Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third game in the series and a prequel to the original Deus Ex. It’s the age of augmentations and biochemical augmentations are thriving – nano-technological augmentations are yet to be developed.

Adam Jensen, the main protagonist is a private security head at Sarif Industries, the leading company developing human augmentations. One day he finds himself in the midst of a horrific attack on the company and in the line of duty, he gets seriously injured and only way to save him is to undergo biochemical augmentations. After getting augmentations, he resumes his duty by taking an oath to uncover the conspiracy.

As Adam Jensen you will visit five throughout the game including Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal to gather clues and solve the mysterious attack that left you half dead. The events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will lead to the formation of UNATCO from the original game.

You can use your Combat, Stealth, Hacking, and Social abilities to reach your objective and get the job done in Deus Ex: Human Revolution – It’s an open World game and experience will differ subjected to how you approach the game. In this walkthrough, we will overview each possibility in a given situation and point out the best and easiest way that leads to your objective.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an open ended game, so there are multiple ways you can complete the same task. Your experience can be entirely different from our experience so in this walkthrough, we will try to walk you through most of the options you have to complete your given objective.

Table of Content



Detroit – 2

Hengsha – 2




All the main and side quests that you need to complete for your investigations in Detroit.

Attack on Sarif HQ
First mission, like always, will cover the basics with only a few targets to eliminate. Your first encounter will be with two soldiers upstairs. If you are playing at normal difficulty or higher than it is recommended that you take cover before engaging them. In open, the probability of being overwhelmed will be higher.

Three more soldiers will appear in the next section. You can take cover behind the boxes and then take them out one by one. Don’t stay out of cover for too long as enemy AI in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not that merciful. In the second floor, on the avenue. Some more enemies will enter below. You can duck and take cover the support. They won’t spot you till you open fire. Take them out and a cutscene will start as you move across through the door below.

After the cutscene, you will find yourself augmented but the vision still needs fixation. Head to second floor and meet Frank who will repair the vision issue. Now, head to the helipad for exit and start the next mission.

Sarif Manufacturing
You need to deal with terrorists who have taken some hostages. Hostage survival will be your secondary objective. You will also be asked about the weapon you want to carry for the mission. Since the game allows you to choose the way you want, any weapon is acceptable depending upon the way you want to deal things. If you want to be aggressive, i will recommend you choose the assault rifle. Handgun is of no particular use as you will find plenty during the mission.

In the first section, you will meet atleast 5 enemies. If you engage them at sight, it will take some time before you get rid of all of them. You can move through the broken passage to your left to move unnoticed which will be relatively quicker. The choice is yours. If you want to engage with enemy, remove the first two with take downs and rest will be easy.

Next section’s situation is similar to the first. There will be some enemies patrolling. You can take the ladder without drawing any attention. If you use the ladder, the path will lead you to a room where you will find some ammo and bear. Bear can increase your health but makes you dizzy so obviously you won’t want to drink it during a fight.

Keep on moving towards the objective till you reach your first hacking terminal of the game. Open the first folder and before it’s too late, hack the back door to gain access. You will find more enemies in the next room. I will recommend that you kill them this time as one of the soldiers will reveal a code that you can use in the future.

To save the hostages, (which is your secondary objective). Head up the stairs to save the hostages. You need to deactivate the bomb or all hostages will die. If you have been able to save them, talk to Greg. He will also tell you about his wife. It’s your choice whether you decide to help him or not. Start moving towards the main objective now.

Cameras and patrolling guards will make things tough for you. Shoot the cameras first and then deal with the guards. Remember, you always have the stealth option but it can be trickier sometimes. Take the elevator to the floor above. If your hacking augmentation is good enough, you can hack the turret otherwise, move the blocks and move the boxes on the right and move from the back side of the turret, unnoticed.

After the cutscene, use the elevator to the top floor now. Try tossing grenade at them as they will be closely spaced. You can hack computers to gather some points but they are not mandatory though. Ultimately you will face Zeke who will hold a hostage in a typical bad guy style.You have different options here. Either choose to kill him or talk to settle the dispute. To calm him down you can choose Empathize, Reason, and then Humble. Again, the choice is yours.

Lesser Evils (Side Quest)
This missions are not the part of main story but if you want to gather some points, you can’t overlook them. For this task, you should meet Mr.Carella, who is being blackmailed by another Sarif employee. Your task is to examine the hidden Tindall’s apartment to find some evidence.

