How to Get Reforging Stones in Diablo Immortal, Reforging Tips

Crafting plays an important role in Diablo Immortal for the continued improvement of your characters. The following Diablo Immortal Reforging...

Crafting plays an important role in Diablo Immortal for the continued improvement of your characters. The following Diablo Immortal Reforging guide will tell you how to utilize the crafting mechanics and Reforge your items to make them more powerful for the endgame portions of Diablo Immortal.

How To Get Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal

Reforge Stones are not easy to come by. You can currently only purchase them in limited quantities (up to eight per week) from the Hilst merchant on a daily basis.

You can also get Reforge Stones as a reward for completing a Battleground season. Your rank at the end of the season will determine the number of Reforge Stones you receive.

When you use a Reforge Stone at the Blacksmith to Reforge an item, a random bonus attribute will be applied to the item. You can add two more bonus attributes when your item reaches Rank 11 and Rank 16 respectively as you keep upgrading them.

You can use a Reforge Stone multiple times to see your new re-rolled stats and discard them if you want. The bonus attributes you receive will be from a pool of Family Bonuses.

Reforge Stone Families

Family Reforge Stones are just like Reforge Stones. The only difference is that a Family Reforge Stone guarantees bonuses from a specific Family. Hence, removing the random factor.

Family Reforge Stones are further split between six Families, each giving a guaranteed bonus to your item. You can only obtain the bonus below when you have three bonus attributes of the same Family on the same item.

The Family Reforge Stones are as follows.

  • Wildfire Family: 2% chance to summon fireball spitting Hydra when you kill an enemy.
  • Vengeance Family: 2% chance of Primary attacks to increase damage done by you by 100% for 1 second.
  • Tremor Family: 2% chance to stun and damage nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds when using primary attacks.
  • Barrier Family: 2% chance of obtaining an absorption shield for 6 seconds when you are attacked.
  • Jolt Family: 2% chance of immobilizing your enemy when attacked.
  • Ravager Family: 2% chance to explode enemy corpse when you kill an enemy.

Reforge Stone Family Bonuses and Attributes

Below is a quick look at the Family Bonuses and the attributes you can tap into while Reforging your items at the Blacksmith.

Barrier Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage to undead increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Maximum Life increases by 0.8% – 1%
  • Damage taken from nearby enemies decreases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Block Chance increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Fear resistance increases by 4.5% – 6%.

Jolt Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage taken from players reduces by 2.2% – 3%
  • Damage taken while suffering the loss of control decreases by 3% – 4.0%
  • Cheat Death chance increases by 3% – 4%
  • Duration of beneficial effects increases by 3% – 4%.
  • Slow immunity chance increases by 4.5% – 6%.

Ravager Stone Family Bonus

  • Healing potion cooldown reduces by 1.5% – 2%
  • Life Regeneration increased by 0.8% – 1%
  • Damage to elite enemies increased by 4.5% – 6%
  • Damage done by your summons increases by 3% – 4%
  • Damage taken by your summons decreases by 3% – 4%.

Tremor Stone Family Bonus

  • Primary Attacks reduces enemy healing by 2.2% – 3%
  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy Attacks and Movement Speeds by 0.8% – 1%.
  • Continual damage taken reduced by 4.5% – 6%
  • Resistance to Stun increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Resistance of Knock away increases by 4.5 – 6%

Vengeance Stone Family Bonus

  • Speed of Attack increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Damage done to players increases by 4.5% – 6%
    Damage done to demons increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Damage done to enemies suffering the loss of control increases by 3.8% – 5%
  • Damage done to shielded enemies increases by 4.5% – 6%

Wildfire Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage from Primary Attack increases by 3% – 4%
  • Damage from All Skill increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Damage done to enemies below 30% Life increases by 3% – 4%
  • Chance of Critical Hit increases by 2.3% – 3%
  • On dying, heal party members for 1.5% – 2%

How To Get Family Reforge Stones

The only problem is that Family Reforge Stones are part of a pay-to-win feature in Diablo Immortal. The only way you can get Family Reforge Stones is through microtransactions.

You must purchase 100x Eternal Orbs with real-world currency to get a single Family Reforge Stone. There is no way to farm Eternal Orbs in the game.

Understanding Reforging

There are different types of item rarities that you will find throughout your progression. All of these items can be further upgraded through several methods, one of which is the Reforge process.

Reforging basically re-rolls the stats of an item. If there are stats on an item that you want to improve or change, you must Reforge them in Diablo Immortal.

It is important to note that Reforging is designed specifically for endgame content. There will be no need to Reforge items before that because you will always find better items along the way.

The good thing about the Reforging process is that you can still keep your old stats if the new ones are not to your liking. Hence, you can re-roll your item stats without the fear of making them worse.

How To Reforge Items in Diablo Immortal

To begin Reforging an item, know that you can only Reforge primary items and that primary item should be at least Rank 6.

When you have an item that you want to upgrade, make your way to the Blacksmith. Select the item you want to upgrade on the new window, and the Blacksmith will show you the crafting materials you need to upgrade the item to the next Rank. Every item that drops in Diablo Immortal is at Rank 0 by default.

When an item has reached Rank 6, you will have the option to Reforge the item. For this purpose, you will need a Reforge Stone.

To reforge equipment, you’ll need to reforge stone, which can be difficult to come by. You can currently obtain it from Hilst merchant on a daily and from Battleground depending on your rank.

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