Dead Space Master Override Doors And Containers Locations

Master Override in Dead Space will basically let you access level 4 areas for high-quality loot. This guide shows how to get it.

In Dead Space, players find different doors and containers as they progress through the game. While most of these doors require Isaac to upgrade to a security clearance level however some of them also require Master Override Security Clearance.

Master Override Security Clearance unlike upgrading the Security Clearance level can be achieved through a side quest called You Are Not Authorized. Once reached, players can then get access to all the places they couldn’t unlock previously because they didn’t have this security clearance.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of Master Override Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake. Here we will cover everything starting from how players can get Master Override as well as providing you with all the locations where Master Override is needed.

How to get Master Security Override in Dead Space

Players can unlock Master Security Override once they are at chapter 4 in the game. Here players need to take up the side quest You Are Not Authorized. The quest will start from the Captain’s nest.

Players must then find all the RIGs and input them in the terminal in the Captain’s Nest. Doing this will complete the quest and Master Override security clearance will be unlocked and you will earn the Full Clearance achievement.

Below we have given the location of all seven crew RIGs you need to find in order to gain Master Security Override in Dead Space. Some of these RIGs will require specific Security Clearance levels before you can access the area.

To find these crew rigs easily, you can also track the quest in your quest log and it will lead you to each rig location.

Hangar Overseer Voelker’s RIG location

Move through Engineering and then take the Cargo Lift to enter the Zero-G section. Keep moving through the area until you enter the opening on the right which takes you to the exterior of the ship. There on the surface, you will find Voelker’s RIG.

First Officer White’s RIG location

Dead Space Remake Crew Rig Locations

Enter the Water Purification elevator as shown on the image above and then proceed to the exterior of the ship to the Zero-G section. You will find the RIG near the end of the destroyed section of the ship, to the left side.

Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG location

Dead Space Remake Crew Rig Locations

Enter Flow Control and then proceed to West Grow Chamber. Use the elevator to reach Floor 2 and then make your way to Hydroponics Control. From there, enter East Grow Chamber and you will find Holt’s RIG on the platform.

Mining Supervisor Dallas’s RIG location

This can be found in Chapter 7. Head towards the 5th floor in Mining as this is where this RIG is located. Also, players need security level 3 access for this. This is part of the story so can’t be missed.

Chief Engineer Rousseau’s RIG location

This requires Stasis Pack and level 3 security clearance. Head to the Refueling Control Station and from there make your way to Engine Room. Keep going along the path and then take another left and continue forward till you reach the Control Room door that keeps opening and closing.

You need to use Stasis on this door so you can pass through. After crossing the door, take the elevator to reach the upper platforms and then take another elevator to go up. At the top you will find a security clearance 3 door, pass through it and you will find Rousseau’s RIG on the ground to the right.

Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG location

Dead Space Remake Crew Rig Locations

This can be found in Chapter 8. Take the elevator down to level 3 from the Main Atrium. Go through the area and enter Comms Access Hall. From there enter the door into Comms Control and inside you will find Bailey’s personal room. The RIG is inside that.

Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG location

Dead Space Remake Crew Rig Locations

Enter the tram tunnel as shown on the map above. Proceed down the ramp and then turn around to go in the same direction you came from but this time you are under the ramp. You will find the RIG on the right side as you move through the tunnel.

Master Override door locations

Once you have unlocked Master Override Security Clearance, now it’s time to get some amazing loot and weapon upgrades. Here are the Doors that require Master Override Security Clearance.

Bridge Tram Station

This door is located inside the Water Purification storage next to an elevator. This door will give you access to a room full of loot. Here are all the rewards that players can collect from this room:

  • Plasma Energy x6
  • High-Yield Grenades that are basically a Pulse Rifle Upgrade
  • Power Nodes x1.

Mining Engineering Station

This door is located inside Tool Storage in the Mining Deck. As you enter the tool storage look behind the tall moveable crate, the door will be located right there.

Inside this room, players will find a crate. The crate too requires Master Override Security access but being inside the room means that you have obviously reached Master Override so there’s nothing to worry.

Here players will find a Diffraction Module inside the crate. The Diffraction Module is actually a weapon upgrade item for Contact Beam.

Master Override crate locations

In Dead Space, Master Override Security Access is not only required by doors but some crates with heavy loot also require players to have Master Override Security clearance. Here are all the locations where you can find Master Override Crates:

Cargo Bay – Hangar-Cargo-Tram Station

Head to the first floor of Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control area and you will find this container. It has a Suspension module that is a weapon upgrade for the Force gun.

Dead Space Remake Master Override Doors And Containers Locations

Hydroponics Tram Station

Players can find another crate in Central Hub in Hydroponics Hallway. This crate has a Precision Layer that can be used to upgrade Line Gun.

Dead Space Remake Master Override Doors And Containers Locations

Executive Quarters – Crew Quarters Tram Station

The crate can be found on the third floor of Crew Quarters. Players can find Gold Semiconductor inside this crate. Players can then sell this item at the store and get 3000 credits.

Dead Space Remake Master Override Doors And Containers Locations

Aegis VII

As players reach Chapter 12 they can then find this crate at the Transfer Junction Area on Aegis VII. This crate consists of power nodes x3.

Deluxe Quarters – Crew Quarters Tram Station

The last crate that needs master override security clearance to be unlocked can be found on the third floor of Deluxe Quarters. However,

However, the room inside which this crate is located is locked so players first need to restore power to a socket. The battery required for power can be found at Deluxe Quiet Bunks. Players through this crate can get a high-pressure nozzle that is used to upgrade a flame thrower.

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