How To Get Worms In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to visit the realms of different Disney stars and help them in various quests so that they return to the town they once called home. One of the realms you visit is that of Moana. Here you meet all the characters from the Disney movie Moana and carry out the quests that they give you.

In classic Disney fashion, these quests are not too hard, but in the huge world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, are vague and it might be hard for you to find the items you need to complete the quests.

One such item that you might have a hard time finding is Worms. This guide will help you find Worms in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

Where to get worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

So, why would you need Worms in a Disney game? Well, when you enter the Moana realm, you meet Maui who gives you a series of quests for Moana’s realm. Completing these quests will allow you to recruit Maui to the valley where he has a few more quests for you.

One of the quests Maui presents after you have recruited him back to the valley is Burying the Eel. Maui needs to capture an Eel and for that, he needs 8x Soft Wood and 3x Worm for making an Eel trap.

Soft Wood is easy enough to find as it’s a prevalent resource in the valley. Just look for the scattered heaps of wood around the valley to get Soft Wood from them. What will be a problem is finding the worms.

If you have been paying close attention to Maui instead of skipping all the dialogues, Maui hints at where you can find Worms. Maui says that the Valley is home to worms and they be found around lakes. Well, we now know where we can head out to find as many worms as we need, that is 3 worms.

Simply head out to any lake that’s close to you with your shovel and start digging all around the bank of the lake. You will easily find the three worms that you need to get for Maui’s Burying the Eel quest.

Some players may still struggle to find worms, even with the general idea of areas where worms spawn cleared out. First, you can try digging around other lakes to have a chance of finding worms. If you still don’t find any or three worms, you can call upon the power of friendship to find worms.

You can bring your Disney’s Dreamlight Valley friends to come and help you look for the wriggling little creatures. Dig around the sand mounds with your friends to increase your chance of finding a worm.

Though the quest does seem somewhat difficult at the start, it becomes one of the easiest quests once you know where to look for the worms.

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