Deus Ex Human Revolution Missing Link DLC Walkthrough

Complete Deus Ex Human Revolution Missing Link DLC Walkthrough.

The Missing Link DLC follows the events that occurred during the time Adam Jensen got kidnapped and couldn’t be found for three days. Adam after waking up finds himself on a boat with all his augmentations deactivated. Now,he has to find a way out and solve the mysteries that surround him and teach a lesson to the people who are responsible for this act.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is difficult game, and since you would be without augmentations on a boat full of bad guys, you may want to reconsider your approach in the DLC.

If you get stuck, we are here to walk you through all the difficult situations that you may come across. We will update this walkthrough after the release of the DLC tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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Escape and Find The Equipment
You will find Adam on a chair, being inquired by a group of unknown people. After the lady leaves the room, explore the room and get ready to do what you are best at in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

As you leave the cell, you will find two guards talking. You don’t need to bother anyone yet atleast till you get your equipment back. You will find a hatch on the floor in next room. Enter the ventilation chamber and take two consecutive right turns and then a left to enter a dark section.

Stay in cover till you enter the hallway with two guards chit chatting. Take cover behind the crates and let the conversation be over. Wait for the right opportunity and open the yellow door ahead of you. Explore the section and then move to the vent on the wall behind the table in the corner and move along the passage.

After the conversation, open the grating. You should wait for the guard to approach and then execute him. Make sure that you take out the second one before he manages to alert others. Exit through the door and enter the next room. The next door you need to enter is locked.

You need to hack it. And if you have forgotten about hacking in Deus Ex then you can refer to our hacking tutorial. Enter the room and then climb the ladder. Don’t be hasty here as you might find a guard right above the ladder. Stay put till he walks away from you. Wait till he goes away. You can come up and silently remove the threat.

This take down will win you a pistol. Head to the next room and then move across the hallway. In the next room now you should place a crate along the wall to get to the vent. Enter the vent passage that will lead you to a grated end. Enter the room and search for the supplies.

Instead of running into the security laser beams, look for another shaft on the floor. After entering the vent, take your first right. After listening to the conversation, exit through the tunnel and then further ahead, move down and continue your path through the shaft. You will soon encounter the electrified ducts.

You can get to the room above and push the switch to turn off the electric supply. Head back to the area you came from (where your path was blocked by electricity). You are quite near to your equipment now. Move along the luggage to ultimately get your tools back.

Like always, you can use the aggressive approach but for that you will have to rely on your luck a lot. There will be plenty of enemies rushing towards your location if you somehow let any guard to ring the alarm. So, the choice is yours.

Locate the CIC
You can start this task after you have repaired the damaged pod. Now you need to keep moving till you encounter any threat. Start by moving around the door and then moving through the shipping container ahead of you, use the ladder nearby.

After using the ladder, you will find that there is another one to climb. No harm in climbing. You will find two consoles in this section. One of them will give you access to the Gantry. Move the platform to the desired spot and then move to the floor below.

If you move right and then take the hallway, you will find a container through the wall opening you can move across. Next, use the ladder and then the other one you can find near the shipping containers beneath. Make your way to the roof and move towards the railing. Hide yourself and wait for the right time to take out the guard. Keep on moving along the railings path till you find another guard.

You know the trick here, you can move along the wall and execute him silently. Again, being too aggressive isn’t going to help your cause. So stay low. Follow the marker on your map. Lookout for the security camera as you may not want to be detected.

Hack the keypad to enter the next room. Move beneath the laser ahead (by crouching) and then enter the ventilation duct as marked on the map. Get to the marker and a cutscene will play to conclude the task.

Locate the Sally Port
After completing the CIC objective, move through the glass and stay in cover till you guard moves across. The dark place near the steps is a good option to hide. Carefully take out the guards silently in this section and find any useful items (it’s always important) you find in the room.

In the hallway, climb down through the ladder on the floor and then use a crate along the wall to reach the vent down there. It’s important that you notice that people are not looking at you through the open sections of the shaft. Move up when you see that no one will notice you. Hide yourself quickly and do the elimination task quietly.

