Dead Space Difficulty Options Explained

If you are curious how Dead Space changes based on difficulty options, allow us to explain what each setting does.

Being a horror survival game, Dead Space Remake might be too difficult for some at any difficulty option. However, some players crave a challenge like this and would seek out even harder settings to play at.

To help such players and even guide others regarding all the difficulty options in Dead Space Remake, we have prepared this guide which explains every setting in the game.

Can you change the difficulty in Dead Space Remake?

Unlike the original game, Dead Space Remake does allow you to increase or decrease your difficulty once a playthrough has been started. Simply head to the Options menu and from there you can change your difficulty setting.

Dead Space difficulty settings explained

Like a typical game, Dead Space offers players several difficulty settings to choose from based on their skill and expertise with such games. However, players are free to choose any difficulty from the start of the game, except for Impossible.

If you feel like the game is set to very low difficulty and becoming dull, you can just head to your menu and difficulty settings during the mid-game to change it to the upper level.

This feature is good as it gives you control over the game’s pace, and you can quickly complete the first playthrough to start your journey in New Game Plus in Dead Space. You can then alter your difficulty to a higher level to test your skills against enemies and enjoy an alternative ending in Dead Space.

Story difficulty

As can be expected, this is the easiest difficulty for those who don’t care about gameplay and only want to focus on the narrative part of Dead Space.

This difficulty will feel like a walk in the park for Isaac. His damage is going to be substantial, while your enemies will deal minimal damage. You can use an oxygen tank for a longer time without worrying about breathing.

Additionally, this difficulty level is so easy that it allows you to auto-heal, making you almost immortal against weak enemies. Lastly, your mobility will be much, and you can easily escape enemies grappling attacks. If they can’t catch you, then they cannot kill you. You will be all over the enemies at this difficulty level.

Easy difficulty

If you are a beginner, this option is best for you. This difficulty level is not such a big jump from the previous level. Your damage output will remain above the enemies. They might not be able to inflict the same damage with each hit, but your hits will hit them hard.

Your oxygen will last a little longer, for 100 seconds, than typically 90 seconds, and your mobility will help you to get away from the grasping attacks on the enemies.

Medium difficulty

For the players who are too old to be called a beginner yet they haven’t achieved the desired expertise yet, this option is perfect.

In this difficulty level, the game will be a little challenging but still doable and thus can be great fun. Your attack and defense will be at the baseline level. You will take and give almost the same amount of damage. This means you need to be cautious while playing in this difficulty.

You are not going to receive any auto-heals or boost in your mobility to escape the enemy grappling attacks. Plan your moves before taking any actions against the foes while playing in this difficulty in Dead Space.

Hard difficulty

If you are bored with weak enemies and want more adventure, here is the option that perfectly suits you. This is where all the Dead Space fun starts. Isaac deals less damage and takes extra damage from Necromorphs.

Every enemy might prove to be a nightmare for you in this difficulty. You need to upgrade your equipment and rely on your skills to go against the enemies. Remember, even regular enemies might be deadly in Dead Space as you play through Hard difficulty.

Do not consider this an impossible task; rely on your skills and potential to take on the challenges. You can still end the game on this difficulty while being on top of your game. So go out and have fun because the next difficulty level might be your end in Dead Space.

Impossible difficulty

The impossible difficulty in Dead Space is only for those who want to suffer badly in order to earn every achievement in the game.

While hard is pretty hard already, impossible amps up the difficulty to even crazier heights. Necromorphs can now dodge your attacks, and resource drops are fewer across the game.

Except for the impossible difficulty, all the options are available from the start, and the Impossible needs to be unlocked before players can attempt it.

In order to unlock the Impossible difficulty, players first need to finish the game on Hard difficulty. Any other difficulty below that will not count. However, if you are thinking of attempting Impossible, it makes sense that the difficulty right below it should be your training grounds instead of the Easy one.

To survive at the Impossible difficulty level players need to have a lot of trigger control as well as there are fewer resources available to players. Thankfully to deal with the increased Necromorph difficulty, you do start with the suit you had by the end of Hard difficulty.

Finishing the game on Impossible is also necessary to unlock the Untouchable achievement.

However, players should keep in mind that dying on the Impossible difficulty means permadeath thus it becomes impossible for them to earn the Untouchable trophy on that current playthrough. Therefore, players should only play in impossible difficulty when they feel they are ready to dive into it.

Tips to play Impossible difficulty
On impossible difficulty, there are very few resources available to players therefore players should try to conserve their ammo. It’s important to make sure that each shot counts and also never let yourself be surrounded by enemies.

Considering the danger of dying can become very real very fast, remember to constantly create manual saves that you can revert back to. Save-scumming will save your life on the impossible difficulty in Dead Space Remake. Also, make sure you turn off Cloud Saves so your cloud data doesn’t ruin the manual saves.

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