Diablo Immortal Daily Routine, Activity Checklist And Reset Guide

Diablo Immortal has a whole checklist of activities that you can do on a daily routine for rewards, crafting materials, and other bonuses. The following guide will outline an entire daily routine and checklist for you to keep yourself busy every single day until you have finally cleared the endgame of Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Daily Routine Guide

There are several activities in Diablo Immortal that either reset daily or on a weekly basis. These daily activities are split into two types of content:

  • PvE Daily Activity
  • PvP Daily Activity

The PvE dailies are for players who are looking to clear the endgame and test their own strengths on the hardest difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal. The PvP dailies on the other hand are for players who are looking to duel and dominate other players in the game.

Diablo Immortal PvE Daily Activity Checklist

  • Claiming Free Daily Shop Reward
  • Completing First Kill of the Day
  • Checking the Hilts Trader’s stock
  • Completing Featured Activity
  • Filling out the Bestiary
  • Completing Bounties
  • Checking in with Iben Fahd’s Sanctum
  • Completing Zone Events

Diablo Immortal PvP Daily Activity Checklist

  • Completing Battlegrounds Challenges
  • Completing Cycle of Strife Challenges

Diablo Immortal Best Daily Routine

You will begin your daily routine by doing the First Kill of the Day and claiming the Free Daily Reward from the Shop Menu. It’s quick and mindless.

Afterward, you will be moving to defeat the weekly Helliquary bosses which you can only do twice per week.

Now, go for the Daily Activity Rewards which you can also stack up to three times if you have missed by any chance. These daily activities are the most important stuff to do in a daily routine since they give out 120 Battle Points.

The Cycle of Strife is basically doing activities to get the faction rewards. For Shadows, when you reach Whisper 4 you get a major power boost and for Immortals, you get to pick a Legendary item from the vault.

Zone Events are only available at certain times (8:00 a.m to 12:00 a.m) depending on your server time. During this zone event, you will have to complete three of the timed events to get the rewards.

Kulle’s Hidden Chambers event is a daily zone event that starts in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. You have to search inside the library for the lost pages. Once you have 5 pages, a portal will open up to one of the Kulle’s Hidden Chamber. Inside, you will face a random challenge that will reward you with a chest.

You can do this event 10 times per day. There’s a chance that will summon a Kulle’s or Sandstone Golem. You will have to reach the portal in 3 minutes to get to the boss. It’s a public event so you have to keep watch on public chat channels.

Legacy of the Horadrim is a chest opening type event. You can open one free chest daily and up to 21 chests if you have Aspirant’s Keys or Platinum for it.

You can get Aspirant’s Keys from Iben Fahd’s Sanctum enemies. You will get up to 4 free Aspirant’s keys. You will have to pick them up manually since they cannot be auto-looted.

You can also complete 8 Bounties per day. These bounties are only worth farming a bit of gold and experience. These bounties can stack up 24 times if they are not completed.

You need Monstrous Essence to complete the Bestiary pages. You can get lots of them by doing the activities mentioned above this one. If not, then you can go and farm in the zones like Frozen Tundra, Darkwood, or Zoltun Kulle’s Library.

Battlegrounds is a PvP event and also is the best source to get some free Reforge Stones. Reaching the rank of Legend will give you up to 100 Reforge Stone at the end of the season. This event is only available at 8 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm (Server Time) for only 2 hours.

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