Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmentations Guide

This guide will help you choose the best augmentation out of all the augmentations available in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Adam Jensen’s life as a head of security for Sarif Industries hasn’t been quite peaceful lately with one terrorist attack forcing him to become augmented to save his life. It wasn’t his choice to be given these augmentations in Deus Ex Human Revolution, but it’s all fine, now he has enough power to take down all who come in his way.

You can unlock all these augmentations by completing the objectives in-game which will reward you with experience points and eventually level up Jensen. As Jensen levels up, he will earn Praxis Points, which can be used to unlock these new augmentations. If you don’t want to waste your earned Praxis points in Dues Ex Human Revolution, you should read this guide.

Apart from earning Praxis points by leveling up your character, you can also purchase them for a large sum at a nearby med clinic.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmentations Guide

You can enhance your brain, arm, torso, legs, skin, and eyes with the number of augmentations available to you but not all are useful in the combat. So, a wise player would spend his hard-earned experience points on those augmentations that would be beneficial in combat.

Cranium Augmentations

All of the cranium augmentations focus on brain-related activities.

Social Enhancer
Use social enhance to analyze and persuade people.


Emotional Intelligence Enhancer (Cost: 2 Praxis Points)
This will help you talk your way out of a situation and enable you find about the personality of an enemy. How they respond to a particular situation, should you pursue aggressive reasoning or passive reasoning.

Wayfinder Radar System
Track enemy combatants, security cameras, turrets and robots via an on-screen radar.

Radar 1 (Cost: Unlocked at start)
Visual radar in the lower-left screen which shows enemy targets and security. At the first level, it has a range of 25 meters.

Radar 2 (Cost: 1 Praxis Point)
Works the same as Radar 1, but your scan range is doubled to 50 meters.

Communicate Wireless Anywhere.

Cochlear Implant (Cost: Unlocked at start)
You can receive communications directly to your brain, so you don’t have to worry about being overheard.

Subvocal Communication Implant (Cost: Unlocked at start)
You can communicate with contacts wirelessly without making a sound.

Stealth Enhancer
Displays stealth-related information, such as cones of vision, last known location, and allows to mark and track targets at a distance.

Noise Feedback (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
Displays the amount of noise you’re making on your radar. If you’re the sneaky type, this is somewhat helpful

Last Known Location Marker (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Noise Feedback)
If you’re detected and then manage to escape line-of-sight, this will place an icon showing you where your enemies last saw you. Handy, as it shows you where your enemies are likely heading, allowing you to slip by in the confusion.

Cones of Vision (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Noise Feedback)
Lets you see the cones of vision for enemies on your Radar. This also works for cameras. It’s a good augmentation since it enables you to locate an enemy who is coming towards you, but is still outside your radar range.

Mark and Track 1.0 (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Noise Feedback)
This allows you to place an icon over the head of up to three targets, thus letting you track their movements through walls. This skill has two more upgrade levels (each for a Praxis point), letting you mark 5 and then 7 targets at once.

Hacking: Capture
Hack higher-level terminals and disable security devices linked to security hubs.

Capture 1 – 5 (Cost: Level 1 unlocked from start, subsequent levels cost 1 Praxis point)
Lets you hack terminals at that level. This is one of the most important skills in the game, as there are tons of terminals scattered throughout “Human Revolution,” and many of them contain valuable information and allow you to access hidden areas.

Camera Domination (Cost: Unlocked from start)
Lets you deactivate cameras linked to security hubs.

Turret Domination (Cost: 1 Praxis Point)

Lets you deactivate turrets before linked to security hubs

Robot Domination (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
Lets you deactivate enemy robots through a security hub or take direct control over them, turning them against their allies. Great for clearing a room.

Hacking Analyze Add-on
Gain information about nodes on a network before making a decision.

Detection Feedback (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
The hacking mini-game has you scanning files as you attempt to find the data you’re looking for. As you scan each file, there’s a chance of detection. With this augmentation, you will know the chance of finding the data you are looking for.

Analyze All Datastores (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
In addition to the normal files in the hacking mini-game, there are also datastores. These can net you random goodies like cash, but going after them increases your risk of detection. With this augmentation, you can see what the datastore contains before you go chasing after it.

Hacking: Fortify
Increases a node’s rating to slow down trace attempts.

Fortify 1 – 3 (Cost: Level 1 Unlocked from start, 1 Praxis point per level above)
When detected during the hacking mini-game, the attempt doesn’t fail instantly. A timer will start to count down as the security teams attempt to trace your signal. Leveling up this augmentation will give you more time to complete the hack once that timer has started.

Hacking Stealth Add-On
Decreases the chances of detection when capturing or fortifying nodes.

Stealth 1 – 3 (Cost: 2 Praxis points for level 1, 1 Praxis point for level 2 and 3)
Each level of the Hacking Stealth augmentation decreases your chance of detection by 15%, up to 45%. At higher level terminals, this could mean the difference between success and disaster.

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Torso Augmentations

Sentinel Rx Health System (Cost: Unlocked from the start)
Regenerates health.

Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter
Grants additional energy cells and speeds up energy recovery.

Energy Level Upgrade 1 – 4 (Cost: Level 1 unlocked from start, additional levels cost 1 Praxis point)
Invest in this augmentation to get more energy cells that enable you to use your special powers. Though remember, only your first energy cell recharges automatically.

