Elden Ring Best Classes Guide and Tier List

Elden Ring offers its players a total of 10 classes, each of which has its own set of specialties. In this detailed guide, we’ll be looking at all the Elden Ring Classes, their strengths, and which ones to pick as a starter. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Class For Beginners

When it comes to a single best beginners class, it’s a tough call because each class supports a build towards a specific type. With that said, after careful consideration and experimenting, the Vagabond emerges as the obvious frontrunner and the best class for beginners.

Vagabond is the best beginner class because it includes a little bit of everything and is thus dynamic. In the Vagabond class, the Longsword is quick and effective in close combat, whereas the Halberd can dispatch enemies from a few more feet away.

In addition, the shield that comes with this build is capable of blocking 100% of attacks. This ability will aid you in learning the fundamentals of the game and its combats because you will learn the game’s basic attack patterns, dodge mechanics, and so on while defending.

The damage output of this class can be increased to the maximum by increasing your Dexterity and Strength in equal measures. As a result, you’ll be less concerned with the other attributes, making the gameplay simpler and more enjoyable.

Elden Ring Best Starting Classes

10. Wretch

With the questionable stats and point allocation, it is safe to say it’s not so great class to choose as a starter. With basic club and no armor, any mistakes on your part will not be overlooked, and the consequences will be ugly.

However, if you’re all about having a blank slate and having the authority to build the character as you like, this is the one for you. Still, beware that it’s a class with low physical defenses and a minimal starting health pool, and any mistake will set you back to the Site of Grace where you started.

9. Bandit

Playing this class can be a little tricky if you’re just starting the game. It does not have a lot to offer; however, it comes packed with Arcane and Dexterity.

These points will help you land some good hits with your bow and will let you backstab the enemies with stealth.

You can also benefit from the shield to dodge any attacks made by the enemies. Arcane can also be beneficial for collecting items from dead enemies. In addition, the Bandit class comes with a small shield, a knife, and some bows and arrows.

All in all, it is an assassin-like class with medium to low physical stats to begin with.

8. Prisoner

The Prisoner class is a hybrid with a good spread of starting stats. A great class if you’re a fan of starting slow and figuring out your combat playstyle as you go. This class comes with a shield, sword, and staff.

In addition, it has high Dexterity and Intelligence stats. This class lets you equally play with magic and swords.

However, to make this class compatible with more melee attacks, you’ll have to allocate some points to Vigor and Endurance. Having low stamina can be dangerous, especially during multiple enemy encounters.

7. Warrior

If you prefer a class with fast-paced melee combat, the warrior build is an excellent choice for you. This class has the highest dexterity of any class, so players who want to specialize in Dexterity weaponry should start with the Warrior.

Furthermore, it is the only class that introduces a dual-wielding weapon system in Elden Ring straight away.

However, there are not many points into Vigor and Strength. Invest some points into these to improve your defense and to be able to equip heavy armor.

6. Prophet

The Prophet class has low physical defenses but is nifty on the ground and horseback. Like the Astrologer class, this class has high Mind stats for summoning spirits. In addition, it has an excellent Faith stat makes it a Faith-based starting class.

Casting spells for damage and using it to heal itself, and the allies make this class excellent for those who love playing with magic-based classes.

It comes with a finger seal for casting incantations and a spear. This class is great if you want melee options to complement your damage spells.

5. Confessor

The Confessor is an excellent assassin-type class if you enjoy liberty in using spells while also having substantial use with weapons. The Confessor comes with a shield that can blocks all sorts of physical damage.

It has great points in Faith and offers a good deal in Strength and Dexterity stats too. This class also comes with a sword and a finger seal for casting spells.

If you don’t want to compromise on your melee capabilities and cast spells, this class might be the one for you.

4. Hero

Hero is a melee-focused class that grants players the highest Strength and even some decent Endurance and Vigor. A great choice if you’re all about some exceptional combat skills and enjoy the freedom of allotting points to stats according to your taste.

High Vigor stats offer an outstanding health pool which is great for close encounters with foes. At the same time, high strength is excellent if you want to wield large weapons. In addition, this class offers a medium-sized shield and a one-handed ax.

3. Samurai

Samurai is a versatile class. If you love having a class with some kick starter gear, this might be the class for you. It comes with an offhand shield, fire arrows, powerful katana, and a longbow—great tools to test and form strategies.

It offers great stats with Dexterity and also keeps Vigor and Endurance close.

In addition, the point allocation offers survivability, which can allow you to mess around and explore the open world when starting the game.

If you want to make this class magic-based, you’ll have to invest in some points into intelligence and faith stats. Regardless, it’s a great option if you’re just starting.

2. Astrologer

This is the frailest starting class with the lowest physical stats but it offers melee and witchcraft options in battle.

This magic-based class is an excellent option for players who want to focus on spellcasting and summoning. It has some great offensive spells alongside with small shield, sword, and staff, which acts as a great backup in need of time.

If you’re going to opt for this class, you’ll be spending most of your points in Intelligence and Mind. This will let you keep your magic damage high, and you can cast as many spells as you like.

1. Vagabond

Vagabond is one of the most optimal classes for melee players. The Vagabond class comes with impressive equipment consisting of heavy armor, a longsword, a halberd, and a solid shield. Great stuff for close encounters with enemies and lets you get straight into combat.

A whopping 15 points to Vigor gives an incredible health pool meaning you can take a few hits, and you’ll still be good to go. Whereas Strength and Dexterity also have decent points allocation that enables the players to equip great weapons and make quality builds.

A little boost into Intelligence, Faith, and Mind can make this class have spells as a backup and can make it a butt-kicking starter class.

Best Class Tier List

If you’ve just started your journey in Elden Ring, choosing a class is one of the first and most crucial decisions you have to make.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are ten different classes in Elden Ring, each offering different play styles. With such variety, having to make a decision can be tricky.

Whatever your pick will be, it will define your playstyle and directly influence the first few hours of your adventure in the game.

However, it’s not going to stay the same until the end of the game as Elden Ring gives players the liberty to build their character; however, they like by distributing points into stats they feel fit the most.

A starting class will provide the players with a little direction and give players some gear alongside stats boosts to help with the class’s play style.

Below we’ve created a Tier List that lists all 10 classes in the game, based on our experience and knowledge.

Going through this tier list will help you understand what type of playstyle you want to go for and what you’re comfortable handling.

Tier Classes
S Vagabond, Samurai, Astrologer, Hero
A Warrior, Prophet, Confessor
B Bandit, Prisoner
C Wretch

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