How To Defeat Baleful Shadow In Elden Ring

Baleful Shadow is a ferocious boss in Elden Ring that wields a Greatsword to shatter his enemies. He is renowned for his ability to heal.

In Elden Ring, Baleful Shadow is a boss that you must overcome to complete Ranni’s questline. This boss looks like a wolf and is summoned by first obtaining a doll and then striking up a conversation with it.

The Baleful Shadow is a strong boss and must be dealt with appropriately. Before getting into the strategy to defeat Baleful Shadow and its weaknesses, you need to know about its location.

 In this guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to defeat the Baleful Shadow boss in Elden Ring.

How to find the Miniature Ranni Doll

Baleful Shadow is a ferocious boss in Elden Ring that wields a Greatsword to shatter his enemies. This boss, like the invaders in Elden Ring, is renowned for his ability to heal.

You must defeat this boss at all costs to complete Ranni’s quest and progress further in the game. Read on to learn all about Baleful Shadow Boss in Elden Ring.

You’ll encounter the Baleful Shadow boss while completing Ranni’s quest. However, you’ll not encounter this boss unless certain conditions are met. To trigger the Baleful Shadow Boss in Elden Ring you’ll have to find the Miniature Ranni Doll.

The Miniature Ranni Doll, also known as the Ranni Doll, can be found in the Ainsel River. To reach the Ainsel River, travel to Renna’s Rise in Three Sisters.

It’s a tower, and the possibilities are that you might have seen it sealed off by a barrier previously. Ascend the tower. When you’ll be halfway through you’ll come across Ranni’s outfit. Grab it and then climb to the top.

While at the top of the tower, you’ll find a teleporter; use it to travel to a new location deep in Ainsel River. When you arrive at the Ainsel River, there will be a coffin in front of you. Look by the coffin and you’ll find the Ranni Doll.

Take the doll and rest at the nearby Site of Grace. Speak with the doll. It won’t say anything at first but keep trying, and on the third try, the doll will speak with you, triggering the Baleful Shadow Boss.

Baleful Shadow location in Elden Ring

The Baleful Shadow boss can be found near Nokstella Waterfall Basin on the Ainsel River Main.

Continue past the Ainsel River and the Uhl Palace Ruins, then take the right into Nokstella. After that, proceed past the large centipede enemy of Uhl Palace Ruins, through the grand gate, and into the cave of ants.

You’ll have arrived at Nokstella by this point. There, proceed down the platforms until you come across the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace ahead of you. Stay on the ground as you follow the river.

You’ll find two staircases leading upward. Ignore the first and proceed up to the second. Continue forward until you reach a bridge. Jump off the bridge to the right and go into the building at the end.

As you progress, keep an eye out for enemies. Continue running along the river until you reach a grand entrance with an elevator leading to Nokstella Waterfall Basin.

Make your way to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin and proceed past the cave there, avoiding the basilisk enemies. You’ll find the Baleful Shadow Boss waiting for you in the next clearing.

Baleful Shadow weaknesses in Elden Ring

The Baleful Shadow is highly weak against poison. If you have poison knives, you can do considerable damage to him over time to negate his healing abilities. The poison mist spell is another good option here. This is also one of the best ways to take him down quickly.

Secondly, Rotten Breath works great in this boss fight. The constant damage will not let the Baleful Shadow restore all of his health points.

Also, while not a weakness, keep in mind that you can backstab the Baleful Shadow. Wait for him to do his jumping attack. When the boss finally lands on the ground, you will have a few seconds to quikly go around and backstab him for critical damage.

How to defeat the Baleful Shadow in Elden Ring

The Baleful Shadow Boss is known for his ferocity and the ability to chain a series of long-range sword attacks. He also uses a health potion to replenish his health, making him a difficult boss to defeat.

The Baleful Shadow deals Holy and Standard damage mostly and you need to protect yourself from its attacks. It is also vulnerable to Frostbite and the Poison Status which you can use to take it down quickly.

When you encounter the Baleful Shadow Boss, look to your right for a building. This building is essential for defeating Baleful Shadow Boss with minimal effort.

Lure the Baleful Shadow Boss in the building. Inside you’ll see an elevator. When you run towards the elevator, you’ll notice Baleful Shadow Boss hesitating to approach it. This means you’re safe and he won’t attack you.

The main question now is how to deal sufficient damage to bring him down once and for all. It’s worth noting that this boss is susceptible to poison and you’ll be using just that to take him down.

The Rotten Breath Incantation is precisely what you require to deal poison damage. Simply remain close to the elevator and use the Rotten Breath to deal damage over time.

As aforementioned, the Baleful Shadow Boss has one healing portion up its sleeve, which he will use to refill his health, but don’t worry because this was the only portion he had.

Continue to deal damage with the Rotten Breath and eventually, you’ll drain all of his energy, and the Baleful Shadow Boss will be defeated merely without using a sword. This is as simple as it gets!

You will receive the following rewards for defeating the Baleful Shadow Boss.

  • Discarded Palace Key
  • 8561 Runes
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