Base Recharge Rate 1 – 3 (Cost: Level 1 unlocked from start, additional levels cost 1 Praxis point)
Your first energy cell will recharge automatically. Spending more points in this augmentation makes that first cell recharge even faster. You can also recharge cells that have only been partially depleted. At the base level, a cell will recharge in about 25 seconds. At max level, it’s about half that.

Implanted Rebreather
Protects against harmful gases; allows to sprint for longer periods.

Chemical Resistance (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
You become immune to toxic gas and gas grenades.

Hyper Oxygenation 1 – 2 (Cost: 1 Praxis point for each level – Requires Chemical Resistance)
Lets you sprint for an extra 2.5 seconds at level 1, 5 seconds at level 2.

Typhoon Explosive System
Launch mini-explosions in a 360 degree arc, at a range of 8m.

Light Damage Variant (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
When activated (costs 1 energy cell), it will kill any living targets within eight meters. Robots will be damaged, but not destroyed. If you are assault-type, this is an interesting option. Just make sure you have plenty of energy to spare and a good exit strategy.

Heavy Damage Variant (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Light Damage Variant)
Exactly like the Light Damage Variant, but this will also destroy all robots within 8 meters as well as living targets.

Arm Augmentations

These augmentations will improve your aim with handheld weapons and affect your overall strength.

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis
You get the robot arms.

Instant Take Down (Cost: Unlocked from start)
When within melee range of an enemy, you can perform a lethal or non-lethal take-down, either knocking them unconscious or killing them. This costs one energy cell.

Move & Throw (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
Useful augmentation for Stealth classes, as there are plenty of shortcuts which are often blocked by heavy objects like dumpsters.

Punch Through The Wall (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
Using this augmentation, you can blast through walls creating shortcuts for yourself. Very handy augmentation and costs 1 energy cell.

Recoil Compensation 1 – 2 (Cost: 1 Praxis point per level – Requires Move/Throw Heavy Objects or Punch Through Wall)
This augmentation at level 1 reduces the recoil by 50%. At level 2, all recoil is eliminated.

Carrying Capacity 1 – 3 (Cost: 1 Praxis point per level)
This augmentation increasing the carrying capacity of your inventory which has limited slots.

Aim Stabilizer
Reduces movement-induced aiming penalties.

Aiming Motion Control 1 – 2 (Cost: 2 Praxis points for the first level, 1 for second level)
Reduces the amount of bloom you will see in your aiming reticule. At level 1, the bloom is reduced by 50%. At level 2, you’ll see no bloom when moving.

Eye Augmentations

These augmentations help you analyze the world around you to pre-plan your strategy.

Smart Vision
See-through walls.

Wall Penetrating Imager (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
You can trace enemies through walls and even ceilings using this augmentation. One of the most useful augmentations in the game, so better equip yourself with it to increase your survival rate.

Retinal Prosthesis
It displays the HUD and comes with a cool down timer and a flash suppressant upgrade.

Cooldown Timer (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
After being spotted, enemies will switch to Alert mode for a certain amount of time. With this upgrade, you’ll know exactly when those enemies will go back to their normal, passive mode.

Flash Suppressant (Cost: 1 Praxis point)
Some enemies will attempt to use flash and concussion grenades against you. With Flash Suppressant, you will avoid the impact.

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Back Augmentations

Improves Agility.

Quicksilver Reflex Booster
Unlocks the ability to take down two targets at once.

Multiple Takedowns (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
If two targets are standing next to each other and you have this augmentation, you’ll be able to take them both out at the same time with a melee attack.

Icarus Landing System
Fall from any height without fear of injury.

Descent Velocity Modulator (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
In addition to being able to fall off a building without taking damage, you can also activate a ground pound which will stun nearby enemies, opening them up to a devastating area of attack like the Typhoon.

Skin Augmentations

In addition to providing protection from attacks, these augmentations can also make you invisible to the naked eye.

Dermal Armor
Protects you from damage.

Damage Reduction 1 – 3 (Cost: 2 Praxis points for level 1, 1 point for each additional level)
Decreases the damage you take by 15%. Each level increases that by an additional 15%, up to 45%.

Emp Shielding (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Damage Reduction 2)
This augmentation will shield you from EMP grenade or electricity so you don’t drain all of your energy.

Cloaking System
Makes you invisible for a short period of time.

Cloaking Longetivity 1 – 3 (Cost: 2 Praxis points for first level, 1 point for each additional level)
You become invisible to the naked eye for a longer period of time but drains a lot of energy. Comined with energy recharge can make a great combo for stealthy players.

Leg Augmentations

These augmentations will improve your movement abilities.

Cybernetic Legs Prosthesis
You get robot legs.

Jump Enhancement (Cost: 2 Praxis points)
You can jump high up to 9feet with this augmentation.

Sprint Enhancement (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Jump Enhancement)
You can spring faster with this augmentation.

Run Silently (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Jump Enhancement)
You don’t make a noise when running. It can be combined with invisibility to make an ultra-stealth combo to finish off the missions with getting seen or heard.

Sprint Silently (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Run Silently)
You don’t make any noise when sprinting.

Jump/Land Silently (Cost: 1 Praxis point – Requires Run Silently and Sprint Silently)
You don’t make any noise even when you jump or land.

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