Move towards the objective marker. You can either hack the main gate or use the code 0002 to open it. Where did this code come from? You can find it inside the building. Now, head to the apartment and start looking for clues. Hack the computer to check the mails. When you are done exploring the area for evidences, a man will enter with a shotgun in his hand. He is not carrying it just for the exhibition ofcourse so before he shoots you, you should get rid of him.

After having the intel, head to the meeting place where you can meet the other employee. You can either bust him (Which will make your task shorter) or listen to his arguments. If you choose the later option, you will have to kill two people back down the alley. You can use your guns to get rid of them. After that, head back to Tindall to clear the matter. Meet Carella at the subway station to settle the issue and collect your reward.

Motherly Ties (Side Quest)
You can find Cassandra Reed, outside the Sarif HQ. This quest is linked with the main stroyline so your decisions in the main quest will have impact on it. Anyways, follow the objective marker and talk to Chase who will give your some security codes and will ask you to meet Chet Wagner.

You need to get to the storage locker. You can used different ways. One, if you have arm and leg augments, you can use them to place the dumpster in the alley and then use it to jump over the gate. You can also use the way through the police station (that is only if you talked your way into the police station). If you can’t use both of these then you have the option to use the sewers to reach the objective.

Enter the code (4891) and enter the locker and find about Megan’s case. After examining the files, meet Chet in the main lobby. The evidence won’t be sufficient. Now you need to sneak into Chet’s office. Hack his computer to gain access to the station. There, you need to Captain Penn’s computer now. After gathering the intel, meet Wanger in the lobby. Now you sufficient leads. Head back to Cassandra in Chiron building to wrap up this side quest.

Police Station
You need to examine the body of the terrorist in the police station. You can convince Wayne Haas by choosing Absolve, Crush and Absolve sequence. It is much easier way if you ask me. But if you want it spicy then you have the option to sneak in from the back side of the police station using leg and hand augmentation. You can also use skin augmentation to pass through the electrical floor.

Either way, if you get spotted, officers inside won’t go easy on you. Examine the body and head back to your apartment and after watching the scene, you will have your new objective but before that you can complete a side quest.

Cloak and Daggers (Side Quest)
After the police station, you will get a page from an undercover officer (She is acting as a hooker by the way :P) who wants you to help her in catching a guy named Jack O’Malley.

Meet the guy at the back side of the police station and pretend that you will take out Doble-T. He will ask you to collect the crossbow for him. Head to the west entrance of Derelict Row. Head inside the Row. You will gather more points if you stay low. On the second floor, look for a hole in the grounds. Enter it to find the hidden chance of weapons which will help you in the future.

Head to the apartment of Double-T. You need to take out his men first before you can deal with him. It’s better that you don’t make much noise. Silent take downs is a better option. You can fire a bullet when you are only left with Double-T himself.

Leave the apartment now and head to O’Malley’s place. You need the password (1029) which you can find behind the bookshelf or you can hack your way in. Don’t go in impulsively as there will be mines in his bedroom. You need to throw a box first to detonate mines and then enter. Look the area for any clues and once you are done, head back to Jenny to report. She will ask you to arrest O’Malley. Head back to his apartment and perform a simple take down to get the job done.

Derelict Row Transmission
This mission will have heavy enemy resistance so keeping a low profile will be a good idea. Being aggressive will be a real test of your shooting skills. There will be some enemies you need to deal with in the first section. As you move past the soldiers watching TV to the upper floor, you will confront more enemies. You can use the box to make the mines explode.

Deal with the rest of the enemies and proceed further towards your objective. Once you are outside the tower, hack the panel to shut down the transmission. Your job is finished here.

FEMA Detention Center
It is recommended that you do some prep before starting this task. Skin augmentation will help you in the fierce firefight. You can also visit the merchant outside FEMA to buy any new gear you find.

Mercs are tough enemies to take on directly so it is better that you place boxes to get to the upper level without being noticed. You can either hack the gate to the left side or use your leg augmentation to get pass. Kill the guard and move silently towards your objective. Soon, you will have to deal with some snipers. It is not recommended that you engage them with guns. Use the silent take downs instead for lesser trouble.

Take the elevator now to the next section.To deal with robots, you can use the EMP. But before direct engagement, take as many as you can silently. Follow the path and you will ultimately reach FEMA cells through the control room passage. Refill your ammo and adjust your gear.

