Elden Ring Glintstone Key Locations Guide

Raya Lucaria Academy is a very major part of Elden Ring. However, this majestic destination has been sealed by some sort of a magical barrier. If you want to access Raya Lucaria in the game, you’ll need a Glintstone Key. Our guide will tell you where to find the Glintstone Key in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Academy Glintstone Key in Elden Ring

The first Glintstone Key can be found at Liurnia Lake’s Temple Quarter, west of Raya Lucaria Academy. Fast travel to the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace and turn back from the barrier to face south to reach this place.

Follow the route down to the opposing encampment and battle or creep through it. When you approach the encampment’s center, walk east and down the steps into the lake, where you’ll discover a Marika Statue.

Turn back to face the campsite from the Marika Statue. From here, you need to travel west, but the campsite is in the way.

With that in mind, follow the walls to the south, then turn west when you reach the corner. Continue west across the swampy lake and towards the Temple Quarter ruins ahead.

Once you reach the Temple Quarter, keep going straight and use your map to aim for the ruins’ northern edges. You’ll discover a Site of Grace here, which you can use to rest and eliminate any foes.

Leave the Site of Grace when you’re ready and proceed north of the floating scarabs. In this direction, a massive rocky rock spreads from the water, and that’s where you’ll be going next.

You’ll see a big sleeping dragon as you enter. The name of that dragon is Smarag, it is the Glintstone Dragon, and an extremely difficult boss to fight.

While you can battle the dragon, at this point in the game, we recommend slipping through to grab the Glintstone Key. It’s on the body of a dead sorcerer, directly behind the dragon.

When you collect the key, return to South Raya Lucaria Gate and use it to get through the barrier to the Academy, where you can continue your journey to become an Elden Lord.

Second Academy Glintstone Key Location

For the second Glintstone Key Location, you’ll have to go through the Academy of Raya Lucaria and defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon.

You’ll find the Red Wolf of Radagon near the Schoolhouse Classroom site in the Raya Lucaria Academy. After defeating this wolf, you’ll end up in a courtyard that has a fountain in its center.

Move towards your left and then climb up till you come across some foes that you’ll have to finish off. Now jump on the nearby balcony and then down towards some stairs where more enemies await you.

Beneath this staircase is a shortcut that will lead you to the roof of the Church of Cuckoo. If you look down, you’ll find a corpse lying on a chandelier that you can loot. Jump down on this chandelier and loot the second Glintstone Key.

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