be obtained by killing a boss of a super-secret area. Crafted from a scale thought to be of an immortal dragon, Dragonscale Blade represents the feeble bodies of its creators that perished over time.

Dragonscale Blade is a Dex-based weapon that can deal some additional Ice Lightning damage to its opponents with a unique skill. Finding this Katana is a massive chore but fret not. Follow our guide below to find this elusive weapon and in the meantime learn more about its unique abilities and skills.

So where can you find Dragonscale Blade in Elden Ring?

Dragonscale Blade can be obtained by defeating Dragonkin Soldier in the Lake of Rot area of the game. Lake of Rot is present inside Ainsel River, the home to the Eternal City of Nokstella.

However, this is all easier said than done. To reach Lake of Rot players need to complete Ranni’s quest. This involves defeating Starscourge Radhan, traveling to Nokron, completing Black Knife’s quest, and defeating Baleful Shadow in the process.

dragonscale blade location elden ring

If the players follow all the steps perfectly mentioned in Ranni’s quest guide, their next stop will be a massive red lake of death, known as the Lake of Rot. Staying true to its name, Lake of Rot is full of Scarlet Rot and induces this status ailment upon players who put their foot inside the lake.

Scarlet Rot is not only scary, but it can kill the players in a matter of seconds. We recommend equipping gear with high resistance to Scarlet Rot and keeping a lot of Preserving Boluses on hand (consumables that can cure Scarlet Rot). The boss players need to defeat is in the very center of this lake. Make sure to use the platforms present in the lake for a moment of respite and to get rid of the filthy rot.

How to Defeat the Dragonkin Soldier Boss

Dragonkin Soldier attacks players unannounced as soon as they approach the platforms right next to it. Dragonkin Soldier is a massive enemy that uses its body as a weapon to smash the players. The best way to approach this fight is to be ultra-agile on your feet and shift from one platform to another.

dragonsking soldier boss

This will not only confuse the boss but also gives the players ample time to heal and cure themselves of Scarlet Rot. Keep chipping away at Dragonkin Soldier boss in the meantime. The boss uses its long arms to slam and slash at the players and most of its attacks can one-shot players. Make sure to avoid taking any damage and kill the boss by following this strategy.

Upon its death, Dragonkin Soldier drops Dragonscale Blade for the players to collect.

Dragonscale Blade Stats and Requirements

Being a Dexterity-based weapon, Dragonscale Blade requires 20 points in Dexterity Stat and 12 points in Strength Stat for the players to wield it properly. This weapon also scales with Strength (D scaling) and Dexterity (C scaling). It weighs only 5.5 making it ideal for PVP builds.

Stat Name Attack Guard
Physical 110 35
Magical 0 25
Fire 0 25
Light 0 50
Holy 0 25
Critical/Boost 100 30

Dragonscale Blade can only be upgraded with the help of Somber Smithing Stones up to +10. This increases its physical damage to 269 and Dex scaling to B from C.

Dragonscale Blade Unique Skill and Builds

Dragonscale Blade has a unique weapon skill associated with it called Ice Lightning Blade. This skill infuses the blade with Ice Lightning and allows the players to perform a devastating strike on the ground. This strike creates an AOE which deals Ice Lightning damage to surrounding enemies. Ice Lightning Blade allows the players to inflict Ice and Lightning damage to the enemies for the next 45 seconds causing frost and shock build-up.

Dragonscale Blade does 20% more damage against Dragon enemies and 10% more damage against ancient dragon enemies. Being a unique weapon, Dragonscale Blade can be sold for 500 runes to any merchant in the game. Dragonscale Blade can’t be infused with any Ash of War or consumables like greases.

Dragonscale Blade can be used to create Dex-builds for PVP and PVE. Due to its high slash damage and long range, Dragonscale Blade is highly appreciated among Katana-wielding players.

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