Disney Dreamlight Valley Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries Locations

Part of that mission in Dreamlight Valley is collecting items that will help regain some lost memories and one of...

Part of that mission in Dreamlight Valley is collecting items that will help regain some lost memories and one of those items is Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries. To make sure that you don’t lose your sanity while collecting Old Ruler’s Lost Diary pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have marked the location of every piece in every region of the map in this guide.

After the curse landed on the Dreamlight Valley, the ruler who once sat on the throne is nowhere to be found and all that’s left behind him is parts of the diary he kept.

Once you collect all of the scattered pieces of the diary, you will be able to figure out what happened with the ruler and also know more about life before the curse.

All Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a total of 37 Lost Diaries in the game and finding all the pieces can be a very long and tiring task, so below we have mentioned the locations of all the pieces of the Old Ruler’s Lost Diary.

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Forgotten Land Lost Diary locations

There are a total of two pieces of the Old Ruler’s Diary in the Forgotten Land.

Forgotten Land Lost Diaries

Diary Piece #1: The first can be found lying on the ground near a gooseberry bush next to the entrance of the Sunlit Plateau.

Diary Piece #2: The second page can be found in the bottom right corner of the Forgotten Land near a gooseberry bush.

Sunlit Plateau Lost Diary locations

This region of the map holds 4 pieces of the diary.

Sunlit Plateau Old Ruler's Lost Diaries

Diary Piece #1: The first piece of the diary found in the Sunlight Plateau will be at the very bottom of the ramp you just used to enter the region.

Diary Piece #2: The second piece will be lying on the corner of the pond, near the giant skull.

Diary Piece #3: You will come across another piece if you move eastwards from the bridge on the river that is blocked by the rocks.

Diary Piece #4: The final piece will be near a tree at the entrance of the Elephant’s Graveyard located in the top right corner of the region.

Glade of Trust Lost Diary locations

Despite being such a beautiful region, it is home to only a single lost piece of the old ruler’s diary.

Diary Piece #1: The only piece of the lost diary in the Glade of Trust can be found next to a big mushroom in the bottom right corner of the region.

Dazzle Beach Lost Diary locations

If you are looking for Old Ruler’s Lost Diary Pages, then you are in luck because there are 4 pieces on the Dazzle Beach.

Dazzle Beach Lost Diaries

Diary Page #1: The first piece of the lost diary will be lying on the ground near the water, around the area where Donald Duck’s House is.

Diary Page #2: Dazzle Beach is the home of a secret cave that will be unlocked when you are playing the “With Great Power” quest and inside the cave, at the very end, will be the second piece.

Diary Page #3: If you remember the cave where you met Ursula – The evil witch from The Little Mermaid, you will find a piece outside of the cave.

Diary Page #4: Near the cave where you found Ursula, will be a shipwreck and the fourth piece will be on the right side of the scrap.

Peaceful Meadows Lost Diary locations

Peaceful Meadows is the region, with the highest count of Old Ruler’s Lost Diary.

Peaceful Meadows Old Ruler's Lost Diaries

Diary Page #1: There are two pieces at the very unexpected location, Merlin’s House. This piece can be found on the bookshelf inside his house.

Diary Page #2: While you are inside Merlin’s House, why not collect another of the Old Ruler’s Lost Diary pages that sit next to Merlin’s Telescope.

Diary Piece #3: Let’s pay a visit to our shy little robot – Wall-E’s Garden, and you will find a piece of the diary there near the corner.

Diary Piece #4: The fourth piece will be sitting right next to Goofy’s stall.

Diary Piece #5: After visiting Goofy’s stall, you can visit his house too, to collect another piece of the diary near the wall behind his bed.

Diary Piece #6: The last page in this region will be sitting on the ground, in front of the Pillar of Friendship.

Plaza Lost Diary locations

You will be able to find 4 Lost Diary pieces in the Plaza region of the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Diary Piece #1: If you are in the mood for delicious food then head to Chez Remy and you will find the first piece under the paint of a person on a swing.

Diary Piece #2: You will find a piece of the diary near the south wall of Scrooge McDuck’s shop.

Diary Piece #3: The third piece will be near the entrance to the Peaceful Meadows, right behind an apple tree surrounded by a bunch of Night Thorns.

Diary Piece #4: Visit your best pal Mickey Mouse at his house and there will be a piece lying behind the chair in the corner of his house.

Forest of Valor Lost Diary locations

All four locations of the Old Ruler’s Lost Diary in the Forest of Valor are mentioned below.

Diary Piece #1: The first page will be in the top left part of the region near a wooden sign.

Diary Piece #2: Another page can be found around the area with Blueberry Bushes near the Tree Stumps.

Diary Piece #3: Say hello to Anna when you enter her house because this is where the 3rd piece will be inside the library.

Diary Piece #4: Leave Anna’s house and start walking towards the upper part of this region. You will find the last piece near some tree on your way.

Frosted Heights Lost Diary locations

Moving towards the final region – Frosted Heights, there will be two Lost Diary pieces here.

Diary Piece #1: The first page will be near the only pond in this region lying along the side.

Diary Piece #2: You can only enter this part of the region after you have upgraded your pickaxe. Once you have, you will be able to clear the rocks that are blocking your way.

Keep going straight and then at the marked spot, the page will be near a giant rock.

Lost Diaries in character houses and quests

The last five pieces of the Lost Diaries to complete the collection can be found in different character houses, or by completing some of their quests. Do note that you might not have unlocked them yet depending on your in-game progression.

All you have to do is play the game and complete enough quests to unlock all of the characters’ houses and quests mentioned below.

WALL-E’s house: Head inside the house and navigate to the wall on the right. You can see the piece sitting in between a rusty shelf and a table.

Donald’s quest: Donald will give you a Lost Diary Piece upon completion of the quest to free him, which can be taken after unlocking the Forest of Valor.

Minnie’s house: The Diary can be found next to the bed at the far end of Minnie’s house.

Scar’s house: This Diary Piece can be found between the elephant bones and the wall, in Scar’s House in Sunlit Plateau.

Maui’s house: This can be unlocked after you have found Maui and Moana. Inside the house, you can find the Diary Piece between the two beds in the east of the house.

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