Diablo 4 Echo Of Hatred Capstone Dungeon Walkthrough

The Echo of Hatred capstone dungeon is an extremely difficult level 100 dungeon that unlocks at World Tier 4 in Diablo 4.

When it comes to difficult dungeons, the Echo of Hatred tips the scales in Diablo 4. This is not just another endgame capstone dungeon for you to clear. It houses the Echo of Lilith which is an extremely difficult boss fight to survive.

There are also several prerequisites that you must fill out before being able to enter. In other words, the game wants to make sure that you have spent enough time grinding for the best gear possible.

The Echo of Hatred is an optional capstone dungeon in Diablo 4, but one which you must eventually try to complete at some point in your progression.

Note that this is a level 100 dungeon, so do not just waltz in.

Echo of Hatred location in Diablo 4

The Echo of Hatred capstone dungeon is located in the church where you first encounter Lilith’s blood petals during the prologue of Diablo 4.

Fast-travel to the Nevesk waypoint southwest of Kyovashad and head inside the church as marked on the map below. Interact with the blood petals to teleport inside the dungeon to face off against an echo of Lilith.

The map location of the Echo of Hatred capstone dungeon in Diablo 4.

Something important to note here is that you will not see the dungeon icon on your map unless you have fulfilled a few requirements.

To unlock the Echo of Hatred capstone dungeon, you need to first complete the main campaign.

Then you need to level up until you can switch your game to World Tier 4 difficulty from the World Tier Statue in Kyovashad. This is going to require you to complete The Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in World Tier 3.

Once you have completed the aforementioned prerequisites, the Echo of Hatred dungeon will be shown on your map in yellow.

Echo of Hatred completion rewards

The only guaranteed reward for clearing the Echo of Hatred dungeon is a new mount skin called the Blood Mount in Diablo 4.

Beyond that are going to be random high-tier loot for defeating the Echo of Lilith. Considering that this is a level 100 boss fight, your chances of looting a good amount of legendary gear for salvage are going to be high.

Echo of Hatred dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

The Echo of Hatred is a level 100 dungeon but you can attempt to clear it after hitting level 90. The best builds can complete this dungeon solo, but there is no harm in creating a party of friends to take on the Echo of Lilith together.

There are no enemies other than Lilith in the Echo of Hatred dungeon. Hence, your only objective is to defeat the Daughter of Hatred once again in Diablo 4.

As soon as you enter the Throne of Hatred the Echo of Lilith boss will descend on top of you and the boss fight will commence. Notice that as soon as the fight begins, the Echo of Lilith will mark a circular area next to her.

Now remember to never step inside that area or you will die instantly. Echo of Lilith will also start attacking and these attacks can even one-shot you so be lively with your dodges.

This fight will require some of the best gear in Diablo 4 to complete as an inadequate armor set can simply break when hit with Lilith’s attacks. Regardless of your gear and weapons, this fight cannot be won without the quick combo of a dodge and sudden strike.

Echo of Lilith will have a vast move set that you will need to be aware of to avoid her attacks. Firstly, you must look to thin down her summons to keep the battlefield relatively clean.

Now the other two attacks that she can use are a ground-based attack followed by a devastating Area of Effect strike. Once you deliver a considerable amount of damage to the boss, the second phase of the boss fight will begin.

During the second phase, the Echo of Lilith will receive a significant boost to all her attributes as she will hit you with quicker, stronger attacks. You’ll need to be extra careful when approaching her then.

During the progression of this boss fight parts of the battlefield will start to get taken out by the Echo of Lilith. You’ll need to avoid these attacks and reach out to a newer platform.

Try stacking damage in between these attacks as eventually, the battle area will shrink leaving little room to dodge attacks. After you continue to smith down the Echo of Lilith boss, she will eventually fall allowing you to conquer the Echo of Hatred Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

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