Now you need to hack a couple of doors and gather some supplies till you reach the next corridor with more guards. Take care of the guards when they are not looking at your direction. Don’t forget to move their bodies. Then move through the door from where the guard just came in.

Head inside the elevator and move it to the floor below. Move over the crates and then take the ladder. After you climb he ladder, move to the room and deactivate the security camera. Also move the valve on the wall and then move through the passage you just cleared.

Just ahead, climb down another ladder and then move to the right along the hallway till you find another keypad. Hack it and then proceed along. From now on, there won’t be any threat and all you need to do is walk through some corridors and use some ladders. When you reach the section where you spot a wall labelled with “03”, take cover in front of it and wait for the guard to arrive. You know the rest.

Look for another opening in the floor and move down the ladder. Then remove the grate and move along the shaft to reach a section patrolled by enemies. If you go offensive here, make sure that you have plenty of ammo with you. That’s just the primary clause, rest relies on your shooting skills.

Now move towards objective marker. You will have to hack a laser grid first before you can proceed. As you step into the beam till the access is denied. After some second, access will be granted and you can move through the exit.

Locate the Rendezvous Point
Head to the marker on the map and interact with the switch. Wait for the door to be closed and then deal with the approaching guards one by one.

You can use a weapon if you like to take out enemies in the next section. While you move across the shipping containers, watch out for the eye of the security cameras there i.e only if you haven’t already alerted them. From the wall marked as “4”, move left to enter the exit room. There will be a guard approaching. No need to make noise. Just go for a silent kill.

Move along the path (there is a section with yellow smoke) and then climb up the ladder. Next section is patrolled by multiple guards. You should hide and move cover to cover without being detected. The best moment to attack will be when they move to the building behind.

Execute the guard silently facing the other side. If other guards are alerted somehow, don’t hesitate to begin the gun fight as you won’t have any other feasible option left except for the restart.

Search the area for any supplies and then exit through the door and use the ladder down. You will find two guards together. It’s better that you let them separate first and then take out the remaining one. You will come across laser beams ahead. Hack the keypad to unlock the door and enter.

After you move through the containers in the next section, you will encounter more resistance around the stairs. After climbing the stairs, move to the room and listen to the conversation. As the guard approaches, you need to sprint towards him. You need to be quick here as if you don’t take the two of them out in quick succession, you will be in trouble.

You can disable the cameras by hacking the computer beside the windows. Keep on moving (stay low) till you encounter more enemies after coming out of the shaft. You can go for the gunfight but don’t let them flank you. After you are done in this section, there is more hacking and exploration waiting in the next couple of sections. Your objective obviously remains to follow the map marker.

Depending upon the path you choose, there can be minor resistance now and then but that should not be a problem for you by now. Ultimately, when you reach the final objective marker, a cutscene will play. You can inquire quite a few things here. Start with “Negotiation” and ask about “Black Project”.

In the Belly of Beast

Upload the Biometrics in the Prison Mainframe
After you move through the doors marked “Detention Camp 5”, activate the pad. After that, step on the glowing platform and wait for the scanning to be completed.

Move through the next corridor and then take a right. You will encounter a guard. Take him out silently . After you climb the staircase ahead, there is another guard facing the monitors. Take him out and approach the port marker to complete the task.

Investigate the Interrogation Wing
From prison’s mainframe, turn around and climb down the ladder. Move down through the opening in the floor and then move through the blue shaft ahead. After you open the grate, take cover behind the boxes and notice the movement of guards in the area.

If you move cautiously from the right side, you can execute the guard standing on the above level first. Then you can go aggressive and take out the rest of them. After climbing the staircase ahead, take a left and once you reach the top, the robotic sentry would be your primary concern. It’s better that you try not to be detected here.

Hack the keypad to switch off the laser beams ahead. The spinning laser device after the staircase needs to be dodged. Move through the beams only when they are pointed vertically. Move through the doors on your right and when you enter the next room, press the pad and step onto the platform.