There are 6 enemies patrolling the area. Don’t get spotted by the cameras or you will have to take out rest of them in a fair fight. Silent killing is usually (though hard sometimes) a better option. Your first boss battle is quite near. You will have to kill a couple of more men before you can use the elevator to reach the lower level.

Boss Fight
The guy is mad and to add your troubles, he is equipped with a Gatling gun. He will stand in open which may intrigue you a bit. Being wise, stay in cover for the most part. You can use those red barrels and toss them at him to inflict more damage. Sometimes, he will toss grenades at you and these grenades may bounce off the walls and blast back at his feet. If this happens, don’t waste the opportunity and inflict as much damage as you can. After you have dealt with him, grab the loot and meet Malik to conclude the task.

Next Assignment
This is your final main quest in Droit. So if you have any side quests to complete, you need to complete them before it. You can contact Greg to buy discounted weapons. You can also talk to Pritchard to have some info on the attack Sarif HQ six months back.

Talk to Sarif now. If you press things a bit, he will ask you to see Malik who will ask you to leave for Shanghai island in Hengsha.


Court Guardians
You will find police patrol at the entrance. You can toss a grenade towards them or to be safe, use the stair. To disrupt the guard patrol, you can show yourself a bit so that they start looking for you which will create space for you. This tactic can come handy in tight situations.

Take the elevator to the left to the next section.More enemies await in the hacker’s apartment. Try dodging them. If you fail, don’t hesitate to take them using guns. Enter the small room where you will find hacker’s computer. You are a hacker too, right? Use your skills to read Windmill’s e-mail. Now since your job is done here, you can afford to go open and kick some ass.

Rotten Business (Side Quest)
In Hung Hua Hotel, you will find a female as move to the top floor. She will ask you to find her friend Ning who is missing. Meet a thug named Chunali who is ready to help you for 2000 credits.

Don’t have the cash? Don’t worry, you can do it otherwise. Head to the southern edge side to find a locker protected by some men. Get rid of the guards (one of them will have the locker code 5377) and enter the locker.

You can use this number to free Ning. Go talk with Mei and collect your reward. She will ask you to do another job which will be to eliminate Diamond Chan. It’s an easy task for descent amount. Head to the objective marker and deal with Diamond. Perform a non-lethal take down first and then plant his body with drugs to get the job done.

The Hive
If you don’t have the entry card to the club (you could find it in Hung Hua hotel), you can intimidate or bribe the guard to enter the club. Ask bartender about Tong Si Hung. He will tell you to go upstairs.

Ask the manager about Tong now. You need to stay calm to get the info. If you don’t want to be polite then you need to hack the terminal leading to the basement. Deal with the guard and enter Tong’s office.

He will tell you the whereabouts of Van Bruggen (Windmill). Your job is done in the “Hive”. You can start your next assignment.

Alice Gardens
Malik will assign you a side task but you can leave it for now. Move to Bruggen’s pod. He will help you in exchange of his safety. You need to get an employee ID. You need to return to Hung Hua hotel for the ID. On the first floor, you will find an employee in a room. The door is locked. You can either hack your way in or use the balcony to enter the room. Steal his ID and head back to Alice Gardens.

When you return, you will find that Bruggen is under attack. You need to help him. You can hand him over a spare gun of yours so that he can defend himself. Now, your task is to deal with the rest of thugs. In the basement washroom, there will be still more of them. You can avoid them if you want to, that will save some time.

In the showers, you should use the box to detonate the mines before stepping on that section of the floor. Red lights will be a symbol of those mines. As you proceed further, there will be a couple of more guards to deal with. Beware of that armored foe who will take more damage than usual. Before you leave the place, you have a couple of side quests to complete.

Shanghai Justice (Side Quest)
Malik wants you to look into the death of Evelyn Carmichae. Before you continue, you should know that the task requires you to have atleast level 3 of hacking. Otherwise you can either skip it or complete other objectives to earn points. You can Buying Praxis points is also an option.

Head toLIMB clinic and talk to the anonymous doctor about Evelyn’s autopsy. You really don’t need to pay him. Lee Hong’s apartment is your next destination. Hack your way in and explore the area. Check his baseball bat, answering machine and the computer. You will come to know about the issue. Also the broken clock is suspicious.

Head back to the hive now and show Lee the evidences. Make sure that you put right evidence at the right time. Now, you need to hack the camera to see what does Malik do. Head to the terminal behind the bar upstairs and hack the system. That’s all you need to do here.

