How To Solve The Comms Array Puzzle In Dead Space

The following guide will tell you how to fix the satellite dishes in Chapter 8 to solve the Comms Array Puzzle in Dead Space.

The new Dead Space remake adds a little comms array puzzle in Chapter 8, where you have to realign the satellite dishes to restore communications to contact the USM Valor. Your objective of hailing the military vessel remains the same. However, fixing the communication satellites has been reworked.

Solving the comms array puzzle can prove to be a bit tricky. The following guide will tell you exactly how to fix the comms array and realign the satellite dishes in Dead Space.

Dead Space comms array puzzle solution

After the completion of Chapter 7, Issac will try to establish contact with the USM Valor using the distress beacon. At this moment, you will learn that all the satellites have been misaligned or damaged, disrupting all comms.

The beginning of Chapter 8 will task you with the Comms Puzzle, which must be completed to restore communications.

It is important to remember that you won’t be able to rely on your locator for direction during this puzzle, which also adds to the difficulty.

Locate the Comms Array

Start by locating Comms Array. You can easily stumble toward it as you continue exploring the rooms ahead. The Comms Array can be identified as a hexagonal room. Continue exploring the Communications Hub to find it on the second floor.

Before entering the Comms Array, you’ll begin a dialogue sequence with Kendra inside the Communications Control Room.

The Comms Array is a fairly large space you can begin exploring once you eliminate the two Leapers and two Lurkers inside.

Explore the Comms Array

Head on over to the front to access the current situation of the Communications. You will be informed of your objective of supplying power to the Central Node once you read the Comm Array’s no power to central node status.

As you continue exploring the Comms Array, you will identify damaged satellite dishes by the red hue of their symbols, while white symbols will determine the working one.

Continue your search to lead you to a flesh pit in front of a wall of the room.

Remove the broken dish parts

You need to remove the broken dish parts from the system. Use Kinesis on dish parts indicated with red circles and lightning bolts. Take these parts out and put them away.

Remember, you have to use Kinesis to solve Dead Space’s Comms Puzzle.

Find the undamaged dish parts

You need to explore the communication room to find the working dishes that can replace the broken parts. You do not have to worry about finding them, as many are in the comms room.

Use Kinesis after locating the dishes and take them out to get closer to solving the Communications Array Puzzle in Dead Space.

Fix the communications array

To fix comms, you are to redirect the working satellite dishes (white symbols) toward the front of the Comms Array. The light beam will show the direction of the energy signal.

Remember that not every satellite dish will emit these light rays, and you will not be required to move each dish with this white light.

Redirect the satellite dishes, starting with the one to the immediate left power source.

It may take a little while before you determine the right alignment of the dishes. The image below shows you how the power should look after solving the comms array puzzle.

Once all the satellite dishes are correctly aligned, you will receive a notification on the computer indicating comms are restored, which will complete the puzzle.

You will then begin a dialogue sequence with Daniels.

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