Wait for the scanning to be completed and then move through the door to the hallway. In the next hallway move to the first cell on the left side to begin a cutscene. You can do a little bit inquiry here and then choose to “Leave”. Search other rooms for any supplies and then exit through the doors to wrap up this mission.

Give Burke’s Eye to Quinn
Follow the marker and head to the security scanner you came from. Continue the path till you move through the double doors. Activate the pad in there and like before step onto the glowing area and let the machine scan you. Once the scanning task is completed, move to the hallway next and then turn left.

Keep on moving along the path and after a couple of ladders and ventilation shafts, you will reach the objective marker and the mission will be completed. It’s better that you also complete Find Evidence for Interpol
Exit the car where you pressed the button for the elevator and move through the doors ahead. In the next room, activate the holographic tables and then talk to the doctor. Ask him for some information and you are done with the mission.

Choices, Choices

Disrupt the Gas Dispersal
You can start this mission after your main quest, “Belly of the Beast”. Follow the indicator to the elevator and wait till it is stopped by Burke. Now, you need to get out of the elevator using the ladder and get to the railings.

After you do some climbing and crawling, you will reach a room patrolled by the guards. You don’t need to start a fight here. Wait for the moment when they have their backs facing you. When that happens, quickly move to the doors marked on the map. Keep on following the map marker to reach yet another glowing platform. You know the exercise.

When the scanning is complete, enter the next room for a cutscene. There will be a couple of enemies to deal with n the next room. Knock them out and then evade the rotating laser ahead. Stun the enemies that come in your way and then use the staircase. Use the next staircase and when you reach the base of the tower in the middle section of the room, remove the enemy threat found in the area.

Move down the staircase beside and then use the ladder on the floor in the room above. A cutscene will play. Save the doctor to complete the mission. If you climb the ladder back upwards and use the security panel, you complete another task, “Get Kavanagh Off the Base”.

Now if you exit the room, move down the staircase and follow the map marker. Move through the doors and enter the next room and activate the panel inside. Yes, there is another glowing platform you need to stand. Stand on it wait for the regular scanning to be complete. You will complete Disengaging Lockdown and Returning to the Base mission.

The Long Way Home

Vist Quinn’s Shop to Get Supplies
After your previous task, move along the hallway and then take a left. After you come out of the second shaft, silently take out the guard nearby (to your left side). You can vault over that hindrance blocking your path. Move along the path and kill any enemy that comes in your way. Depending upon the situation, you can choose your tactic e.g if they are not found together, you can take them out by one one. Otherwise, you can go for the aggressive approach.

After moving through the corridor, take the staircase leading downwards. Then eliminate the enemies down there and then move through the vent shaft to get to the next section. The shop you need to visit is quite near. A couple of more ladders to climb down and you will be there.

Confront Burke
After you are done with the supplies, exit the room and make a left to enter the ventilation shaft at the end of the walkway. After climbing the next two ladders, you will need to move through another shaft. Keep on following the path till you confront a guard. Take him out before you vault over the obstacle.

Follow your objective marker on the map and after move through the doors, be cautious about the laser system to the right side. You need to doge it before you can enter the shaft across to get to the next room. Before you enter the door saying “3”, there are some enemies on your way that need some attention.

You can be aggressive here if you have sufficient ammo. Shoot them and then enter the marked room to initiate a cutscene and complete the job.

Defeat Burke and His Team
This will be your last quest in “The Missing Link”. After your encounter with Burke, hide behind the machines and then move along the wall to your left. Follow the path and when you climb the ladder upwards, take care of the guard first then head back down there to activate the keypad. You need to wait by the door until Burke turns his back on you.

This will be the time when you attack him from behind. Then move to the section below and as you move along the described path, get rid of any enemies you find in your way (by now, they should not be a problem). Use the ladder to reach the sniper at the top and get rid of it.

There is another enemy in the room nearby to your left. After you have defeated Burke and his men, all you need to do is follow the objective markers on your map to activate the final cutscene of the game which will also wrap up “The Missing Link”.

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