Dead Space Marker Fragment Locations

Get to know where all of the Marker Fragments are located on the USG Ishimura to unlock the alternative ending in Dead Space.

Marker Fragments are new to the Dead Space remake. These miniaturized versions of the troublesome double-helix Markers appear as collectibles that you can find across the USG Ishimura.

If you manage to find all of them, you will be able to unlock an alternative ending that connects Dead Space to the future events of Dead Space 2.

However, there are a few steps before you can start your hunt for the Marker Fragments.

Where to find all the Marker Fragments?

There are a total of 12 Marker Fragments that you can find on the USG Ishimura. However, you need to be playing the game in New Game Plus because you can only find the Marker Fragments on your second, NG+ playthrough.

Thankfully, there are no difficulty requirements here. You can play Dead Space on the lowest difficulty and still find all of the Marker Fragments.

You can collect the Marker Fragments in any order. Each chapter has one Marker to find except Chapters 5 and 10 which have two and Chapters 9 and 12 which have none.

Marker Fragment #1 (Chapter #1, Maintenance Bay Office)

You will find it while retrieving the data board for the Tram Control deck. When you reach the office for the data board, head to the bookshelf in the corner. Remove the books by either shooting them or using stasis to pull them and you will find the first fragment in the game.

Marker Fragment #2 (Chapter #2, Dr. T. Kyne’s Office)

You will find this fragment while finding the Shock Pad. When you go to the Research Wing of Medical to get the Shock Pad, take the elevator and go down.

From the Main Lab, go to Dr. T. Kyne’s office while passing through the quarantine. Slide the bookcase using kinesis and you will find a hidden room. The fragment is inside on a table.

Marker Fragment #3 (Chapter #3, Engine Room)

You will find it while manually starting the engines. Before you go to the Engine Room on the Engineering Deck, head to the left in the space between crates. Here, you will find a bench with robotic arms. To it left, you will discover the fragment hidden in the darkness.

Marker Fragment #4 (Chapter #4, Break Room)

You will find the next fragment while diverting power to the ADS Cannons. When you go to the Admins System on the Bridge Deck to reroute the power, you will pass through the corridor.

Look for the Admin System’s Break Room. It will be present on the right. Here you can pick up the fragment lying on the floor.

Marker Fragment #5 (Chapter #5, Dr. Mercer’s Office)

When you go to the Medical Deck in Chapter 5, head to Dr. Mercer’s office for lifting the lockdown. Look at the table and find the fragment lying on it below the specimen of the Necromorph Infector.

Marker Fragment #6 (Chapter #5, Cryogenics)

The sixth fragment is also present in the fifth chapter of Dead Space. You will find it while obtaining the liquid nitrogen.

Go to Cryogenics on the Medical Deck. Look to the center of the room and there will be a large cryogenic chamber there. The fragment is present on top of the cryogenic chamber. You can take it using kinesis.

Marker Fragment #7 (Chapter #6, East Grow Chamber)

Go to the East Grow Chamber of the Hydroponics Deck to inject Wheezers as part of your mission objective. Once you reach the Wheezer, turn off your gravity. Float up to the top right corner and take the Marker Fragment using kinesis.

You can go to the East Grow Chamber by first going from the Hydroponics hub and through the door to the West Tower. This will lead you to the West Grow Chamber. Take the lift to the second floor, go to Hydroponics Control and enter the door straight in front to find the next fragment.

Marker Fragment #8 (Chapter #7, Mineral Samples)

You will find it while looking for the SOS Beacon. However, there are a couple of things that you need to have in order to get this fragment. Firstly, you need to acquire Dallas’s Rig. Secondly, you need to have Security Clearance Level 3.

Once you have both, go to the Processing level of the Mining Deck. Make your way to the large processing chamber and then head to the opposite side until you reach the door to the Mineral Samples located close to a shop. You will find the Marker Fragment here.

Marker Fragment #9 (Chapter #8, Comms Array)

You will be able to find this fragment while fixing the comms array puzzle in Dead Space.

Head to the Comms Array on the Bridge Deck and enter the zero-G array. Locate the communication control sign. To its right, you will see a large Necromorph growth. Float over to it and the fragment will be floating inside it.

Marker Fragment #10 (Chapter #10, Deluxe Shift Bunks)

You will find the next fragment while destroying the tendril growths in Deluxe Quarters.

When you reach the Crew Deck, you will destroy growths to unlock the elevator. Go up to level B and install the power.

Now open the doors by using Circuit Breaker. Now you need to head to the Deluxe Shift Bunks, and go into any of the two doors that open. Here you can find the fragment on the desk.

Marker Fragment #11 (Chapter #10, Chief Steward’s Office)

Another fragment can be found while destroying more growths in Chief Steward’s Office.

Meet T. Kyne on the Crew Deck. He will provide you with access to the Inquiry Desks. Now, go to the Inquiry Desks and look straight in front. The fragment will be on the table next to a wine bottle.

Marker Fragment #12 (Chapter #11, Cargo Bay)

The last Marker Fragment can be found in Chapter 11 of the remake. You will find it while engaging the Cargo Crane.

Head to the Cargo Bay on the Cargo Deck. You have to move the Marker to unlock this area. Now go down the elevator, head to the bay, and turn left. Keep walking and then you will reach a far corner. The fragment will be here on the shelf towards the southeast section.

Where to place the Marker Fragments

Now that you have acquired all the fragments, go to Executive Quarters on the Crew Deck. Go inside Captain Mathius’ office. On the map, it is mentioned as Lt. Commander V. Holt.

There is a large table inside Captain Mathius’ office with 12 slots to place all of your Marker Fragments. Inspect the table to fill all 12 slots and then continue playing the game to unlock the alternative ending.

To reach the Executive Quarters, go to the central room where Marker and Hunter were present in the tenth chapter. Go up the elevator, and head straight until you find the ‘Executive Quarters’ door.

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