Diablo Immortal Difficulty Settings Guide

Diablo Immortal brings back the long-running war between heaven and hell. The world is full of dangers once again, ranging from bandits to demons to the undead to all sorts of nightmarish creatures. The following guide will tell you what you need to know about the difficulty settings in Diablo Immortal.

You’ll naturally progress with the goal of strengthening your character with better and upgraded equipment. However, the more you progress, the more difficult the game becomes. While the increasing difficulty levels lead to better rewards, you may be wondering if you can lower the overall difficulty ceiling as well and that is what we are here to explain.

Diablo Immortal Difficulty Settings

There are various difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal and as already mentioned, the nature and rarity of your rewards depend upon your difficulty levels.

Hence, as your difficulty level increases, the minions and the bosses become tougher. They will do more damage and you’ll need equipment with higher attributes alongside a good combat rating to survive.

Normal is the first difficulty level of Diablo Immortal, after which there are four separate Hell difficulty levels.

Something you must understand is that Diablo Immortal enforces Normal difficulty settings the first time you start the game. The only way you can increase your difficulty level is by leveling up your character to unlock higher difficulty settings. There is no traditional way of going into a menu to change the difficulty the first time you start the game.

You’ll level your character from level 1 – 60 in Normal, after which you’ll unlock the Hell 1 difficulty level. Here, you’ll have a higher combat rating to up against monsters with a similarly increased combat rating.

The Hell difficulty levels also grant you Paragon levels. Take note that you can only equip gear that is specific to the Paragon level. Any higher and you’ll have to unlock the next Hell difficulty level to increase your Paragon limit.

The following are all of the difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal alongside their equipment levels, Paragon levels, and monster ratings.

Normal Difficulty Level
Equipment Level – Character Level 1 – 60

Hell 1 Difficulty Level
Equipment Level – Paragon Level 1 – 60; Monster Combat Rating – 390

Hell 2 Difficulty Level
Equipment Level – Paragon Level 30 – 130; Monster Combat Rating – 1190

Hell 3 Difficulty Level
Equipment Level – Paragon Level 90 – 210; Monster Combat Rating – 2150

Hell 4 Difficulty Level
Equipment Level – Paragon Level 160 – 300; Monster Combat Rating – 3270

How To Change Difficulty In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal enforces a predetermined difficulty level for all players. Hence, you can only change the difficulty level once you reach level 60. Until then, you’ll be running at the Normal difficulty level.

In order to change the difficulty level, visit Westmarch and select your minimap to open the map. There will be a skull-shaped button on the top right that opens up to show all the difficulty levels you have unlocked.

Once you have hit level 60, this should show Hell 1. Select your new difficulty level and leave Westmarch to see the minions of hell grow stronger.

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