Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Guide

New Game Plus returns with the new Dead Space remake. There are some new features to behold such as a new level 6 suit and new enemies.

The new Dead Space remake brings back the USG Ishimura and its horrors in a faithful adaptation of the original game. While there are several quality-of-life improvements to behold, the remake also adds some new features including a secret ending that is tied to the New Game Plus mode.

If you have successfully survived the USG Ishimura, you can try to do it again with increased difficulty settings alongside some new objectives.

You will also want to complete New Game Plus to unlock the Trusted Contractor achievement. Doing so is mandatory for a 100-percent completion.

The following guide will explain how to unlock New Game Plus in Dead Space and what you will carry forward in your second playthrough.

How to unlock New Game Plus

Like with the 2008 original game, you have to beat the main story of the remake on any difficulty. Once you finish the final chapter, wait for the credits to roll (if you want) and go to the main menu.

You will now have the option to play Dead Space again in New Game Plus mode. Select your “Cleared Game” save file and the game will restart. You will find yourself at the beginning of the game to start your journey a second time.

What carries over in New Game Plus

You will not start from scratch. You will carry over all of your items, weapons, upgrades, credits, and suits that were in your inventory or that you earned the last time around. However, you will have to pick them up yourself.

When your New Game Plus playthrough starts, head to the first store you can find on the USG Ishimura to get all of your inventory back.

Do keep in mind that some abilities like Kinesis and Stasis will not carry over. This is because they are part of the main quests and you will have to unlock them again in your second playthrough.

What’s new in New Game Plus

There are several rewards that you receive upon starting New Game Plus. These are new to the Dead Space remake.

50,000 credits
You get a handsome credit payout to spend on gear and items at the nearest store.

10x Power Nodes
It is nearly impossible to upgrade all of your weapons and gear in a single playthrough. Getting some additional Power Nodes in New Game Plus will allow you to upgrade the rest of your equipment more quicker.

Advanced Soldier RIG (level 6 suit)
Braving the Necromorphs requires proper gear. Starting a New Game Plus will give you access to the new level 6 Advanced Soldier RIG suit.

It is exclusive to the Dead Space remake and offers 30 percent damage resistance and 30 inventory slots.

Phantom Necromorphs
While all enemies are going to be tougher than before, you will also have to deal with a new enemy variant called Phantom Necromorph. These are stronger than your normal Necromorphs and have different attack patterns as well. You will need to be extra careful around them.

Marker Fragments
Marker Fragments are collectibles that are only available in New Game Plus. If you manage to find all of them, you will unlock a secret alternate ending after beating the game.

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