Best Materials To Collect In Diablo 4

Stocking up on the best crafting and upgrading materials in Diablo 4 means having enough materials for your end-game builds.

There are several different types of crafting and upgrading materials in Diablo 4 that you are going to be farming over the course of your progression.

When it comes to your end-game builds in Diablo 4, there are certain materials that are not only rare but also the most important when it comes to crafting new weapons or improving your current equipment.

Due to their importance, the best materials in Diablo 4 are not easy to find. Hence, you need to make sure that you are stocking up on them from the start. Do not waste them on anything other than your end-game crafting.

Best materials to stock in Diablo 4


Amongst the common materials that you will come by in Diablo 4, this magic crafting material can be found in all regions.

So using this material you can create health potions that can ensure your chances of survival and keep you alive and kicking during your fights.

These include Potions such as Strong Healing, Light Healing, Minor Healing Potion, etc.


Moreover, this herb can also be used in creating healing Elixirs and Incense as well and is a suitable option for you to craft, when considering the best materials in D4.

Grave Dust

Moving onto the next choice, the Grave Dust is amongst the best materials that you should stock up on in Diablo 4. As part of your journey will be slaying a lot of monsters and enemies alike, therefore you will get this material from their parts.

This material will fulfill its role by allowing you to upgrade your healing potions. So the Hp you regain from these potions will somewhat increase as well and will be most helpful in situations where you are low on health. This way you will have a fighting chance so remember to store as much Grave Dust material as possible in D4.


The Biteberry is considered an herb that is quite useful due to its role as a  magic crafting material in Diablo 4. This material is a must-keep and you may come across this during the start of the game as well. Unlike the two materials above this one grows in the Fractured Peaks region so you should look there to procure it.

The reason this material is valued highly is also because it is used in the creation of Major Healing Potion, Light Healing Potion, etc., and also improves your alchemy as well in D4. This way you can benefit from this material by creating certain weak elixirs which include the likes of Weak Elixir of Cold Resistance etc.


This is practically a rare herb that is hard to come by, but you should know that the rarer a material is, the more value it will provide.

So the Angel Breath delivers you with those really powerful healing potions and elixirs that you can craft through the alchemist in Diablo 4.

As this specific material cannot be obtained by refining other materials so if you are lucky in finding this particular material along the way, it is advised that you preserve it.

This is because it will prove to be most resourceful for you during those endgame battles at higher difficulties in D4.

Silver Ore

As mentioned in the beginning, there are certain materials that can be used in upgrading items for your endgame builds.

So in terms of these best materials, Silver Ore is one of those which can be discovered in the Glittering Ore Deposits and also by salvaging equipment via the Blacksmith in Diablo 4.

As this material is somewhat common therefore it can be used in upgrading your equipment such as Amulet, Rings, and Weapons in D4.

Hence, this way you can keep upgrading your personalized gear, and this way the stats of your respective build will increase as well.

Veiled Crystal

The Veiled Crystal is a tad bit harder to find compared to the Silver Ore as this specific material is mostly salvaged from rare items in Diablo 4.

In terms of appearance, it has an orangish yellow hue to it making it look like a sun crystal. However, don’t be fooled by its bright looks as this material can alter magical energy in D4.

So the uses of this rare material are mostly linked with your rare or legendary items (weapons) especially if you are looking to get third or fourth tier.

This way you can craft upgrade your gear further with the Veiled Crystal and this will ultimately bolster the stats for your build too.

Baleful Fragment

If you are looking for the best materials while salvaging legendary weapons, then you might consider yourself lucky to stumble across the Baleful Fragment in any one of them.

This rare crafting material can be targeted towards improving your legendary gear which involves Weapons, Amulet, Rings, and Equipment in Diablo 4.

Due to its rarity, you should store this material and save it for those endgame battles.

This way you can upgrade your legendary weapons by visiting the Blacksmith and by adding this to your ultimate build you will be able to dominate those difficult fights in D4.

Forgotten Soul

Out of all the materials, The Forgotten Soul is in the top category when you are looking for the best materials to craft in Diablo 4.

This material will help you at especially higher difficulties such as World Tier 3 and 4 as it will upgrade not just your Sacred but Ancestral Items as well.

Nevertheless, you will need to spend most of your time farming the Helltide events. This way you can target specific enemies in these events which include Harbingers, Elites, etc.

Keep killing these enemies and you will eventually get this best material which you can then save and bring to the Blacksmith.

So after you are done upgrading the gear, it will contribute towards boosting the stats on your build even further in D4.  

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