Tai Yong Medical Infiltration
While you are on your way to Tai’s medical, you will have the option to save the worker Lee. It’s not mandatory though. To save him, you need to hack the door on the left and move the valve which will put out the gas.

Move to the next floor and meet Kim. You can either use Lee’s reference (if you saved him) or intimidate the guard to let you pass. He will let you pass on one condition that is if you get caught, he will attack you. You can adjust the catwalk by using the console. Deal with the guards busy in games.

When you reach the section with electrified water, you can use skin augmentation to pass through this section. Otherwise,you have to rely on the boxes to make a bridge. At Tai Young’s floor, there are guards everywhere. You need to be careful here.

Some of the guards will let you pass with the security codes. If your cover is about to be exposed, you should stun or use non-lethal takedowns to avoid any trouble. You can use the strategy that suits you the most.

Laser lines will alarm guards so you need to dodge them. You can either use Leg augmentation to jump over it or time your run so that you don’t make any contact with the lines. Your best shot is to run towards the elevator to the next floor. There will be another similar laser section ahead (easier than before). After that, you will ultimately end up in the main office. Infiltration complete.

Tai Yong Medical Extraction
Inside the main office, there will be some guards with shotguns to deal with. Keep a safe distance and you will be fine. EMP grenades can be used to deal with robots. Head to Zhao Yun Ru’s office.

After the cutscene, a dozen or so guards will enter the room. You may not want to engage directly with them. Adopt the safer option and keep low. If you want to be aggressive then your shooting skills must be at top notch or you are doomed. You can also distract them to follow you to the second floor so that the path they were blocking is set free.

Soon, you will receive a massage from Malik who will ask you to take care of the robots first. You can use the EMP grenades to get rid of them. If you are out of EMPs, you can hack the control panel in the control room. After you have dealt with the robots, you are good to travel to Montreal, your next destination.


Picus Communications
After reaching Montreal, check you resources stats and hack some systems if you want to to gain some experience. Move to Eliza’s office now. After the cutscene, the alarm will sound. You need to take cover. You can move through the ventilation system to avoid any attention.

Head to the main office below and take care of the guards. If you find guards closely spaced, you can toss a grenade or two at them for quick removal. The entrance of the room down the hall will be guarded by the camera.

There will also be a guard watching over it. Deal with the guard first and head towards the elevator shaft. There are some goods to collect at the bottom but it will take some time to get back up. If you are short on supplies, you definitely should go down there.

In the next room, there are 5 more enemies. Beware of the one above you. Clear the area and enter the room to hack the door and use the stairs to reach the next section. There will be a couple of tyrants guarding the area. Deal with them and hide the bodies inside the rooms. You can hack the turret to kill the guards but if you don’t have the skills, you can stay out of it’s sight.

Collect any ammo you find and call the elevator. Before the elevator arrives, 4 more guards will enter to entertain you. Get rid of them and ride the elevator to the next floor. You will have to get through a couple of guards, tripwires and robots.

You can switch off the laser beams by hacking the console. You will have to deal with atleast one of the guards first. Avoid any contact with the robots till the console is hacked. Grab any weapons you find in the room to the left side.

Next, you will encounter a robot and tyrant. You can hack the robot and use it against the tyrant or you can knock them out individually. Gather some ammo and the rifle inside the supply room and get yourself ready as a boss fight is coming.

Yelena is a wise and fast foe to deal with. Keep your focus and try to be as accurate as you can. Skin augmentation to receive extra damage will be quite helpful in this fight. Yelena can also have the ability to cloak making things trickier. You can find her position by looking at the water on the floor.

If the computer system is damaged, the floor will be electrified which can be used to inflict much damage but will depend on your augmentation level. After you have defeated the boss, refill your ammo and head to the helipad to return to Detroit again.

Detroit – 2

Acquaintances Forgotten (Side Quest)
You will meet Sarif in the old apartment. He will tell you to visit convention center. Pritchard on the other hand will suggest you to visit Brent Radford instead. Follow the objective marker to see Randford.

You will find an assassin in his apartment who apparently has attacked Radford and he almost about to die. Deal with the assassin first and then talk to Radford. He will tell you about a storage locker. If you have social enhancement augmentation, you can make him live through Alpha Appease or you can search for the medical kit that can save his life.

