Deus Ex: Human Revolution Praxis Kits Locations Guide

Find all the Praxis Kits in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution rewards you for exploration, be it in the form consumables or finding the hacking passwords that will give you access to terminals and locked doors. Praxis Kits are a form of consumables in Deus Ex Human Revolution that give you one Praxis Point when you use them.

You can spend this point to upgrade your augmentations which otherwise require you to purchase them for 5000 credits at LIMB clinics. They are also rewarded for completing different objectives and earning experience, which is a long shot.

So, if you are in for a quick fix, you can always find these Praxis Kits that are hidden through Deus Ex Human Revolution. Having a tough time finding these? continue reading.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Praxis Kits

We have a total of 21 Praxis kits in Human Revolution, not including the Missing Link expansion. 8 of these are in Detroit out of which 4 are in LIMB, 10 of these are in Hengsha and 4 of those are also in LIMB clinics there, one of them is in Montreal and 2 of them in Panchaea all of those would be found in LIMB clinic.

You get about 4 Praxis Kits from completing side quests. If you knock out Bobby Bao you minus one more from the total of these Praxis kits and if you kill Zeke Sanders the same thing will happen. So try not to perform such actions. You can also purchase Praxis Kits from some areas at 5000 credits apiece.

Now we are going to discuss where these kits are located:


The first one is present in the apartments on the third floor of Detroit Downtown Apartments in the westernmost building. Find the illegal augmentation ‘chopshop’ that has a level 5 security door which you can open using code: 2356 and then you have to hack the level 2 terminal using code 8221 and after that you will have to hack the level 1 computer “atcod” and get the final code 3663.

Breakable Wall

You can get to the sewers underneath the Derelict Row using a manhole cover in the bushes that has a wall which is on the right side of the entrance. There is another manhole used for this purpose which is in the construction site underneath the antenna.

You can get to the kit by breaking down a wall and getting into the hidden area. You can identify this wall by the Jensen icon in the image on the map.

1st visit

After you come out of an elevator in the Sarif Industries Milwaukee Junction factory you find this inside a box. It is very prominent and visible, and you won’t miss it. Another hint that a Praxis Kit is nearby will be when the Augmentation Tutorial will pop up to discuss Praxis Kits. This is your only chance to get this kit. Once you leave the factory you won’t be able to come back and collect it.

LIMB clinic

You can buy two one these kits from this clinic if you already have 5,000 Credits because you would be given another 5000 credits to spend upon your first visit here.

2nd visit

Zeke Sanders must be alive to get this one. You will have to go to Isaias Sandoval’s apartment. To get there you have to go forwards the from Adam’s place into the alley in the front and go up the ladder which will take you to a building’s entrance and then turn right and there will an open gate there which wasn’t present there before.

Be careful before you grab the Praxis kit as it has mines attached to it. Just disconnect these mines before grabbing it.

LIMB clinic

You can buy another two praxis kits for 5,000 Credits each.


These one are behind a breakable wall which is underneath the Hung Hua Hotel and you can enter there by using the room which is next to the lounge on the ground floor of the hotel. A ladder goes down the hotel, get down from it and then turn left and go towards the wall that is opposite to a stack of mattresses.

There is another one in the bottom of an elevator shaft inside Hengsha Court Gardens and you can get here by using the southwest roof where you can get using a hackable door or by using the breakable wall or either by the upper floor vent shaft which is on the left of the elevator when you exit.

1st visit

  • You can buy two of them from the LIMB clinic.
  • You can get another one from Bobby Bao by either searching his corpse or when doing his side quest in which you have to make sure that Jaya makes the payments monthly. You also have the option of paying 5000 credits yourself.
  • You can one as a reward from Malik when you complete the side mission she gave you.
  • There is another one in the Upper City Labs of the Tai Yong Medical building inside Laboratory B-2 which you can access using the Lee Geng Memorial Labs. The location of this room is through a door which is on the top floor of the Lee Geng Labs. In Laboratory B-2You can find the Praxis kit inside a desk drawer.

2nd visit

LIMB clinic

You can get two of these kits from here.

  • You can get one more form the LIMB clinic after you complete Doctor Wing’s side quest.


  • In the center of the Picus Web Workspace in one of the cubicles, there is a drawer with this kit.


  • There is vending machine which is movable and has a LIMB clinic behind it and you can get two Praxis kits from here.
  • You will have to finish a task inside the control tower and when you com back down using the elevator and then passing through the door that is newly opened.

These are all the Praxis Kits present in the main game excluding the DLC. If we missed something let us know. Have fun collecting all these

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