How To Unlock All Dead Space Security Clearance Levels

Different security clearance levels will allow you to unlock new areas in Dead Space Remake and this guide will explain how to get them all.

There are a number of different rooms and containers aboard the USG Ishimura that require a Security Clearance Level to open in Dead Space. Others require a higher, Master Clearance level.

Unlocking all Dead Space Security Clearance Levels is part of the main story objective. You cannot explore the ship or get loot if you do not increase your Security Clearance Levels.

We have prepared this guide to cover everything about Security Clearance System in Dead Space and how you can upgrade your clearance level to access previously locked areas.

Understanding Dead Space Security Clearance Levels

Security Clearance in Dead Space Remake can only be upgraded by progressing through the game. There’s no shortcut for it, or there’s no such quest in the game, which gives you a raise in Security Clearance Level.

Besides the fact that the specific Security Clearance level can’t be achieved before progressing to a specific extent in the game, players will find certain doors at the beginning of the game which requires a Security Clearance Level, which is impossible at that time.

The Metroidvania nature of the game will result in players automatically backtracking to most of these areas as part of the story. So there’s no chance to miss anything, so don’t worry about it.

Although this, too, has some exceptions. Sometimes players may want to backtrack because they find that there are still Security Clearance Level doors in some areas; therefore, they can go back between story beats.

If you can’t find the location you visited previously, you can always use the in-game map. The map will display the Security Clearance Level doors and containers and thus making the player’s trip to that area. Security Clearance Level, once achieved, doesn’t remove; the player can revisit those areas whenever they want.

How to increase Dead Space Clearance Levels

Now, as we have discussed the entire security clearance system in Dead Space, it’s time to elaborate on how to raise your Security Clearance Level in the game.

As mentioned before, you will automatically get these Security Clearance levels as you move forward in the game. Players need to increase their Security Clearance Level to access different rooms and collect tons of loot, nodes for upgrades, and schematics for the best weapons.

In Dead Space, there are three Security Clearance Levels. Here is a breakdown of how you can get these levels:

Security Clearance Level 1

Players will get Level 1 during Chapter 2: Intensive Care. At the beginning of this Chapter, Isaac is trying to make his way through the Barricade on USG Ishimura Med Bay. You will need to find components to craft a makeshift explosive device. After destroying the barricade, a passage to the Morgue will open.

Morgue is littered with a lot of dead bodies of Necromorphs. They can get up and attack you later if you don’t stomp on them while they are down. After that proceed to the furthest area in Morgue. When you will encounter a section that is blocked, a cutscene will be triggered.

In the cutscene, you will see the Captain of USG Ishimura turning into a Necromorph. This marks the beginning of the boss fight for Chapter 2. The boss itself can be easily taken down with a few well-timed shots from your plasma cutter. However, you will be attacked why other Necromorphs while fighting the boss which can be tricky to deal with.

After defeating the boss and all the other Necromorphs, you will receive a call from Hammond who will give you Security Clearance level 1.

Security Clearance Level 2

Players can get Level 2 during Chapter 4: Obliteration. Getting Security Clearance Level 2 is very easy as you don’t need to fight a boss or any sort of enemies.

Once you reach the Bridge, proceed to the Captain’s Nest to trigger a cutscene that shows the ship further breaking apart.

After the cutscene, make your way to the room with the elevator that leads to the captain’s nest. There you will meet Hammond who will give you Security Clearance level 2 after a brief conversation.

Security Clearance Level 3

You can get Level 3 during Chapter 7: The Void. Once you reach the Mining Deck of USG Ishimura, Isaac will discover that he can get the clearance for the Launch Pods by obtaining Dallas’ Rig.

Reach the zero-G room in Deck B and turn on its gravity. Then Find the 4 anomalies and destroy them by throwing them into the large flame in the center of the room. While doing this task, you would have to deal with some Necromorphs too.

Destroying all four pieces, use the control panel to open all the doors. After this, a large group of Necromorphs will charge at you. You need to reach the material processing center while dealing with them. There you will find Dalla’s body with the admin Rig. You will receive Security Clearance level 3 after acquiring the Rig.  

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