Deus Ex Human Revolution Troubleshooting Guide

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Troubleshooting Guide

Deus Ex Human Revolution is a great game but not without its issues. While some issues were fixed with the day 1 patch, many have still persisted and this Deus Ex Human Revolution troubleshooting guide will help you solve those issues.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Troubleshooting

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1# Can’t Launch Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Also Fixes Random Crashes/Freezes)
Game requires administrative privileges in Windows 7 so either run it as an admin or from an admin user account. If you still can’t launch it, create a user account (ADMIN) and launch it from there. It’s not a common issue but still if you come across it, you can try this workaround.

2# Deus Ex Human Revolution Mouse Acceleration/Lag/Mouse Smoothing Fix
For all those who are experiencing mouse smoothing or lag issues, turn off V-Sync and see if it helps.

3# Where Are My Game Saves ?

4# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Locks and Crashes To Desktop
It’s most probably caused by bad graphics drivers. So uninstall your current graphics card drivers and install the latest version. Try again.

5# Game Crashes and Freezes on Xbox 360
Install the game in HD and try again.

ATI DLL Crash Fix
Users may experience a crash on launch related to a ATI dll file. For nVidia users this seems related to a file in the system32 or syswow (syswow64) folder under the Windows folder (depending if 32bit or 64bit). For a temporary workaround, Locate the atiadlxy.dll and atiadlxx.dll file in the folder and rename to atiadlxy.bak / atiadlxx.bak. This should allow users to start the game.

6# Unable to reserve 512MB of address space
Deus Ex: Human Revolution needs at least 512MB of system RAM to launch so make sure you enough memory to smoothly launch the game. To be on the safe side, close any applications that are running.

7# Camera Stutters When Zooming In/Out
It’s an isolated issue so only few may experience this. First verify the integrity of the files using Steam. Uninstall your graphics card drivers and install the latest version. Reboot and see if it has resolved or decrease the issue. Meanwhile we will see if developers have fixed this.

8# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Slow Loading Times Fix
Update the game to latest patch, it will bring down the timer.

9# Mission Pack Codes Not Working ?
If you are based in EU – know that the game is still to launch there and you will be able to activate your codes on Friday – 26th Aug.

10# Deus Ex Human Revolution Crashes
Some of the random crashes in Human Revolution are caused by bad optimization of DirectX 11 so if you can’t bear the crashes, disable DirectX 11.

11# Deus Ex: Human Revolution Corrupted Save Files
Make sure you don’t prematurely exit the game while auto-save or a save is in progress or it will corrupt your save files. The result ? crashes at loading screen – only fix for that is to do a fresh install for now.

12# Graphics ErrorA problem has occurred with your display driver. Your system may not have enough resources to run the game at the selected settings. You can retry using the same settings, or adjust them to lower settings. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video hardware, and try rebooting your system to clear up any issues.
If you want to lower the video settings in the game to run the game smoothly, minimize every setting but FSAA – it’s the cause of this error. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, do know that it’s a driver issue so updating the drivers would resolve it.

13# Lag / Framerate Skipping
If you are experiencing lag or framerate skipping while playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you should check your DirectX Installation. Update your DirectX and to be on the safe side, update your video card drivers.

14# Game Closes Without Any Error
I you have bought a legit copy on Steam then you should contact Steam Support since this is most probably caused by Steam DRM. It’s like game sends a validation request to Steam DRM and it doesn’t respond or something along the lines.

15# Audio and Video Stuttering
You could try the following workaround to help troubleshoot this problem:

  • Start > Run.
  • Type ‘dxdiag’ and press Enter.
  • Click on the ‘Sound’ tab (there may be several if you have multiple audio interfaces installed).
  • Under ‘DirectX Features’, note the relative position of the ‘Hardware Sound Acceleration Level’ slider. Next, move the slider to the leftmost option ‘No Acceleration’. Click ‘Exit’.

Launch Human Revolution and replay cutscenes. If the stuttering get fixed, exit Human Revolution and try re-opening dxdiag and moving the slider further to the right to see if the stuttering re-occurs. Note that changing the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level may introduce problems in other areas, so if you are successful remember to return the slider to its original value.

16# Weird Graphics Black Dots on NPC Skins
It’s a tessellation bug that is caused by the latest NVIDIA drivers. Yes, it is NVIDIA specific and you should be able to run the game fine by disabling Tessellation. Or you can put FXAA to HIGH with Tessellation on and it will fix the issue.

17# Data Execution Prevention Error ?
Run the game as admin.

19# How To Bring Back Cursor in Hacking/Computer in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Run regedit
  • browse to
  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eidos\Deus Ex: HR\Graphics
  • Look in here for a `EnableGDI_Cursor` option.. it will be set to 1.. change this to 0.
  • Try the game again.

20# Crashes Cutscenes/Random
Try running the game in DirectX 11 and vice versa and see if the issue caries over. It would be fixed one way or another. Finally, Users running 3rd party proxy software may experience a crash in-game, try disabling the proxy option within Internet Explorer and see if it helps.

If you face any other problem, you can tell us in comments and we will try to help you out.

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