How To Customize (Alter) Armor In Elden Ring

Elden Ring grants you the same freedom to customize or alter your armor sets as you could in the Dark Souls games, albeit with a few little changes.

Customizing your armor in Elden Ring not only allows you to change your appearance but also slightly alter your stats. This is not something you can do immediately at the start of the game.

You are going to need to find a couple of items: the Tailoring Tools and the Sewing Needle. Having these tools in your inventory is the first step in customizing your armor in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle in Elden Ring

Fortunately, you can acquire both of these items, the Tailoring Tools and the Sewing Needle, together, at the same location.

You can start from the Church of Elleh Site of Grace in the Limgrave of Elden Ring, and head west toward the cliff face. The image below shows the route that you should take to get there.

Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle location to customize armor in Elden Ring

You can then hop down the ledge by the cliffside and onto the ruin below. The cave that you will explore will have pitch-black darkness. We suggest you keep a torch handy just in case.


Whilst on this shoreside by the cliff, you will be confronted by several Demi-Humans that you must take out and continue your way toward the cave.

But before entering the cave you may want to obtain a valuable item that you can find here. As you continue your way to the end of the beach you will a few golden footprints walking in the sand. This is an invisible creature that will drop you an Ashes of War.

The pattern of this creature’s movement doesn’t change so learn where it will go and attack it once it is close to you pick up the Ashes of War.

Now back to the route of the cave, head back to where you originally dropped down on the coast and you will find a cave opening just a bit further down the path up ahead.

You can then enter the cave and activate the Site of Grace for the Coastal Cave. This is where you will need that torch you kept in handy, so light it up and move on through.

There will be a few Demi-Humans to take out here too, but none too challenging. Once you clear out this opening there will be a passageway leading to a bigger one.

Before you make your way through this passageway, make sure you are ready for a fight since this will begin a boss battle. Don’t worry too much though since you can also summon an aid on the floor, right beside the door.

The aid will help you complete this fight quickly so you can simply collect the items and be on your way.

When you walk through, you’ll realize that there are actually two bosses, Demi-Human Chiefs, that you must take out at the same time. This makes the fight a little tricky also considering the fact that they have more Demi-Humans helping them.

Try and focus on one of the Demi-Human Chiefs at a time and double-team them with the aid you just summoned. They won’t be too difficult to kill as most of your hits will stun them.

This will allow you to hit them again or dodge their attacks straight away afterward. You can also use ranged weapons to damage them from a distance but your probably better off just light attacking them.

Once both the Demi-Human Chiefs are felled, you’ll receive both items you were after, the Tailoring Tools and the Sewing Needle.

How to customize and alter armor in Elden Ring

Now once you have both the Tailoring Tools and the Sewing Needle in your possession, all you need to do is to head to any Site of Grace in Elden Ring to alter your armor.

Once you are resting at the Site of Grace, scroll down on its menu screen. As you scroll to the second from the last tab, you’ll see that a new option named Alter Garments has now appeared. 

After you click this option, you’ll open the armor customization menu where you’ll be able to select the armor pieces you alter in Elden Ring.

Each armor piece that you customize will set you back 500 Runes. You should be really confident that you really like the Alter armor design before confirming since doing it over and over multiple times can be really expensive.

So, check the preview screen to view the changes in the armor piece’s appearance and stats before you make the change permanent.

How to alter armor for free in Elden Ring

If you are frugal and don’t want to waste runes by simply customizing your armor, there is a way for you to do it for free. This process however takes a little while longer and will require you to complete Boc the Seamster’s Questline.

You must head to the Agheel Lake North, Site of Grace, and use it as your starting point for ease of reference. From there you must travel southeast in the direction of the stone bridge. Before you get there, you must take a left and walk near the trees here. You’ll find three next to them.

Now you’ll need to turn up your game volume for this next step. As you approach the trees, you’ll hear someone asking for your assistance. Look to the side to see a brown tree relatively smaller compared to the rest.

Strike it and it will turn into a Demi-Human. This Demi-Human, however, is friendly.

His name is Boc, and he has been kicked out of the Coastal Cave by the other Demi-Humans and has a curse put on him to turn him into a tree. If you continue talking to him, he will give you 10 Mushrooms for rescuing him but he will then decide that this reward isn’t enough.

He wants to return to the coastal cave to retrieve the Sewing Needle, which you had already retrieved beforehand.

Now open your map once more and look for the Coastal Cave Site of Grace. Since you had already activated it beforehand when you visited to obtain the Golden Needle, you can directly fast-travel there.

As you appear you’ll see Boc lying next to the site and in quite a bad shape. When you talk to him you realize that he tried to retrieve the needle and got badly beat up in the process.

 Now you can reveal to him that you have already retrieved the needle and he’ll be delighted. Unfortunately, he won’t offer anything right now.

The final part requires you to travel to the Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring, but don’t worry you won’t have to actually go through it.

You need to travel toward the Stormhill Shack, Site of Grace and you can make your way up the path there and thereof to the right. You’ll find a path through a bushy area, so you need to make your way along through these bushes.

Eventually, you’ll come out on a path that will lead you toward a bridge. Go over the bridge and follow the path all the way round and back up to the cliffside.

The next stretch is pretty straightforward, follow the path all the way round until you reach the opening. Here you will see another Site of Grace inside the Liurnia of the Lakes region Elden Ring. You can rest here and once you do, you’ll realize that Boc will also be sat right next to it. 

He has been waiting here for you and can now offer you something very useful, free alterations of your armor in Elden Ring. Go ahead and talk to him and you’ll unlock the option to Alter and Customize your Garment in his interaction menu.

For future reference, this Site of Grace is called the Lake Facing Cliffs and now, you can return to Boc here, any time you want to customize an armor piece for free without having to spend a single rune.

How to alter Demigod armor in Elden Ring

You’ll need to progress further along Boc’s questline to be able to Alter Demigod armor in Elden Ring for which you’ll need to acquire the Golden Needle.

You’ll need to get to the Church of Vows Site of Grace on the eastern side of Liurnia of the Lakes. You’ll find an altar here and as you search the area, you’ll find a chest beside it.

Once you loot this chest, you’ll obtain the Golden Needle and the Golden Tailoring Tools. If you want to alter demigod armor in Elden Ring, these items are essential to have.

Next, you must obtain some Demigod Armor that is customizable to Alter it. Head to the Roundtable Hold to do so, where you can purchase it from Finger Reader Enia.

Finally, head toward Leyndell, Royal Capital to find Boc once more. As you interact with him, you’ll give him the Golden Needle you had just obtained. With these items in his procession, Boc will be able to alter your Demigod Armor pieces for you.

The demigod armor that you can customize in Elden Ring is Maliketh’s Armor, Malenia’s Armor, Radahn’s Lion Armor, and Lord of Blood’s Robe.

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