Diablo 4 Unique Staff Guide

There are three unique staves to find and loot in Diablo 4, two for the Sorcerer class and one unique staff for the Druid.

Unique Staves in Diablo 4 are magical weapons that allow you to increase the efficacy of your magical attacks. The Affixes that a Unique Staff provides will be therefore more focused on boosting your Non-Physical damage and elemental skills such as Lightning and Pyromancy.

Barring one exception, the Unique Staves are primarily a weapon exclusive to the Sorcerer class. Therefore, these weapons will also give you boosts that allow you to manage your Mana, either by decreasing consumption per use or increasing generation.

We will now look at every Unique Staff in Diablo 4, the boosts it provides, and the types of playstyles and builds that suit it.

Greatstaff of the Crone (Druid)

The Greatstaff of the Crone is the only unique staff exclusively available to the Druid class and is among the best Unique Items in Diablo 4.

We consider this two-handed staff to be in the S tier of Unique Items for Druids, which you can consider adding to any Lightning Werewolf build.

The Greatstaff of the Crone has numerous affixes that will provide you with significant boosts relevant to your Lightning Werewolf build.


You first gain additional ranks to the Claw Skills of your Druid. Then the unique ability of this staff modifies your stats transmuting your Claw skills into Storm Skills.

Any Storm Werewolf build is based on your usage of the Storm Strikes skill. Luckily by equipping the Greatstaff of the Crone not only will you be to use this skill but also get a significant damage buff to go along with it.

The Storm Strikes skill acts on a larger field area, on top of the fact that the Greatstaff of the Crone also gives you buffs to your Non-Physical damage and an increase to your damage output against close and crowd-controlled enemies.

All these elements combine to give you a weapon that will help you massively improve your crowd-control capabilities.

If you are looking to rock the Greatstaff of the Crone inside your Druid build, we suggest having the following skills to complement its enchantments and maximize your Storm Skills usage.

  • Storm Strike
  • Shred
  • Lightning Storm
  • Claw

Staff of Endless Rage (Sorcerer)

You can choose to go for a variety of different playstyles and builds when using the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4. You can choose a few different Unique Items for the Sorcerer class to help you achieve that play style.

For Sorcerers looking to endeavor down the path of a Pyromancy build or in other words a fire skills-focused build, then the Staff of Endless Rage in Diablo 4 is the perfect weapon for you.

This Unique Staff helps hone the potential of your Pyromancy Skills and gives you additional ranks in the Fireball skill allowing your Sorcerer to truly engross the flames.

Other affixes of the Greatstaff of the Crone also provide significant boosts to your Fireball attack speed, Core skill damage, and Lucky Hit proc chances. Meaning your base skills like Incinerate and Fireball become even more deadly.

Not to mention the special effect that this unique staff provides can be pretty handy. Since you get 2 more projectiles to fire off on every third Fireball skill use, even spamming these moves becomes rewarding.

So, if the fiery endeavors of the Greatstaff of the Crone have caught your attention, we suggest pairing it up with the following Pyromancy Skills to fully maximize your usage.

  • Fireball
  • Flame Shield
  • Incinerate
  • Inner Flames

Staff of Lam Esen (Sorcerer)

The Staff of Lam Esen allows you to focus on a completely different build and playstyle for the Sorcerer class in Diablo 4. This Unique Staff goes down the path of a Lightning Sorcerer build since it heavily relies on speed and boosting your Lightning Skills and damage.

Your Lightning Skills are influenced by the Charged Bolts Core Skill. Not only does the Staff of Lam Esen give you additional ranks in this skill, but the special effect that it provides also offers an interesting trade-off.

That is decreasing the base damage of the Charge Bolt skill but in exchange offering it the ability to Pierce.

The Sorcerer Class gives you several Lightning Skills to choose from, each one capable of eradicating enemy hordes. The one thing that sucks though is the amount of Mana you use up using these attacks which leaves you unable to use them again.

The Staff of Lam Esen covers this concern as well as it allows you to gain Mana on every kill you get allowing you to easily regenerate your depleted Mana bar.

So, if the Staff of Lam Esen has caught your attention, we suggest pairing it up with the following Lightning Skills to fully maximize its potential.

  • Arc Lash
  • Charged Bolts
  • Shocking Impact
  • Spark
  • Static Discharge
  • Teleport
  • Unstable Currents

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