Best Arcane Weapons In Elden Ring

This guide will go over the best Arcane Weapons available in Elden Ring, whether you are a melee build or a full mage.

Arcane is an attribute that often gets ignored by the players in Elden Ring. This particular stat allows you to wield some of the heaviest weapons and increases the chances of discovering great items.

You can discover rare items due to higher chances of discovery, utilization of such items can improve your damage output substantially in Elden Ring. Additionally, there are several weapons that scale perfectly with Arcane and receive a significant boost in the damage output.

Before you get your hand on the best arcane weapons in Elden Ring, it is crucial to understand how this attribute mainly works in Elden Ring.

How Arcane works in Elden Ring

The main focus of the Arcane attribute is to improve your discovery stat in Elden Rign. The higher arcane stat will help you find several new items while defeating several bosses in Elden Ring.

Arcane also plays a crucial role when it comes to improving certain spells. You can scale your Arcane attribute to improve the damage output of several incantations in Elden Ring. These incantations scaling is ideally linked with the Arcane feature in Elden Ring.

Apart from the more potent spells, the investment in Arcane allows you to take on more Holy damage as this attribute builds your holy defense in Elden Ring. So you can fight enemies that rely on holy damage with ease. Moreover, to counter the Death Blight, you need a high value of vitality, and the Arcane attribute provides you with precisely that.

The most important thing about arcane weapons is the boost in the status effect of those weapons. It means if a weapon causes a bleeding effect, then the increase in Arcane boosts the blood loss build-up, and the same happens for other status effects in Elden Ring. 

Best Arcane weapons to use in Elden Ring

9) Ripple Crescent (for Arc Dex builds)

The Ripple Crescent is a weapon you can obtain very early in Elden Ring. This weapon is perfect if you are looking for a build that revolves around arcane attributes.

The scaling in arcane makes Ripple Crescent attacks very strong, and players can take on any early bosses with this weapon in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Arcane (20), Dexterity (12), Strength (12)

How to get: It is an early-game weapon that can be obtained by defeating the Albinaurics boss in Academy Gate Town.

8) Eleonora’s Poleblade (for Arc Dex builds)

Eleonora’s Poleblade is among the best Twinblade weapons you can wield in Elden Ring. This Twinblade makes it easy to build substantial blood loss build up on your enemies.

Apart from the bleeding effect, you can deal fire damage to your enemies while using Eleonora’s Poleblade in Elden Ring.

The weapon skill of this Twinblade allows you to perform tornado-like quick attacks, and most enemies have no answer to these attacks in Elden Ring.

Requirement: Arcane (19), Strength (12), and Dexterity (21) 

How to get: It is a mid-game weapon so you will find it in Marika’s Second Church in the Altus Plateau region. Defeat Eleonora who lurks within the church in order to obtain Eleonora’s Poleblade.

7) Marais Executioner Sword (for Arc Str builds)

The Marias Executioner Sword comes from the family of greatswords in Elden Ring. You can use this weapon to drain the maximum health of your enemies during the battles.

The balance between this weapon’s strength and arcane attribute makes it perfect for a strength arcane build. Moreover, the unique skill of this greatsword allows you to spin your weapon in a circle dealing massive damage and pushing the enemies away from your position.

Requirement: Strength (24), Arcane (23), Dexterity (14)

How to get: Marais Executioner Sword is a mid-game weapon that is dropped by Elemer of the Briar in The Shaded Castle at Altus Plateau.

6) Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear (for Arc Str builds)

The Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear is a weapon that you can use to deal massive damage to your enemies in Elden Ring. The high damage capability of the spear, when combined with its bleeding and fire damage, makes it one of the best-strength arcane weapons in Elden Ring.

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear’s unique skill allows players to coat their weapon with Bloodflame. The coating increases your damage and makes winning combats in Elden Ring easy.

Requirement: Arcane (27), Strength (24), Dexterity (14) 

How to get: You can get this weapon by bringing down Mohgwyn after starting White-Faced Varre’s questline. The quest will take you to several places, including Mohgwyn’s Palace, and here you will face the boss that you can defeat to gain Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear in Elden Ring.

5) Bloody Helice (for Arc Dex builds)

The Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting sword that you can use to pole enemies within a specific radius in Elden Ring. This weapon allows you to inflict massive blood loss build-up on your enemies.

The Weapon skill, Dynast’s Finesse, makes you invincible on the battlefield, and you can escape the fight if you are on the verge of defeat in Elden Ring. So a well-time use of the weapon’s skill and long-range poking potential makes it part of the best arcane weapons pack in Elden Ring.

Requirement: Arcane (17), Strength (16),  Dexterity (19) 

How to get: Bloody Helice is a mid-game weapon that can be obtained from the Writheblood Ruins in the Altas Plateau’s northern region.

4) Morgott’s Cursed Sword (for Arc Dex builds)

The Morgott’s Cursed Sword is the lightest greatsword you can wield in Elden Ring. This weapon is meant not for just PvE but also PvP since its unique bleeding skill does a lot of damage.

Requirements: Arcane (17), Dexterity (35), Strength (14) 

How to get: Morgott’s Cursed Sword is a mid to late-game weapon that can be obtained from Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold by giving her the Remembrance of the Omen King

3) Serpent Bow (Dexterity Arc builds)

The Serpent Bow is undoubtedly one of the best weapons that can go with the arcane build in Elden Ring. The Might Shot skill of this bow allows you to fire arrows that initiate the poison build-up on your enemies.

You can also combine the bloodborne arrows with the serpent bow to inflict poison and blood loss build on your enemies. It means you can exploit different weaknesses of your enemies with the Serpent Bow in Elden Ring. The versatility of this weapon puts it in the best arcane weapons category in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Arcane (11), Dexterity (15), Strength (8) 

How to get: The Serpent bow is early to mid-game weapon that can be found inside a cave in the Pool of Rot.

2) Dragon Communion Seal (for Arc Faith builds)

The Dragon Communion Seal is obtainable early on in Elden Ring. The seal perfectly builds your character around the Arcane and Faith attributes. Your damage from the Dragon Communion Incantations increases if you hold the dragon seal in Elden Ring.

All the abilities make Dragon Communion Seal one of the best arcane weapons in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Arcane (10), Faith (10) 

How to get: Dragon Communion Seal is an early-game seal that can be obtained from Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

1) Rivers of Blood (for Arc Dex builds)

The Rivers of Blood Katana is, without any doubt, the best arcane weapon in Elden Ring. The main reason for its power is its weapon skill, Corpse Piler.

The weapon skills allow you to deal massive damage while causing the bleed effect. Additionally, the range of the skill allows you to manage mid-range combats with ease in Elden Ring.

The Rivers of Blood Katana is renowned for dealing a lot of blood damage and being extremely effective in PvP mode. This also works well in PvE mode and can deal significant damage even if the boss is immune to bleed.

Requirement: Arcane (20), 18 Dexterity, and 12 Strength to properly use the weapon.

How to get: Since it is a late-game weapon you will have to complete your questlines quite a bit to obtain this weapon. This katana is available at the Church of Repose at the Mountaintops of the Giants. To obtain the Rivers of Blood Katana, go there and defeat the boss.

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