Now, move to the locker near the police station and deal with the three men looking over it. You can’t make much noise as it may draw police attention. To unlock the safe, you must have advanced hacking skills. Collect the data inside. You will have lead to Michelle Walters. Hand her over the pictures and in return she will tell you something about your past and also some cash.

Sarif asked you to visit convention center earlier. Head there and meet Bill Taggart. You should have upgraded social enhancement augmentation to convince him. Use Discredit, Confront, Discredit, and then Confront to get the info he has. Before you leave the office, you will receive a side quest from an officer. You can leave it for now and focus on your main objective.

Follow the marker and you will reach an apartment where two thugs will welcome your entry. Deal with them. The apartment in which Sandoval is present has mines set up. Zeke may also attack you that is if he survived earlier. You won’t find Sandoval in there. There is a secret passage you can open by flipping the switch in the back room. A couple of guards will interfere your path.

Eliminate them and use the ladder inside the container. Things will be get tougher in the next section as there will be guards well armed along with mines and laser beams. Hacking laser beams will require level 4 and if you detonate the mines first, it will alert all of them.

So, your best bet is to deal (stun or kill) the guards first and then proceed. In the Sandoval office, you will find a hasty man but you can settle him down with your social skills. Head back to HQ and meet Sarif.

Time to leave Detroit again and visit Hengsha for the second time. Malik will take you there. But before that, you have a side quest pending. Remember? You can skip it though as it is not the part of main story.

Smash The State (Side Quest)
Nicky asked you to investigate a criminal named Jacob white. You are given three locations to find him. If you want to save your time, sewers is the area you should visit. You should hack the computers to disable those turrets.

You can also move them but that will require advanced heavy lifting arm augmentation. Jacob white is augmented too, so instead of wasting time by shooting from distance, you should perform a single take down (lethal or non lethal) to silent him. After you have dealt with him, head back to Nicky to conclude your task. Now, you are good to leave for Hengsha.

Hengsha – 2

Following The GPL
Visit to China won’t be as straight as before. You need to make a choice whether you want to save Malik or leave her to die. Although the second option is easy but you most probably want to save her first (Being human). There are multiple enemies you need to take care of.

First deal with the infantry and then turn your attention to the snipers. And if you have a sniper rifle along you, your task will be relatively easier. Robots will give you a tough time. You can throw EMP grenades at them. After the tiring rescue, you can proceed with your primary objective that is to track the GPL. The thug that interrupts you can be bribed or you can intimidate him.

Keep following the marker till you reach a door guarded by harvesters. The door is not difficult to hack (level 1) so you can cloak yourself and get past without drawing any attention.

Otherwise, you can toss a grenade or two first and then unlock the door. Further ahead, you will see a turret and the controls will be guarded by a single thug. Get rid of him and hack the turret. You can choose to lift it too but that requires lifting augmentation.

Move down the ramp and you will find more enemies there. No need to bother them as you can sneak passed them easily. There will be more guards patrolling in the third level below. You can use take downs to deal with heavies as simple bullets won’t do them much harm. Rest can be dealt with your gun. You can’t afford to stay in open for long.

Close to your objective, you will find three more guards. Deal with them and open the door. After the cutscene, Tong will offer you help and in return, he wants you to help him to take out the administrator (Wang).

Corporate Warfare (Side Quest)
Hugh will ask you to meet one of his men (Mengyao) on the roof of Hengsha. She wants you to recover a chip. Head to the marked point. You will find 5 men patrolling the area.

One of them (the leader) has the chip. You need to time your take downs to avoid any trouble. You can also opt to loot the chip directly from the leader (marker will indicate the concerned target). Either way, grab the chip and head back to the lady to finish the job.

It’s your final assignment in China. The gates to the port are locked. You can unlock them through the guard post there. This will draw guards’ attention. You can either use cars as cover to sneak in or blast all the cars in the parking to get rid of patrolling men.

The sniper up there has a code (6555) you will need once you are in the balcony. Deal with the distracted sniper and use the code to enter the warehouse. Belltower guards will be patrolling the area. You can use the control panel to the left to get control of the robot and the turret. You need to be quick or the soldiers will spot you.

After clearing the area , enter (you need the passcode 3259) Wang’s office. Deliver the goods to warp things up in China.


Omega Ranch
Things will get annoying here as the device there will be interfering with the communication and you won’t have any waypoint till you turn that device off.

You will find plenty of guards patrolling the area. Try not to make too much fuss. If the guards are distant enough, silent take-downs are preferred. As you approach the hall, you will find two heavies and a stealth trooper. The easy way around is that you sneak past them to the hacking terminal on the far end turn that turret against them.

