Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Wall-E’s Garden

Wall-E's garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be quite a useful addition to your neighborhood so allow us to explain how to unlock it.

Gardening is a very important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley to obtain different resources. However, it can be cumbersome to do it all alone. However, with the help of Wall-E’s garden in Dreamlight Valley, you can make this task fun and easy.

To do gardening manually, you have to do all of the stuff alone; from farming to harvesting. It takes a lot of time and energy to farm seeds.

It is better to get someone who can do this job for you. The solution to this problem is only WALL-E’s Garden. A small robot will take care of everything. You will just have to harvest what is farmed.

You will have to unlock that garden first and then the robot will start farming on it. But the catch here is, you cannot farm seeds of your own choice. The robot will do it for you and you can’t alter it. But, still, it is better to get everything ready-made.

To unlock WALL-E’s Garden, you will need to go through several steps which are explained below:

How to Unlock WALL-E’s Garden in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock WALL-E’s Garden, you will first have to invite WALL-E to live with you in your own kingdom. In order to bring him, you have to unlock a door on the left that leads to the Castle of Dreams. You will need to spend dreamlights to unlock the door.


Once that is done, you will bring WALL-E. Now, try to raise friendship level with him by completing the friendship quests. When you raise friendship to a certain level, a quest known as “Village Project: The Garden”, will be unlocked.

Now, completing this quest is crucial as its completion will unlock the garden. WALL-E basically wants you to help him restore a garden found in Peaceful Meadows.

There are four steps to complete this quest:

Step 1

By interacting with WALL-E, he will tell you to gather the following items:

  • Sugarcane seeds (x5) [purchase from Goofy Store]
  • Wheat seeds (x5) [purchase from store in Peaceful Meadows]
  • Trellis (x1)
  • Burlap Bags (x3)

Step 2

You need a trellis (wooden fence on which plants grow). You have to build trellis in this step. You will need the following items:

  • Softwood (x15) [pick from trees in The Plaza and Peaceful Meadows]
  • Soil (x3) [dig from any grassy land]
  • White & Pink falling Penstemon (x2) [pick from the Plaza]

Step 3

You need to craft Burlap Bags now:

  • Soil (x30)
  • Fiber (x60)

Get seaweed from Dazzle Beach. You can make x5 fiber using x1 seaweed.

Step 4

Now return to WALL-E and hand over the items he asked for. He will then start his job; reconstructing the garden.

How to use and improve WALL-E’s Garden

Once you have completed the quest, the garden will be unlocked. You cannot do something of your own in the garden. The robot will be there to take of everything.

Initially, a very limited number of seeds can be farmed in the garden but you can improve it. Initially, you can only farm 3 seeds at a time.

To upgrade the garden, simply interact with Scrooge’s construction board nearby and pay him to farm more seeds at a time. The more you pay, the more seeds you can farm. However, we have given the information below:

  • Coins (x1000), seeds (x6)
  • Coins (x2000), seeds (x9)
  • Coins (x3500), seeds (x12)
  • Coins (x5000), seeds (x15)
  • Coins (x10,000), seeds (x18)
  • Coins (x20,000), seeds (x21)
  • Coins (x30,000), seeds (x24)
  • Coins (x40,000), seeds (x27)
  • Coins (x50,000), seeds (x30)

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