How To Get To The Church Of Irith In Elden Ring

The Church Of Irith can be visited to learn various rudimentary sorceries from Thops who is a Sorcery Student in Elden Ring.

The Church of Irith is located behind Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring and is one of the first locations you can explore after entering Liurnia of the Lakes.

This ramshackle church can be visited to learn various rudimentary sorceries from Thops who is a Sorcery Student at the academy of Raya Lucaria.

You can also acquire the “Sacred Tear” from the Church of Irith which is an Upgrade Material for the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring.   

Getting to the Church of Irith is pretty easy in Elden Ring. You just need to first beat Stormveil Castle and then make your way east alongside the castle walls.

Church of Irith location

The Church of Irith is an initial location in the Liurnia of the Lakes that can be accessed by heading west of the Stormveil Castle after completing it. You will come across a Graveyard here, the northwest of which the Church of Irith is located.

If you wish to visit this church by taking the route from Liurnia of the Lakes, simply head south and you will reach it.

After entering the church, you will see the Statue of Marika. Go to the front of the statue and you will find the Sacred Tear for the Sacred Flask here. Acquire this Upgrade item as it will allow you to improve your Sacred Flask’s potency by increasing it from Crimson and Cerulean to +12.

After obtaining the Sacred Tear from the statue, look to its side where a bench is located with Thops, a Sorcery Student dressed in a black robe, seated on it. Converse with Thops who will teach you some sorcery spells in exchange for 10 Runes and some other Sorceries for a greater cost.

He can teach you the Glintstone Pebble for 1000 Runes, the Glintstone Arc for 1500 Runes, and the Starlight for 2500 Runes.

Once you are done buying sorceries from Thops, he will tell you about his wish to turn to the Academy for which he requires the Academy Glintstone Key. You can give this key to Thops who will then head toward Raya Lucaria Academy as per his wish.

Providing Thops with the key will also grant you the “Erudition” Gesture which can later be used to gain access to Converted Towers.

After Thops has left, you will encounter a special creature known as the Teardrop Scarabs in the Church of Irith. These creatures are easy to defeat and drop Ash of War: Thops’ Barrier when defeated. This Ash of War is an upgrade material that grants affinities and skills to an armament.

Apart from these, you can also find the Mushroom and Warming Stone in the vicinity of the Church of Irith. Mushroom is a useful crafting material that can create a variety of materials and the Warming Stone is a Consumable Item that uses FP to continuously heal nearby allies.    

This is everything and everyone you will come across during your visit to the Church of Irith.  

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