Elden Ring Glintstone Key Locations

Our guide will help you reach the location where you can get your hands on the Glintstone Key in Elden Ring.

Raya Lucaria Academy is an important location in Elden Ring that houses many NPCs, enemies, and other creatures. You are also given the chance of slaying two major bosses here; Rennala the Queen of Full Moon and Red Wolf of Ragadon. Many talismans, consumable items, spells, weapons, and upgrade materials such as the Somber Smithing Stones are found here. 

However, this majestic destination has been sealed by some sort of magical barrier that can only be crossed if you have a Glinstone Key in your possession. This Glintstone Key can be obtained only after facing a powerful boss in the Liurnia of the Lakes, just west of the academy.

There is not just one Glintstone Key in Elden Ring as another one is found later on inside the academy on a chandelier and you require this one later while playing through the Church of Irith. In this church, there is a merchant, Thops, and you can purchase different items from him after giving him the Glintstone Key.

So let us look into the locations of both these keys, and how you can obtain them and put them to use.

Where to find the Academy Glintstone Key in Elden Ring

The first Glintstone Key that grants you entrance into the Raya Lucaria is no farther than the academy itself. You just need to search west of the academy till you reach this spot:

Academy Glintstone Key map location in Elden Ring

It is the Liurnia Lake’s Temple Quarter and to go there you need to first go to Raya Lucaria’s Southern Gate and then keep going south from there.

Follow the route down to the opposing encampment and battle or creep through it. When you approach the encampment’s center, walk east and down the steps into the lake, where you’ll discover a Marika Statue.

Turn back to face the campsite from the Marika Statue. From here, you need to travel west, but the campsite is in the way.

With that in mind, follow the walls to the south, then turn west when you reach the corner. Continue west across the swampy lake and towards the Temple Quarter ruins ahead.

Continue ahead till you reach a Site of Grace from where you also need to keep moving straight. In this direction, a massive rocky rock spreads from the water, and that’s where you’ll be going next.

The coveted Glinstone Key does not come easy and this is the point where you reach a boss fight. You do not necessarily need to engage in this boss fight if you manage to trick this boss, the Smarag Dragon.

Whatever you choose to do, when you are done with the dragon you will see a corpse right behind it that has your desired item.

You can loot it off the corpse and then be on your way toward the Academy’s gate to open it.

There is a glitch sometimes in which you have the Glinstone Key and the gate to Raya Lucaria Academy still does not open. If that happens to you, try going a few paces back and then approaching the gate again. The gate will unlock now and you can easily enter the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Second Academy Glintstone Key location in Elden Ring

The first key grants you entrance to the academy and the second one requires you to fight a mighty boss inside the academy. Even though the boss does not actually possess this Glinstone Key, you still need to defeat it on your way to the Church of Cuckoo where this key is hidden on the roof.

Second Academy Glintstone Key map location in Elden Ring

You’ll find the Red Wolf of Radagon near the Schoolhouse Classroom site in the Raya Lucaria Academy. After defeating this wolf, you’ll end up in a courtyard that has a fountain in its center.

Move towards your left and then climb up till you come across some foes that you’ll have to finish off. Now jump on the nearby balcony and then down towards some stairs where more enemies await you.

Once you are done with these enemies, go down into the Church of Cuckoo and search the roof for the second and last Glintstone Key hidden on a chandelier that you can now put to use.

You can give this key to the NPC Thops who will inform you about his wish to go to the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Keep in mind that you should buy everything you need from Thops before giving him the key as afterwards you will find him dead and you will not be able to buy anything from him.

If you try offering the first Glinstone Key that you acquire in Liurnia of the Lakes to Thops he will not accept it as he knows that you will need it later.

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