How Events Work In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, events are side objectives that will give you tons of loot, XP, and more. There are various events. We have explained them here!

 As you slay your way through Sanctuary and battle the hordes of hell, you will come across Events. These are side objectives that provide valuable items and XP. They enhance the gameplay of Diablo 4 and add things to do other than pursue the main storyline.

There are many different events in the game. They appear on the map as an orange circle and are activated once you cross the threshold.

Read on below to find out what types of events there are and what you get after completing them. 

Diablo 4 event types explained

In Diablo 4, there are many different types of events. The location of these events stays the same on the map but what happens inside the circle changes every time you enter it. Normally the events stay on the map for about 5 minutes, after that they disappear. 

Events in Diablo 4 are varied into different types. When you enter the orange circle, you may get the objective to survive a horde of enemies or an assault. You may also get the event to destroy enemy structures, save some travelers, help lost souls find their loved ones, etc.

The Insatiable Hunger event is also up there in which you have to defeat the possessed enemies before they are sacrificed by the Devourer of Souls. You may also get the event to defeat monsters that are disturbing the jar or you need to survive the ambush. 


In these events, you will also find mastery objectives. These appear at the start or the end of the event and act as bonus objectives such as killing a special boss or completing an objective in a small amount of time.

These mastery objectives provide bonus loot and they also increase the quality of the chest and the items in it you get at the end. 

You can also enter events that are started by other players. For that, you only need to enter the orange circle in the minimap to begin the event. Other than that, you will also need to start the event yourself. 

What are Zone Events? 

There are special events which are called Zone Events. These are more difficult events and they stay on the minimap for longer. These are normally intended for a group of players. You can play these events but you will need to be well prepared for them. Like the regular ones, these appear randomly on the map.  

When you start the Zone Events, you will need to defeat three waves of enemies and a final boss in the end to get the rewards. You will also find mastery objectives, just like before, and you can participate in them to increase your loot.  

What rewards do you get from events in Diablo 4? 

The events will give you gold, experience, renown, and loot. This loot will be worth the effort. There will be high-level weapons, armor, jewelry, and the like. You will get this from elite enemies and the bosses, along with a chest at the end. If you have completed the mastery objectives, your chest, and the loot in it will also be of better quality than the normal loot. 

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