On the left side is a building having the device you need to deactivate. Don’t be hasty as there will be two more guards patrolling that section. Deal with them first and then enter the room to deactivate the device which will set things straight for you.

Now that you have the waypoints, you can start looking for the scientists. As you enter the building up front, you will find two guards down there along with a turret. Instead of engaging them directly, it’s better that you use the vents channel that will bring you to the control terminal of the turret. This way you can hack it take the guards out from behind.

You can leave the guards above if you want as the code you need to enter Clovin’s room is 1504. Now follow the marker leading to Koss. There are two paths you can adopt but one of them requires heavy lifting augmentation. You can take the stairs to the south and as you circle around, the path will lead you to laser beams. Deal with the guards first before you hack the terminal.

After the chat with Koss move to the central building to find Faherity. Whatever path you choose, you are going to need a password (Keppler) and passcodes 5377 and 2535 respectively. You can turn off the laser beam on the first floor by entering 2535. Use the elevator to get to Faherity.

Not that you have secured the scientists, head to the courtyard. You can deal with the robots using EMPs. You will find a terminal at far end of the hall where you need to plant Vasili’s virus. The alarm will sound and guards will rush in. You don’t need to engage them and stay hidden instead. After the guards have passed, use the elevator to reach another boss fight in the game. The boss fight will be relatively easier if you ignored the augmentation issue in China.

Your enemy is fast and has the cloaking ability. To make things more troublesome, he loves throw grenades. So if you don’t have the respective augmentation, you will be in trouble. You need to keep moving and shoot his as gets closer to you. You can also use the opportunity when he climbs up the walls during the fight. Keep it steady, and with many augmentations you must have by now, you will be able to get rid of him soon. Gather the loot and you are good to go.


Broadcast Center
Use the vent on the right side to reach a room with electrified water. If you have the proper augmentation for your skin, you can simply walk through the water. You need to be cautious of the mines though. Otherwise, you will have to use the pipes to get to the other side.

You can turn off the electricity by destroying the breaker on in the room. Keep on following the objective marker till you find a turret. Don’t forget to check the rooms to refill your ammo. It’s better that hack the door on the right side and then hack the terminal. But if you are not good at hacking, you can choose to destroy the turret.

Enter the broadcasting room and talk to Darrow. Convince him (it’s easy) to surrender. After you are done with Darrow, head outside the building and you will find plenty of enemies outside. They don’t have guns but their number and speed will be too difficult to handle. So keeping a low profile is the safest bet.

Use the elevator and follow the marker. You will soon face some Belltower guards. You can either choose to kill them or you can move silently without creating any fuss. The truck of fire there will have ammo that you should collect. It’s risky but beneficial. Now use the ladder to the right to reach the upper level. Those crazy enemies won’t be able to harm you. So move through the window to outside.

There will be plenty of enemies outside, if you want to engage them, make sure that you use the Typhoon or mines to clear them in groups. You receive a call to rescue Taggart and Sarif. It is not compulsory though. The room in which Taggart has been kept is looked over by a robot, security cameras and augmented guards. Sneaking in may take some time but is the safer option. You may run out of fuel if you choose to fight.

Sarif is kept in the machine room. On your way to safe Sarif, you will face more of those crazy dudes. You can shoot the barrels in the room to get rid of them. Follow the marker to enter the core. Along your way, you can hack the terminal inside the duct to the left side to clean the enemies quickly. You can also use rails to get pass them smoothly. Make sure that you are quick enough to avoid the turret. Time to enter the core.

The Core
Don’t worry about the turrets and you only need to take out the computers. Well, if the turrets are annoying you, you can destroy them using rocket launcher or Laser rifle may be. The shortest but risky way to do that is you hack the central hub. You need to be quick or the turrets will spot you.

You can otherwise choose to destroy them manually one by one. It won’t be that easy though as every time you silent a computer, robots will enter to stop you. You know you can use EMPs or Typhoon against them. Also keep notice of RU who will make the floor electrifying now and then. If you have the skin augmentation, you will be safe.

After you have dealt with the computers, the shield will be down. You can walk to the villain lady and eliminate the threat. Head to meet Eliza now. After the cutscene, pick any of them to see the respective ending. Or you can just leave them and choose your own path for a different ending. Congratulations, you have beaten Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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