Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer Build: Skills, Augments, And Gear

The Magick Archer combines qualities of the archer and the mage into this vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2. Here is how to build it.

Switch to a physical and magical damage blend with the Magick Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can either use this as a healing-support character or a pure DPS addition that does maximum damage to enemies. You can unlock this vocation after completing the Put a Spring in Thy Step quest in Agamen Volcanic Island.

What makes this Vocation different from the others is that it can switch its focus between single and multi-targets on the fly. If built right, this makes Magick Archer one of the most powerful Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This guide shares the best build for your Arisen to boost his offensive and defensive powers and target enemies from a great distance.

How To Unlock The Magick Archer Vocation

The Magick Archer is a late game vocation and it will be some time before you get your hands on it. In essence, you must gain access to Agamen Volcanic Island, the third area of the map that unlocks quite a while later. However, this is a faster but riskier way of getting there.

To do so, you must get to Drabnir’s Grotto, a region that is in the southwestern part of Battahl. You can access it as soon as you get into Battahl. The cave is a bit difficult to clear so ensure you come prepared. Once you make way through, you’ll find a dwarf named Gautstafr who will give you the quest “Put a Spring in Thy Step”. Complete this quest and it will lead you to the Volcanic Island Camp where you will find an NPC named Cliodhna. Talk to her to complete the quest and unlock the Magick Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer Build Overview

Magick Archer is a hybrid vocation that uses magickal bows that can be used as a support and defense character. Owing to its magickal side, it buffs and heals allies, while the defensive side can take down multiple enemies at a distance.

One important part of playing this vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is positioning. When placing your Magickal Archer, consider a safe distance to avoid unexpected damage. The second part is managing stamina.

For this guide, we have outlined the given build that can create a one-shot overpowered Magick Archer:

ProsHigh Damage Potential
Take Down Enemies Quickly
High Range Single/Multi Targeting
Heal/Buff/Revive Allies
ConsNo Defensive Maneuvers (parries, blocks, or dodges)
Low Survivability
High Stamina Consumption
Weapon SkillsRicochet Hunter
Flamefang Arrow
Candescent Orb
Martyr Bolt
Core SkillsQuick Fire
Rivet Shot
Pinpoint Volley
Tracker’s Sight
EquipmentWeapon – Blackwing Bow
Helmet – Confidant’s Hood
Body Armor – Burgundy Coat
Leg Armor – Crimson Hosen
Cloak – Commander’s Mantle
Rings – Ring of Quickening, Ring of Skullduggery
Best Party CompositionMain Pawn – Fighter/Warrior

Character Creation Recommendations

While creating your character, use a small size and light equipment to regenerate your stamina quickly. Moving on to combat tactics, refrain from excessive sprinting to avoid draining your stamina, step a safe distance to deal with damage, and don’t climb on bosses. You can increase your height and be tall but keep your muscle mass low.

Best Weapons For Magick Archer

For this built, we have chosen the Blackwing Bow as the best weapon that boosts the magick stats from 380 to 625. It can be purchased from any vendor across the map, but if you find this expensive, you can always switch to Dragon’s Breath from any vendors.

Best Skills Selection For Magick Archer In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Moving on to the weapon skills, here are the best ones you can equip to boost the gameplay of your Magick Archer:

  1. Ricochet Seeker | Ricochet Hunter: This skill launches close-quarters lighting damage spell. This skill launches small arrows that bounces off walls increasing the amount of damage. This skill is effective in cramped quarters and can damage multiple enemies.
  2. Flamefang Arrow: This skill gives elemental-fire damage to larger enemies. Best used against singular targets that are large in size.
  3. Irradiant Orb | Candescent Orb: This skill gives damage over time, this bounces arrows off anything (walls, ground, and even bosses). The damage is significant but has limited range so you must be in close distance to your enemies.
  4. Martyr Bolt: A Maister ability that creates a giant rain of arrows that have the potential for massive damage. This is a high-reward and high-risk skills, as it drains your health while charging but single-handedly destroys an enemy. Best used when the melee pawns in your party have taken aggro and you are at range and safe.

Moving on to the passive perks to boost basic attacks of your Magick Archer, Quick Fire is an ideal core skill that shoots automatic light attack. This can be used while positioning and choosing a skill. You can use Rivot Shot to target single enemy; however, this skill takes time to charge Use Pinpoint Volley to target multiple enemies. While in the battlefield, you can choose between selecting a single and multiple targets using Conversion while the lock on targets and potential damage can be increased by Tracker’s Sight.

Best Augmentations

The blend of magickal and physical damage giving buff to the Arisen is managed by mixing augmentations. This build is made on the following augmentations:

  1. Sagacity: Increases magickal damage
  2. Sustainment: Gives buff to physical and magickal defenses to all allies. This augment boosts defense for your pawns, making them tank and distract the enemies while you attack from afar.
  3. Catalysis: It increases the amount of damage dealt while encountering a hostile target’s elemental weakness.
  4. Constancy: Increases the knockdown resistance
  5. Lethality: increases the damage dealt while targeting a foe’s vitals
  6. Voracity: Recovers some stamina when you land a killing blow to an enemy

Equipment Selection

Breaking down this section into the best body armor, head armor, leg armor, and rings, we have chosen the given equipment for this build. Note that these are lightweight to reduce stamina consumption and increase the Arisen’s performance.

  • Helmet – Confidant’s Hood: A head armor that protects the eyes with the defense of 88 base stats and 73 magick defense.
  • Body Armor—Burgundy Coat: This stretchy armor aids the Arisen’s movement. Its defense stats are 108, and its magick defense is 120.
  • Leg Armor – Crimson Hosen: This leg armor has a defense of 99 and a magick defense of 70 with a strike resistance of 2 and a knockdown resistance of 20.
  • Cloak – Commander’s Mantle: This large cloak is cold and debilitation resistant.
  • Ring 1 – Ring of Quickening: A ring that speeds up stamina recovery.
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Skullduggery: When attacking enemies from behind, the ring of Skullduggery increases the amount of damage given to them

Best Party Composition for Magick Archer

The best party composition for Magick Archer would be Fighter, Sorcerer, and Mage/Thief in Dragon’s Dogma 2. With Fighter/Warrior always fighting the front row it keeps the enemy engaged to itself, allowing you to cast spells freely. Now, Sorcerer helps with elemental damages, and a Mage would be for support and healing. You can also switch a Mage for Thief.

  • Main Pawn – Fighter/Warrior: With Magick Archer as your Arisen, you would want a front-liner pawn to taunt the enemy. A Fighter can stun enemies and limit the amount of incoming damage, whereas, a Warrior would serve with more Area Damage.
  • Sorcerer: With the enemy being teased off with your main pawn (Fighter/Warrior), switch to Sorcerer for elemental damage.
  • Mage/Thief: A Mage would suit best for healing, but if you want burst damage, you should use Thief.
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